Chapter 5

Tōshirō POV

Why is she forcing me to let her do paperwork? I don't want her here. I don't like these feelings I have for her. She is my third seat. I can't have any kind of further relationship with her. God, why can't I just stop this.

I looked over at the couch.

She's been quiet for a while. WAIT! DID SHE...

I got up from my desk and stormed over to see her passed out on Rangiku's paperwork.


"Huh?" I picked up some of the stuff she'd done, "this is really detailed. She worked hard on this." I put the sheets back on the pile of finished work and walked over to my desk. I pulled open a draw to find something I was looking for but instead I found sake bottles.


I let out a frustrated sigh as I kept my temper in check. I ended up opening all the draws trying to find the object I was searching for only to find it in the stationary draw that had been emptied. On it was a note from Rangiku that said: 'Here you go Captain!' I growled. In the draw was a fluffy blue blanket. I picked it up and took it to my third seat. I placed the blanket on the table as I moved Tatsumaki to lie on her side on the couch. I put the blanket over her. She looked so sweet and innocent while she slept like everyone else but when she wakes her true colours will show... Need I say more? I sat at the table she was working at to finish the work she'd started.

"T-Tōshirō?" Tatsumaki asked pleadingly as if she were scared that I'd left. I placed a hand on her side.

"I'm still here, Tatsu," I reassured her. Her hand came up to hold mine as she fell back to sleep. I was captivated by her for a moment or two. She looked stunning. Her long, wavy, aqua hair, her emerald green eyes, her flawless skin, it all captivated me. I shook my head and tried to remove my hand to no avail. I sighed.

I can't do any work if she doesn't give me back my hand. I guess that means I've done enough work for today.

I looked back at my third seat. I stood and lifted Tatsu's head to sit next to her. I sat and placed her head on my lap. I watched her for a while longer before I fell asleep.

Maybe someday...

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