NOTE: This is my first Zack Files fic. Please no flames, but do tell me what I could do better. Also this is my first attempt at writing more 'erotic' stuff, so if it's bad then the rest of the fic will get better.

Gwen kissed Zack on the lips. "Are you sure?" He asked her. The two lovers were sitting on her bed at the Horace Hyde-White attic, where Gwen and her family lived.

"I'm sure, I'm sure." She answered. She stood up and walked to her door. She showed her sexy legs that weren't being covered by her short skirt, it made Zack want her more. She gently tapped the door, and it started to swing shut. The click sounded, they were together, alone, in a bedroom, together, alone, with the door locked, alone.

She turned to Zack who was still sitting on the bed. She placed her hands on her hips. "I'm ready." She whispered. "Whether you are or not."

Zack stood up. This was Gwen's cue. She removed her pink spaghetti strap dress. She only had her under garments on then. Pink lace. Zack didn't know exactly what to do. He, as was Gwen, still virgins.

She stepped over to him and removed his burgundy jacket with the school name. She tossed it in the corner. "I started...are you going to finish?" She asked coolly.

Zack looked down at his pants. He reached down and undid his zipper and button. He slowly slid them down his legs and finally off. He was now in his undershirt and plaid boxers. Gwen eyed him, her eyes told Zack that she still wasn't satisfied. He started to unbutton his shirt. He started at the top and worked his way down. He slipped out of it.

A smile crossed Gwen's face as she stared at him, standing there, in nothing but his boxers. "See, that's better." Zack nodded in agreement.

Suddenly Gwen lunged for Zack, pushing him on the bed. She sat on his legs. "Tonight is the night sweetie, no regrets." She kissed him once more, and turned the light off.