SOOOO sorry this took so long. I have just been relived of something that was keeping me from writing and I have changed one thing about this story. Instead of just one witch its going to be a band of three now and yes they are mary sues but just hear me out. If you trust me as a writer and I depend on you as fans I will make this story fucking awesome and end in a way that makes (almost) everyone happy. Sound good? Give me the Yay or Nay in the reviews but just give it a chance k guys?- Twist


The streets were peacefully quiet coming back home. He hoped that mabey he could get Liz to cook him something since he was hungry but he guessed it was more Asura's hunger then his own. Since they had been fully connected Kid was bothered and disgusted and just felt weird. He had nightmares, weird thoughts and images and a terrible case of the munchies though he was beginning to wonder if it was the soul he consumed. He hadn't even told Death yet... He shook his head to clear the thoughts away from his mind. He didn't need to tempt himself with souls though in one way or another now that he had tasted one there was no way he could forget.

The steps up to the manor were the hardest and hurt his still healing lower back which they had found had almost cracked in half when he fought with Asura the first time and then really did crack in half when Asura had thrown him against a rock wall in his domain. It was getting easier now just not to point where anyone should expect Kid to be doing backflips. "Hey Kid" came a quiet voice from the tops steps and he looked up to see Crona smiling down at him flipping hair out of her face. He smiled brightly actually happy to see her. She was nice and listened to what Kid said without thinking he was weird and her shy smiles always brightened his mood. She was also the only one who knew he had ate a soul.

"Hey Crona what are you doing here so late? Im sorry if you were coming to meet me I had to stay late at the school to get some papers for this semester. Crona shook her head twiddling her fingers before looking at the door. "Well let's go inside im cold" She offered. Kid just nodded opening the door to find the surprise waiting for him inside.


She sat amongst guests watching the child prodigy walk through the doors of the manor while feeling her lips tip up in a smile. He did look rather adorable and angsty to her but mabey a year to young for her tastes. The brother was definitely the one she was chasing but she would have no problems with a threesome...god what was she thinking they hadn't even spoken ..oh well. There was an ugly pink thing walking beside her prize its stick thin arm laced with Kid's and talking to him quietly as he looked in awe and then happiness at the surprize party in all its finery. The woman almost pouted but her two sisters touched either of her arms. "Oh Cerberus he's a doll isn't he".

Cerberus turned to her sister snarling a bit. "He's not a toy you can play with Chimera". Hydra snorted rudely and turned to go to the bathroom. "Alright ladies lets go do a makeup check before we take the special guest of the evening". Cerberus pouted but followed her sisters sighing. She didn't really like mirrors they showed her true nature if she wasn't careful. She stared at herself in the mirror. Brown hair down to her knees caught up in spirals and a bow on top, dark leather sandals, green dress and long black nails. Two metallic tear drops on either side of her eyes which were outlined in silver. She looked at her sisters who all had the same hair and eyes but were two different shades of skin color and had geometric designs on their stomachs (Hydra) or back (Chimera) instead of their face. She groaned turning away from the mirror pouting. It could have been on her ass and she'd have been happier but no it had to be her face...

"You look fine" Chimera said smiling and bouncing up and down tucking her brown and blonde highlighted hair up in a glittery jeweled bow which was purple to match her dress and her soul. Hydra the ever lasting outcast was in cargo pants and a simple white dress shirt her red curled hair pinned up in gold barrets and bows. She was the first out the door and they followed behind. "Alright" Cerberus said as they huddled in a circle. "Hydra you will distract the crowd Chimera you wil obtain the elder and I will get the fragment thats here are we all understood"? The sisters all nodded before parting leaving Cerberus in her original postion smiling over her wine glass as she locked eyes with the Shinigami looking curiously at her across the room. "Your mine fragment".