The Next Day

Penny has been sitting on the couch now for the past two hours, trying to collect her thoughts.

Sheldon.. Hot.. Muscles… Suit…. Rich… Annoyingly pretty girl…

"Wait what? Snap out of it Penny." She mumbled to herself. She could NOT be falling for Dr. Cooper. Nope, not possible. She couldn't even fathom the thought before yesterday, yet here she was imagining if she were the girl on Sheldon's arm all night.

He's crazy! She tried to reason. Then again, his mother did have him tested. Yesterday, she saw a whole new side of him, everyone did. He was calmer, funnier, happier, and much more confident. It was as if wearing the suit, and seeing Angel made him peal off his persona, and become a whole new person. An incredibly sexy one at that.

But she was with Leonard. Yes, Leonard. The sweet boy, across the hall. The guy who preserved a snowflake for her. The guy who loved her. The guy who whined too much. The guy that couldn't trust her enough not to get jealous all the time. The who had major mommy issues. The guy who looked mediocre at best compared to his hot, sexy, genius roommate.

That was when Penny realized the problem. Sheldon wasn't crazy, SHE WAS!

Howard spent the whole night wondering what his wife saw in the crazy man named Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper. He was crazy, and everyone knew it, no matter what he said about being tested. What happened at the party shocked everyone. Sheldon transformed into a different person, what happened to the crazy OCD nut?

He wasn't blind, he noticed his wife practically drooling when Sheldon began playing the piano. Then again, every female in the room were practically drooling over the crazy doctor. Bernadette was his wife, and he trusted her, full heartedly. But still, he couldn't shake the way she was looking at the new Sheldon. For years, Howard tried countless different tricks to try to get women, yet here Sheldon could do it easily, without trying. Howard hated to admit it, but Sheldon got game. He needed to take notes.

Bernadette was beyond surprised at her revelation. Sheldon was hot, beyond hot actually. When did that happen? She was friends with him for a few years now, but she never saw him as anything more then that.

Like her husband, Bernadette wasn't blind. She could see how infatuated Penny was at the time. She was falling for her neighbor, completely ignoring her boyfriend. But then again, Bernadette was right there squealing with her.

Raj has always been a sucker for romance. Romantic movies were his favorite type, even more then Sci-Fi, and romantic novels were divine. Anything that tugged his heartstrings was considered good. Although, his favorite romantic movies included a huge surprise or revelation. Last night, his favorite movies came to life, right before his eyes.

Here, he thought Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper was asexual and undesirable. Until last night, that's what everyone assumed. They had absolutely no reason to believe otherwise. Until last night.

It turns out, that not only did Sheldon clean up nice, but that he indeed was a man of many talents. Who knew Sheldon could play the Piano?

That wasn't it though, under his arm was by far the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on. Her laugh was practically contagious. Yet, there she was, with Sheldon. Raj could easily see every woman at the party glare at Angel with pure hatred in their eyes, regardless if they had a date or not.

Raj couldn't help but noticing Penny's reaction. She looked completely taken by Dr. Cooper. Raj has never seen her look at Leonard the way she did Sheldon that night. Leonard has never looked more annoyed at Sheldon.

Sheldon and Angel have a lot of history, and obvious romantic attraction. Penny all of a sudden fell for Sheldon's new looks, and charm. Sheldon could have his pick of gorgeous blond women, even Bernadette, if she wasn't already married to Howard.

Problem, Penny's dating Sheldon's best friend and roommate. Raj never expected his romance novels to come to life, but boy was he glad they did.

In apartment 4A, Leonard was watching a previous episode of Doctor Who. He wasn't paying attention though, he was too busy thinking of the previous night. His crazy, neurotic, annoying roommate suddenly transformed and became a smooth talking confident ladies man, in the span of one night. What the hell.

Leonard was happy with Penny. She was a pretty blond, and everyone told him how lucky he was to have her. When he first saw Angel, he thought of how amazing it would be to have her on his arm, instead of Penny. She was pretty, smart, and rich. Not that he would ever admit it out loud.

Then enters Sheldon, steeling every pair of eyes in the room, sweeping the beautiful blond in his arms. It wasn't fair, Leonard was the one who was supposed to have the prettiest date, not his crazy roommate. Adding insult to injury, every girl was drooling when Sheldon performed the song on the piano. As if he didn't see Penny practically undressing Cooper with her eyes. It was disgusting.

Penny would soon realize exactly how crazy Sheldon was. He had absolutely nothing to worry about. No matter how Sheldon looked or acted last night, he would go back to the same old Sheldon today. Then everything would go back to normal. With that realization, Leonard smiled.

Angel was intrigued. Sheldon's friends seemed quite interesting. When Sheldon first told her that they don't know the real him, she assumed he was exaggerating. Last night, she saw the truth. She had no idea just how little his friends knew about her Sheldon. Their reactions were absolutely priceless.

She's been best friends with Sheldon for 18 years now, and no one knows him like she does. Sheldon has a past, and no one knows that better then her. After all, she was with him through it all, accompanying through all of Europe. His friends captured her attention.

Angel wasn't stupid, she could easily see what everyone saw in Sheldon. We was good looking, a genius, and a charmer. And truth be told, she wouldn't mind being with a guy like him. Sheldon's friend Penny seemed to have the same though last night.

Oh yes, Angel was definitely intrigued.

Sheldon was beyond amused. The gang's reaction last night was absolutely priceless! He was not a force to be reckoned with.

He easily noticed every girl drooling over him. By this point, we was used to it. He wasn't as oblivious to the world as he pretended to be. It was just easier to pretend that you limited social skills. He could Penny and Bernadette drooling over him. He could also see Howard impressed, and Raj star struck. Although, the most obvious was Leonard, who looked to mad and jealous, he could have burst like a volcano. Sheldon chuckled at the thought.

For a moment, he thought of the women in his life. Bernadette was Howards wife, and a good friend.

Amy, she was completely out of the picture. They broke up, and she went to Saudi Arabia, where she finally got married to the prince.

Penny. Now that was a difficult one. She was hard to predict, a force greater then kin. She was beautiful, there was no doubt about it. She was the exact opposite of himself. She was wild, he was calm. She was salt, he was pepper, yet they seemed to fit. They had quite the unique friendship. He drove her when she dislocated his shoulder, she took care of him when he got sick. She was his closest friend in the building, even more so then Leonard. Not that he'd admit it.

Angel was there with him through everything, an array of positive energy that kept him sane all those years. She taught him how to act sophisticated and confident, turning every ones eyes to him. She taught him how to speak Italian, and charm the rich. She truly was his best friend.

Sheldon had a sinking feeling in his stomach. He couldn't help but feel, that after last night, his whole past would come into light.

Sheldon had quite the past. A past, he would like to keep hidden form his friends.

It included super models, leather jackets, accents, performances, beautiful women, lectures, royalty, parties, art, politics, money, Europe, motorcycles, swords, alcohol, scars, and an accident.