Ben sat on his bed after pulling out a chair from a writing desk for me to sit on. "What's up?" I asked nervously. "I'm not going to beat around the bush with you. Normally I like toying with people, but lets face it. You toy back, don't you?" I shifted uncomfortably while furrowing my brow. "Before things are said; I'm not threatening you, I don't hate you, and I could care less about your relationship with Jeff. I'm only here to warn you subtly." He frowned. "Natalie, Jane isn't going to like this. Yes, she's coming back and Jeff knows that. He did tell you about her, yeah?"

I nodded. He fixed a crease in his tunic. I continued to listen, not sure how I should feel. "You know Jane and Jeff's story?" I nodded again. "After all that happened, she came to us, wanting to stay with us. She felt helpless." I continued listening. "Truth was, she didn't hate Jeff. She loved him. Obsessed even." I bit my tongue. Feeling a painful pang of jealousy.

"Jeff hated her. Wanted nothing to do with her. If she touched his shoulder or him of any-sort, even apologizing, he would push her to the ground and threaten her life." I crossed my legs. "So why are you telling me this? Can't you all just make her leave?" That sounded selfish on my part...

"Of course we could. But her problem is with Jeff. Not us. We could care less. I'm telling you this because she most likely is going to attempt to kill you." He pursed his lips, waiting for my reaction. "How do you know she's coming back?" I asked, trying not to show my distress. "Like I said. She loves him. It's one sided, for sure. But she snapped a long time ago like Jeff. Once something's in her stays." He nodded for emphases. "She's persistent then?" He nodded yes to my question.

"Thank you. I thought you were going to tell me something catastrophic." He tilted his head questioningly. "You're not scared?" I shook my head. "So that's why he likes you. You're holding back your defiant tone, I can tell." He motioned to look at my hands. He grabbed them lightly. Turning them and examining. "Lemme see, hmm. Fire starter? Cigarettes? You like dark chocolate too don't you?" How the hell?

He looked at my shocked face. "See? Look at my hands. They're slightly passing through yours. I'm collecting your data, a perk of being a computer based poltergeist." He smirked. What data? "Your birthdays tomorrow?" "Yeah, I guess so." I had completely lost track of the days.

"Your life has sucked." He dropped my hands. "I'm surprised you let me do that. Okay, beyond that now. When she comes back... She's not going to like anything she sees. You wearing her clothes, being easily integrated into the family, being better looking, and of course, cozying up to her main squeeze-" I stopped him.

"She's just going to have to fucking deal with it." He gave a crooked smile. "I'd pay to see a cat fight." With that he got up, ushering me towards the door. "Just be careful with Jeff as well. Oh yeah, be more gently next time. You turned his back into ribbons." He closed the door behind me, my face in shock.

He did not just say that? No! I felt my face heat up. I shook my head and folded my arms, returning to Jeff's cold room. He was still asleep, foot dangling off the bed, his hoodie was mused and pushed up to reveal his pale stomach. With each breath his chest rose and fell. He looked almost like an angel trapped in a demons body. Silently I crawled onto the bed. A few locks of hair laid in his face, covering the cut smile. I pushed them back. He looked peaceful, his face almost changing from the usual face of a man to that of an older teen boy.

What would Jane do? Would Jeff protect me? I imagined her coming back to this house, walking up the stairs like she never left. Opening her room door and noticing her clothes amiss. Then finding me, sitting in Jeff's room fiddling with his stereo and her in the doorway. Her eyes staring me down. Confused, angry, volatile. Her thoughts would be, 'Who is this girl? Who is this intruder? Why is she in Jeff's shirt?'

I understood why she would be angry. I understood why she was drawn to him. But I couldn't understand if I was meant to be drawn into this or not. Is it worth it? It feels like it. I have no where else to go, I have no place to stay, to be safe. God, I needed a cigarette. I laid on my side, taking in his features. The same features that saves me only a few nights ago.

Soft pale skin, high hollowed cheekbones, a strong jawline. His bottom lip was full and slightly darker than his skin. Withholding a pale rose pink color. The corners of his lips traveled into the elongated smile, the carving was red, not inflamed red, but red like when you pinched your cheeks.

He really was beautiful. A noise of distress escaped his chest as his hand searched for the covers that had fallen to his waist. The hand landed on my thigh, he kept it there. Almost questioning-like. Traveling up he hooked his fingers in the waist band of my tights and yanked me closer. I suppressed a yelp. His face burrow slightly in my bosom. I felt my face turn even redder than earlier.

I wrapped my arms around him and ran my fingers through his hair. It felt really warm. Not just temperature wise but deep down. Almost like the warm feeling you get when you watch a romance movie and he tells her he doesn't want her and right when you're about to cry cause she's crying, he comes back up saying something like, 'I don't want you, I already have you. I love you.'

It seems we switched roles in our usual positions. I understood why he liked holding me now. And running his fingers through my hair. It made me feel like I was protecting something. That something being Him. I kissed his forehead. He sure did sleep a lot, and cuddled a lot too. I wonder if he cuddled pillows before I came around? His leg pressed its way in between mine. He held me tighter.

"How long have I been sleeping?" He nestled as close as he could. "Maybe thirty minutes." He sighed. "Best nap ever," I continued running my fingers through his hair. "It wasn't a nightmare this time." "What was it about?" He laughed sleepily. "You."

Ugh sorry this chapters short. I'm sick as a dog. I hope you liked this part. Introducing an upcoming role in the little world I have created. Hopefully things go well in paradise, yeah? If murdering people, monsters and poltergeists all are included In paradise...anyways! I love you all and please review! ~ RavieGore