Uncle Len!

It was just past midnight, and he'd woken up from one of his most sensual dreams—for it was one of those days wherein he had more free time than anything else—most vivid and wildest at their best—he coughed pointedly in his mind, reminding himself that he was a good gentleman and should exercise less indulgence to such…things—at the disturbance in the form of loud banging from his back door that had evolved from the tip-tap-tipping of soft knocks.

He had groaned, not wanting to be interrupted of his exciting illusion, but nonetheless he had to escape from it some time. He'd been lucky it was one of those days, too, when the nights were colder than usual, because it's usually then when he wears a shirt to sleep. (It'd been disgusting at first to sleep without a shirt the first time, but he'd seen the need of it as summer was whisking close.) So he needn't change when he rose from his bed and, as though in a tantrum, stomped down his stairs to see who'd needed him at that time of night.

Perhaps it had been his neighbour, come to ask for more wine—whom he also reminded that he didn't have any countless times—or the police, who're always on patrol nowadays because of those damned gangsters that roam in the night.

Of course, he hadn't expected it to be his own sister.

She'd looked horrible—small—weak—just standing there at the front of his door, slouching and hugging her tiny frame to conserve body heat. The first thing he'd noticed about her had been her eyes: They'd been swollen from crying, more like. What could've shaken her up…? Fury and urgency swelled up inside him, startled and afraid and angered—where was her smile? Where had it gone? Who could've possibly done…?

Oh Christ—oh my God—

"R-Rin? What—where's Rinto?"

And the next thing he knew, she'd pulled him to an unexpected embrace, which he returned, puzzled, but affectionately. He couldn't understand what was going on, but Rin'd better tell him. Soon.


"Is it too sweet?"

He brewed her a cup, just the way she liked it—or used to. If he was right, then her taste hadn't changed.

She'd been wrapped tightly around a blanket, only sitting on his couch, sipping from his delicious concoction. She nodded.

...If she'd been in the mood, she would've made a snide comment about it just to tease him.

His house wasn't a messy one, but nor was it a clean one: What with all his papers scattered everywhere—it hadn't occurred to him to expect a visitor at all—he hadn't any friends that lived nearby—especially this late an hour—and he'd immediately gathered them up to conceal the awful sight from Rin. How careless of him! He's supposed to be the responsible one!

Then again, she'd always been the strong one, and now she'd come to him barely past two in the morning crying her eyes out.

"I'm sorry—this could've looked more presentable to you—"

"It's okay," said Rin in an odd voice. She didn't move, and neither did he. "I'm sorry I came uninvited—"

"No, no! It's quite great! It's been lonely!" He wiped the stain on the table that'd been there for weeks, un-cleaned until this moment. He was rambling on and on about how his job was—nobody particularly liked him at work—at all—and ever since she moved in with her husband—and then her boyfriend after they divorced—he lived alone in this rented house.

He took note of the interest skimming at the edge of her voice. "Has it?"

You don't know how lonely.

"Yeah—you took the Xbox with you, remember?" he added the last one with a hint of seriousness to make a convincing joke.

Rin hadn't moved.

He thought it was useless to clean up the mess he had left growing the entire month, because Rin wasn't in the mood at all to marvel or laugh at his proving her his assiduousness.

Maybe she's ready to tell him. He sat down next to her, feeling slightly awkward having her so close after so long of not.

"What happened?"

Rin's eyes were just staring at nothing, but he knew she wasn't listening.

She wasn't talking.

He placed a hand on her shoulder uneasily, but protectively. "If something did, I gotta know, Rin—"

"We broke up."

A long, gruelling silence followed.

He couldn't believe it. Yet he—he'd always known—it was always her knack for having such low standards—what—it was—like he didn't dread—that sick bastard—


He didn't even realise he was standing up, enraged. "What? Where is he?"

"Len! Don't even think about it!" She feebly tried to calm him down—her touch was enough to soothe his anger. But that look on her face… She's distressed! She's hurt—badly—and anyone who got away with this had to be taken down! And she just wanted him to let that idiot get away?


Len threw his arms in exasperation. He couldn't do anything about it now. All he had to do was listen. Rin's eyes brimmed with tears again—they were a dark shade of blue, and he saw his beastly face reflected on it before he counted to ten and calmed down.

"…Okay." He sighed, kissing Rin on the forehead. "Okay."

Rin bit her lip and said slowly, "W-we—Mike and I had a fight, and it didn't end well. Packed our bags and stormed out of his dump—Rinto's with Mum right now—he's so confused—he doesn't understand—we just—y'know, the usual—taxi—dropped him off there. Just before I walked all the way here, and I had to see you—"

"Shh." Len silenced her with a hug, and she just snuggled back. "I knew he never deserved you."

Rin sniffed into his shoulder, chuckling despite of herself. "Yeah, me too."

Then why had she started a relationship with him in the first place?

It was a question Len didn't want to voice out, partly because he was afraid if she was afraid to answer that.

Len decided he needed to catch up on her life, so they shared stories to one another to pass time, and to help her feel better. It was three-thirty.

"I dunno—everyone's a jerk nowadays. I couldn't even give anyone a chance now." Rin's saying. She looked up at Len, who she thought had been up for another one of her rants, but he'd already been sleepy-eyed and drowsy. "Hey!"

Her brother groaned. "Zit morning 'ready?"

Rin punched him on the shoulder playfully: He'd been knocked sideways with great force. "You never have changed, you nerd!"

Len yawned and hugged a pillow nearest him. "Whatever—I need to be awake by eight o'clock, or my ass is roasted."

Rin giggled. "Yikes. Some boss ya got there."

"You have no idea." He got up again and sat up in his original position next to Rin, who snuggled against him.

Rin took her time in talking back, much to Len's surprise. "I wanna take Rinto to the mall tomorrow—just to clear his head. He still doesn't understand things like this."

Unexpectedly, even catching himself in surprise, Len laughed. "Marriage made you soft, Rinny?"

Her response was punching him on the shoulder again.

"I'm serious! ...I know this is weird, but since we're not together anymore..."

At this, Len immediately knew what she's steering at.

"So...you're asking me to spend the day with you guys tomorrow?"


"...I'm sorta busy—"

"Screw your job, Len," said Rin, nuzzling him again.

Len was silent, then he smiled.

"Sure. Why not?"


It wasn't long before Len had drifted to sleep, but Rin was still awake.

She was comfortable in his arms.


...she didn't feel as safe as she used to.

Sure, she said he's still that same dork who'd been with her through thick and thin...but...

He wasn't the one who changed—she was. And it was more of a bad thing.

Rin looked up at her brother, who was snoring quietly, and guilt swarmed like ants nibbling at her heart.


Just taking a break from all my projects =_= Noticed there wasn't much Mid-Twenties!Rin and Mid-Twenties!Len fanfics that are twincest, and this just popped in my head =o So yeah—Rin's divorced and she's still looking for a dude to take care of her and her son, Rinto XD I was mulling over myself whether this should be Noncest or not, then the whole best-friend love has been too overrated these days, and I hate to be mainstream ,