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Almanzo's POV

It was Friday. It had been about a week since Almanzo had seen Laura. He missed her a lot. They had both been so busy. She was working for every Saturday and she went to school, and helped her Pa on the claim during the week. He had been working on his homestead claim, and on the tree claim, working the field and building the house. He had just gotten the frame up. He had also been hauling for different people in town, and working with Royal in the feed store. The only day off he had was Sunday. He didn't get to see Laura last Sunday, because Royal was sick, and Almanzo had to take care of him. Hopefully this Sunday he would get to take her on a buggy ride.

(A Few Days Later)

It was Sunday morning, and Almanzo was getting ready for church. He was making sure that both Prince and Lady were brushed until they were absolutely beautiful.
He also made sure that his buggy was polished and shining. He planned on taking Laura on a buggy ride today, he would ask her after church.

He got to church at the same time Laura and her family did. His heart jumped a little when he saw her, just like it always did. She was so beautiful. He walked over towards them, "Good morning Almanzo, won't you sit with us in church this morning?" asked.

"Good morning , if it's alright, I'd love too." Almanzo told her. She smiled at him, and shook his hand. Carrie waved to him shyly, while Grace excitedly said "Hi!"

"Well hello to you too Miss Grace, good morning." he told her, with a smile.

The others walked away while Almanzo helped Laura down from her Pa's wagon. She took his arm as they walked towards the church.

"Is it alright if I sit with you?" he asked her.

"Well Almanzo Wilder, of course you can. You don't have to ask." she told him, laughing.

"Good, I was hoping you'd say that. Would you like to go on a buggy ride this afternoon?" asked Almanzo.

"Yes, that sounds wonderful. It's been too long since we had a buggy ride." she said.

Then they were walking in the church, so they had to be quiet. This was the first time they had ever sat together at church, so it was new, and special, and nice. He loved being able to sit with her in places like church. He wouldn't have been so bold as to sit with her, if her mother hadn't of asked. He was so glad that she did.

He wasn't really listening to Reverend Brown's sermon, so he was surprised when Laura was tugging on his arm to get him to leave.

"Almanzo, come on!" she wispered.

"Oh! Sorry, I was daydreaming I guess." he told her. He quickly got up and offered Laura his arm, and they walked out of the church and to her parents.

"Would you come over for lunch Almanzo?" asked him.

"Yes, Ma'am. I'd like that very much." he told her.

"Very well, Laura, you may ride with Almanzo and meet us back at home." said, as they drove away.

"Yes, Ma." Laura told her.

Almanzo helped her into his buggy, and then untied the horses and got in on the other side, he waited until her family was out of sight before he started driving. When they were out of town, she scooted over into his side, and he wrapped is arm around her, and kissed the top of her head. He heard her sigh in contentment.

"Almanzo." she said.


"I love you"

"I love you too darling, and I always will." he told her.

She looked up at him and kissed him softly. They stayed holding each other, until they got close to her home. Then she leaned up and scooted back over again. Not that they were doing anything wrong, they just prefered to keep things like that between each other. They didn't show much affection around others.

They arrived at Laura's house, and went in and had a nice lunch with her family. After they had finished eating lunch, they went out for the buggy ride. They had spent so little time together lately, that they were going to go on a long drive today.

Almanzo loved being with Laura. He liked being with her family too, but he loved it just being the two of them. Being able to hold her close, or hold her hand. Being able to kiss her whenever he wanted to. She was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and he loved her more than anything.

He was driving with one hand, and had his other arm wrapped around Laura's waist, as she cuddled into his side. They didn't even need to talk, they were both perfectly content just being like that, together. After awhile though, Almanzo heard Laura speak.



"Will you take me to see our house?"

"But, it's not even close to being done yet."

"Please, I want to see it."

"But it doesn't even look like a house, and I want it to be a surprise."

"Please..." she said, giving him a fake sad look, "pleeaaasseee"

"How am I ever gonna say no to you, you're always gonna get your way aren't you?" He asked her, laughing.

"So you'll take me?" she asked, excitedly.

"Yes, I'll take you. But, I'm taking your Ma too. I want her to know that I'm building her girl a good house."

"That's fine, I just really want to see it."

"How about tomorrow afternoon, I'll come get you after school, and you, me, and your Ma will go see?"

"That would be wonderful. Thank you so much."

"Anything for my best girl, he told her." as he kissed her softly.

They spent the next few hours just enjoying each other's company. Then he took her home, and told her he'd pick her up tomorrow after school to take her to see her house. Then he went home.

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