Chapter 1

Tatsumaki POV

"GET BACK HERE!" I heard Tōshirō call from behind me. I was running away from him. We were searching for the ryoka. I decided to find them by running around and hopping from rooftop to rooftop. I had to stay with my captain but I knew I could handle my own so I ignored his command. That's why Tōshirō was chasing me and kept telling me to 'GET BACK HERE!'. I turned and ran backwards.

"GET BACK HERE, I SAY! GET BACK HERE!" I teased him. I could just see his anger rising. As I turned back around to run forwards, I fell off the roof and landed on someone. I got up and apologized, thinking it was one of our own but to my surprise and joy I found a ryoka.

"Forget that apology. I'm very glad I found you. Hey captain! I found one!" I called up to him while waving a hand and smiling like an idiot. I noticed him face palm and suddenly realized that the person had disappeared. I looked behind me to see the retreating figure of two of the ryoka. I stood up and chased them.

"Hey! Get back here!" I called after them. I heard captain Tōshirō chuckle beside me.

"Get back here, I say! Get back here!" He teased me the way I teased him. I laughed with him. I quickly got bored of chasing after them and flash stepped in front of them.

"I've had enough of your games," I glared at them. One retreated backwards but he wasn't running away. He was preparing for an attack. I pulled out my zanpaku'tō.

"Blow out the candles of life, Ken!" I called to him as I held the sword sideways. A huge gust of wind blew past me and pushed my opponents back. As the wind died down, my zanpakutō's shikai form was seen. In my hands I held two fans, light blue with silver lining. Before I could attack, a sudden burst of familiar spiritual pressure was released.

Momo? And Izuru? What's going on?

"Tatsumaki, you stay here and fight. I'll go find out what that was all about, understand? Don't even think about following me, if you do I'll have to punish you," Captain Tōshirō instructed. I nodded my head.

"Do what you need to Tōshirō. But please don't be too reckless," I replied. With that being said, my captain flash stepped to wherever it was that Hinamori and Kira were. I pulled my hands back and flicked my fans in a way that produced wind. It was my speciality. The blow cut both my opponents.

"Before I let this fight continue on, I must know, what are your names ryoka?" I asked them. I took in both their appearances. One was male and the other female, and quite the busty female at that.

"Why should we tell you who we are?" The boy questioned. I gave a thoughtful look.

"I suppose you're right. I have no good reason to know your name but my name is Tatsumaki. I don't have a last name so don't bother asking. I just thought that it was polite to introduce yourself to your opponent before fighting. I guess I was wrong," I laughed slightly as I lowered my weapons. My actions must have shocked my opponents because he looked at me as if he were just realizing that I was human like him, well, metaphorically speaking since I am a soul. He gave a huff and looked away from me as he adjusted his glasses.

"My name is Uryū. Uryū Ishida," he answered me. I looked expectantly at the woman, who had moved out of the way of our battle.

"Orihime. Orihime Inoue," she introduced herself. I smiled happily.

"Well it's lovely to meet you! But now I'm afraid that if I don't defeat you then I will be punished by my captain." Ishida nodded his head understandingly then pulled his arms to form a bow and arrow.

What?! A Quincy?!

"I see, well if that's the case then I have no choice but to defeat you first," he countered. He released his hold of the string of his bow and the arrow came soaring towards me. I quickly flicked my wrists to send the arrow flying off coarse due to the wind.

"A Quincy, hey? How very interesting. Indulge me, why are you here? What do you want?" I tried to gather information.

If I can find something out about why these ryoka are here from this guy then maybe Tōshirō will reward me! Mmm... I hope it's the kind of rewarding I'm thinking of. (AN: SHE'S THINKING OF LOLLIPOPS! GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTERS!)

"You don't need to know that," Uryū's voice cut through my thoughts. I pouted.

"Aw, can't you at least tell me if you plan to destroy my home?" I asked. He looked confused.

"You think we want to destroy the Seiraitei? We just came to rescue Rukia Kuchiki," the girl answered. I looked at her with a surprised expression on my face.

"What? Rescue Rukia?" I let my fans fall from my hands. I bowed my head with a smile on my face.

Why am I doing this? If Captain Tōshirō finds out about this he won't be pleased. Then why am I doing this? It goes against everything I've been trained to do.

"If that's the case, if you really are here to save Rukia, then forget what I said. Please, go save my friend. I want Rukia to die just about as much as you want her to. So go. NOW BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND!" I yelled at them to leave. They seemed shocked but they ran away anyhow.

Please, be successful in saving Rukia. I know she means a lot to all of us.

I quickly picked up my fans.

"Sorry about that Ken. It seems to me that you won't be seeing the light of battle at the moment. And if saving Rukia is what those ryoka want then I have no intention of stopping them. Sorry ken," I apologized. My zanpaku'tō returned to its normal state and I placed it back into its holder.

"Just don't ever drop me like that again," I heard the feminine voice of my zanpaku'tō reply. I smiled.

"Ok sword (pronounced s-ward whenever Tatsumaki says it unless stated otherwise), I promise," I beamed as I skipped all the way back to my captain's office. When I got there I saw that he and Rangiku were already there.

"Oh, you're finished with lieutenant Hinamori and lieutenant Kira already, Tōshirō?" I asked. He looked up from his paperwork on his desk with a scowl on his face.

"That's Captain Hitsugaya to you and yes, I have finished with those two," he answered me. I smiled and walked over to his desk, straight past Rangiku who was lying on the couch.

"And what's going on?" I wondered. He sighed.

"Me first. Did you finish off those ryoka?" I froze at his question.

What do I say? What will his reaction be? What do I do? I can't just tell my captain that I couldn't defeat the ryoka because of their mission here.

"Oh no, please tell me that you didn't let them go," he pleaded as an anger mark formed on his head and his eyebrow twitched. I looked at my feet.

"I had to captain. They're here to save Rukia," I defended myself. He growled.

"Did you know Captain Aizen is dead?" He asked me. His question caught me off guard and all I could do was stare at him.

"W-what?" I stuttered. His gazed penetrated my heart and I felt guilty.

"That's right. Captain Aizen is dead. Murdered actually. Sometime last night. We don't know who killed him but it could have been a ryoka. Hell, it could have even have been those ryoka you saved."

Huh! I get it now. You're trying to guilt me. You don't really believe it was the ryoka. So then who do you suspect? And what is it that you know?

"Please captain, stop lying to me. You don't believe it was the ryoka. So please tell me, if not the ryoka then who do you suspect?" I pleaded with my captain for the truth. He looked back down at his desk.

"I can't say for certain but all I can tell you is to watch out for squad 3."

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