Izaya had a serious problem on his hands, the problem literally being on his hands. He could barely feel his fingertips due to the ice cold water on his skin. He was mentally complaining to his self about the predicament he currently found himself in. Then he had a bright idea, he should go ask Hibiya for a solution!

"Hibi-chan! Help me!" Hibiya sign a little irritably at Izaya's needy tone and condescending nickname tomfoolery. Why he must suffer by knowing this peasant he will never know. "What is it now Izaya? What could you possibly need help with now?" It was always the stupidly moronic waste-of-time problems which Izaya consulted him for. If it was important he would pester Psyche, Hibiya had no idea what logic Izaya used but he questioned it immensely. "My ice keeps melting!" Ok Izaya just found a whole new level for 'things no one should even care about'. "Well… did you put it in the freezer?"

"Nooooooooo". Hibiya sighed at Izaya's idiocy. "Did you at least out it somewhere cold?" The same response was received and Hibiya was resisting the urge to facepalm, but princes don't do such things. "Ok, where did you put it then?" An eyebrow was raised as Izaya walked out of the room and into the kitchen. A few moments passed before Izaya returned…with the microwave tucked under his arm. "I put it in the microwave! ~" Ok Hibiya now decided to just give up on ever figuring out why Izaya did such stupid things, it was beyond reason now. "…Well done. You have won the Special Award!" If only such an award existed, Izaya would win it without fail. "I hope the forest animals eat you! ~" O...k... then, that was just plain retarded, even for Izaya. "And I'm worried about your mental health". Even more so when Izaya skipped off with the microwave in search for Psyche.