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Maou stood standing under his umbrella looking at the slightly blushing girl next to him and chuckled slightly. It was amusing for him, the Dark Lord of Ente Island, to be standing next to a blushing Emilia the Hero or as she is referred to in Japan, Yusa Emi.

A/N (yes for people reading this in English the name is back to front isn't it? I couldn't really care less to tell the truth so deal with it)

A lot had changed for him since he had come to Japan. For starters him and his demon general Ashiel, or in Japan, Shirou Ashiya, had barely any magic powers left in their bodies due to the way magic must be manipulated in this place beyond the gate and were forced to go through the process normal humans did. Not that he really minded though. It was good experience, or so he thought, to learn what it was like to be a human so that when he took over both worlds he could be a very capable leader and it was this thought that brought him back to the street corner with a now flashing green light. Gathering his wits about him he quickly grabbed Emi by the wrist and dragged her across the intersection as well and turned to grin at her. It was a sight to behold thought the young man/demon to see the once feared Hero of Ente Island to be blushing like a high school girl as she stuttered and tried to get a hold of herself.


Chuckling Maou replied "Simple, I thought I would bring you over to my place to eat as thanks for letting me have the umbrella and looking after Chi-Chan my co-worker. Not to mention Suzuno is cooking, it is around dinner time and considering where you were waiting I am assuming you haven't had anything to eat yet." As if on cue her stomach let out a loud rumble and looking even more embarrassed she just huffed and started leading the way to his stronghold. She's cute when she is angry or embarrassed he thought, then grinning maybe I should start making a game out of this. It could be rather amusing to see how she reacts when I do this around others. With that thought he took off after her, not wanting to be lectured about how he, the one who invited her over, wouldn't be there as manners dictate.


A little while later


"Hurry up Maou, what could possibly be taking you so AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screaming while falling down the stairs only to be caught by the very man she was chastising Emi was not happy at all. Not to mentioned embarrassed, extremely embarrassed when the others opened the door to the staircase to find her in the arms of the man she had sworn to kill while the rain was pouring down around them setting a B- grade love scene from some movie or another. There was an extremely awkward silence for what seemed like an eternity as the two groups looked at each other in complete shock and it was even more shocking when Maou simply starts laughing. Emi couldn't believe it. Here she was in his arms which should be an extremely awkward situation for two sworn rivals however if she thought that was as bad as it could get she was dead wrong.

"Wow guys haven't you ever seen a guy carry a girl up the stairs bridle style before? Your lack of education in romance is simply shocking, this is a serious thing. Urushihara, Ashiya you two will both begin to understand the human's need for romance in their life. Suzuno I realise I have no say over what you do but I strongly recommend you learn something about it as well. Now that the matter is cle…" sadly he never got to finish his sentence due to the rather painful and unexpected slap that sent him tumbling down the stairs from the extremely angry girl in his arms whose face was nearly at the colour of her hair.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL LIKE THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT BETWEEN US YOU SERIOUSLY MISGUIDED DEMON! I WOULD NEVER FORGIVE MYSELF IF I ALLOWED MYSELF TO DATE THE MAN WHO IS THE REASON FOR MY DECEASED FATHER!" and with that tirade over Emi quickly got of her spot on the ground next to the Demon Lord, raced up the stairs and strode past the group of shocked Ente Island tourists with her face still red and ignoring the "my lord are you ok" sentences from Ashiya who sounded like a broken record. Slamming the door and locking herself in the apartment it was several minutes until she realised it was the apartment of the man she hated so much and quickly unlocked it so the actual residents could enter. The group entered looking semi-cautious of the red headed woman with a rather pleased looking Maou in tow. It confused the others who suddenly had something like "what the hell happened between these two today" passed through all their minds simultaneously and just wouldn't leave them alone. Of course Urushihara couldn't really be bothered about it for too long and just went back to his laptop waiting for dinner to be ready. Ashiya on the other hand looked over at Maou, while taking his spot at the dinner table and asked rather nervously while sending cautious looks over at Emi

"Did anything we should know about happen today My Lord?"

Maou grinning, took his spot at the table and simply said "I got another pay rise today and I heard rumours that the manager might be getting a higher ranking job in a few months leaving the manager spot open in Susuzunka (A/N not sure if this is the right spelling or name or place or whatever else) and that means I will most definitely get it. I will work harder to prove my worth and get myself a recommendation from Mayumi-san." Then looking over at his demon general his eyes said 'we will talk later, for now simply act normal' to himself however he was thinking, hell yeah my plan is actually working. This is the most fun I have had in ages she is just such an easy target for jokes and she is still blushing. Hmmm maybe I shouldn't have done that method though. What if it leads to some misunderstandings that could get me in an even worse position? Nah that won't happen when have practical jokes ever got someone stuck in such a mess? Conveniently forgetting some C-rate movies where the person got amnesia and actually thought that they were dating, that never happens. Continuing his thoughts I wonder what that strange sensation was that I felt when she was slapping me though. It felt like a gate was being opened somewhere. Hmm it couldn't have been. Emi would have told me if she someone was coming through. Her friends are very well informed and would know if someone was trying to get here. Although he had a feeling in the near future that he would be regretting the fact that he simply shook off the feeling he merely shook his head and glanced over at Suzuno who was plating up. Just as she was about to place Urushihara's share of the food down on the NEET's table Ashiya stopped her with an intense look in his eye and said

"Unfortunately due to some rather unique figures popping up in the accounts this fortnight I am afraid to say that Urushihara will not be having dinner tonight. It would be better off going to someone like Maou-sama who actually works to bring income to this household."

"Interesting figures you say Ashiya? And what would these interesting figures be related to?" inquired Maou.

Looking at the NEET who was currently crying at the fact that he would most likely be missing dinner, with cold, hard eyes Ashiya replied "It has recently come to my attention that our third flatmate took it upon himself to buy several new computer games that will be coming out on computer shortly and costing approximately 29 800 Yen (A/N this is equivalent to about $298 Australian dollars basically think 100 Yen per Aussie dollar). This is a rather serious amount of money and I have no idea how on earth we are going to be able to afford this. It is rather convenient in my eyes however that you decided to visit here tonight Emi. Although your presence is certainly uncomfortable, especially after that tirade of the staircase I was wondering whether you would be able to tell us if we could get out of this scenario like the one before hand." Everyone suddenly turns themselves to look at Emi including Urushihara to find the business woman completely zoned out looking all red in the face and talking to herself. It was shocking to say the least, for the demon lords to see Emi so completely out of it and not even knowing how it was brought about however it also brought some interesting thoughts to Ashiya which were going along the lines of 'if I knew how she was put into this state there would be absolutely no reason for My Lord and I to be concerned with her presence. We could simply place her in this mood, kill her and be on our way to rule over Ente Island once more. Hmmmmm I must have a conference with the other two to find out how this situation came about and tell them of my plan. For now I must snap her out of it to deal with this financial crisis.'

"Emi are you there? Come on we really need some help here so we don't go under." And just as Ashiya is about to whine some more Maou steps in placing his hand on her should he says

"Hey Emi snap out of it. I brought you here to have dinner with us, not stare at a wall like a zombie muttering to yourself about gibberish." It soon became apparent that Emi was not in the mood to tolerate his touching as another slap was aimed towards the part-timer. However just before it hit the black-haired youth he unexpectedly blocked it and continued on as if nothing had happened saying "Good now that I have your attention I was wondering whether you could listen to what Ashiya has to say while we eat dinner. In the time the rest of us have been arguing and you spaced out the food is going cold."

"Huh? Oh, food yeah I get it. So Ashiya what were you talking about?"

So as Ashiya begins to explain what the current crisis was with Emi again, Maou starts thinking to himself-while eating his dinner of course-how much Emi was affected by his little pranks. She was out of it for nearly ten whole minutes and in the end the thing that did snap her out of it was anger. 'I mean seriously I had to snap her out of it. How long would she have been like that if I hadn't of triggered and angry response from her? I mean yeah I want to see her embarrassed but not so distracted she could walk into an incoming train or something. Hmmm maybe she will build up a tolerance for it? I guess it could sometime help her in the future if she ever starts falling for a guy.' Glancing over at the girl who is going through the matter of Urushihara's latest spending spree-it seems like we won't actually have to pay again-with Ashiya, he starts chuckling. 'who the hell am I kidding? That girl would never fall for anyone and he would have to be one hell of a monster if she did. I mean what would she even look for in a guy anyway? She has grown up surrounded by politicians, battling demons and saving the world. What sort of skyscraper requirements must the guy pass by? I am so thankful I only have world domination plans. The guy who falls for her would have the hardest job in the world just dealing with her let alone having dates, a wedding and children. Speaking of which didn't I hear about her raising a child? Just like' Maou was quickly interrupted from his thoughts as the girl he was currently making comparisons to suddenly stood up and started walking towards the door with her bag and umbrella.

"where are you going?" He asks with a surprised look.

"Home, where else would I go?" she replies with annoyance.

"Well it usually is polite to stay until you finish your meal, then thank the chef and the owner of the residence you are eating in after which you politely excuse yourself from the table with." The demon replied with a look of mild thoughtfulness and annoyance.

"I haven't heard you do any of those things while eating before and why in hell should I thank you for eating? I could have gone home and got my own." Taking the offensive the girl continues, "in fact who said I even was hungry? You just dragged me down the street saying 'you should come over dinner as a thank you for the umbrella and Chi-Chan'."

'One up to me' thought Maou, chuckling slightly. "You seem to forget that the one who cooked the meal was Suzuno, you had no problem whatsoever in coming over to eat with your stomach rumbling loudly and that you actually led the way here telling me to hurry up"

"Hmph fine. Suzuno I thank you for the meal, it was delicious and I am sorry to say I must take my leave as I have business to attend to. As for you three demons, behave." Sighing she closed the door behind her and slumped against it. What the hell is that guy playing at? She thought, it isn't like I have any feelings for the guy but how can he act so casual about dating? That is a serious topic and he knows how Chi-Chan feels about him so why did he act that way? Geez I will never ever understand how that man acts. Thank god I am not related to him in anyway. With that cheerful thought the girl left the building just to fall down the infamous staircase screaming. Little did she know that there was one major way in which she was related to the man she despised greatly and even furtherer from anyone's thoughts was how much it would change all their lives.

Meanwhile back inside the cheerful atmosphere of the apartment the four Ente island 'vacationers' winced and glanced in the direction of the staircase to here Emi muttering something about the staircases and a bolt of lightning. Chuckling lightly Maou took the dishes over to the sink only to have them snatched out of his hands by Ashiya who pushed onto the ground while firmly stating "My lord you are the only one out of us three here who actually works and brings us an income therefore you must take all the opportunities possible to rest up and make sure you are fit to work at all times!"

Maou surprised by this grins at his demon general and replies "Thanks Ashiya. It is great that you are such a reliable and trustworthy friend. I don't know how I would have been able to survive this place without your help and support. Your ability to hold down the fort is amazing. Suzuno I thank you for the meal. Your cooking was simply fabulous as always and I am glad you so generously offered to cook food for us every second night of the week."

"It is no trouble at all to help you like this. You did me a great service in dealing with Sarue meaning this is the least I could do to repay you. If that is all you require for tonight I think I will take my leave now. Good night Maou, Ashiya, Urushihara sleep well." In the monotone voice Suzuno used she slowing got up, bowed and exited the room where Urushihara was still crying. Whether out of joy that someone was actually polite to him or because he was extremely hungry was irrelevant to the other two demon lords however due to the fact Maou had to talk to them about some very serious matters he relented and turned to Ashiya saying "Ashiya give him some food even if it is only half a portion. I need to discuss some matters with the two of you and it would be better if a rumbling stomach didn't interrupt my speech."

"My Lord you can't seriously expect me to give him food. He"

"No buts or excuses Ashiya, give him some food so he doesn't interrupt me complaining like a child."

"I understand My Lord. Please forgive my disobedience." He replied while bowing and going to fetch some food. When the three demons had finally gathered around their dinner table with Maou on one side and Urushihara and Ashiya on the other side Maou began.

"There are two matters of importance that I must discuss with the two of you. The first is as you could probably guess, to do with that incident on the staircase with Emi. The second is to do with something I felt in that incident that you two may not have noticed in your extremely shocked state." Oh god thought Ashiya I missed something extremely important. I was supposed to be paying attention outside the stronghold however due to the Hero's proximity to Maou-sama I forgot all about it and let an important event go unnoticed. Urushihara on the other hand was a lot more concerned Oh my God he thought the demon lord has fallen in love with the Hero who is trying to kill him. How the hell did this happen? What the hell was going on tonight when we were here in the apartment? What is going to happen to my computer? Are we going to be kicked out? Is he going to abandon us to be with her? My bum life is coming to an end. Continuing on his speech and ignoring is two crying demon generals "I have decided to start an amusing game with Emi at the centre. I have noticed that she is easily embarrassed and as a demon it is my job to take advantage of this to have as much fun as possible. This could be considered a way to strengthen her up for if she ever falls in love with a guy but for now I think I will just play it as a game. As you can probably guess outside on the staircase was just a scenario I was using to embarrass her and if you were actually paying attention you may have noticed her embarrassment." Are you kidding me? Thought Urushihara angrily. Are you ****ing kidding me? You mean you started a game and fell in love with the girl and you are saying it will continue to be a game until she falls for you as well? Hey wait a second doesn't that mean he is going to abandon us until she falls for him? That means I have several weeks, months at the most, to find a way to continue living my current lifestyle. Yes this could work out well actually. I might not have to worry about anything at all if I do this right. Ashiya on the other hand was rather confused.

"My Lord I can understand that you would want to do such evil things with her emotions but why would you want to help her when it came down to her love life?"

"Simple it might get her off our backs for a while and plus it isn't every day that you actually meet someone who can match her expectations. I mean seriously I feel sorry for the guy that falls for her so I am going to help him out in a similar way to how Emi is helping Chi-Chan. Call it reverse phycology if you will."

"My Lord what if this goes horribly wrong, gets extremely mad at you and attacks you while you are working?"

"Won't happen. Emi is too concerned with the lives of humans. She has never been one for if 'the end justifies the means' saying. She killed a lot of demons who said it if you can recall correctly."

"I see My Lord. You truly are a genius of manipulation."

"Thank you Ashiya now the second thing I wished to discuss with the two of you is what happened when I was messing with Emi's emotions." I wonder if he knows what the emotion actually is. I mean sure he talks about it but does he know what it feels like? Urushihara had to admit he was curious to why he actually liked the girl so he leaning closer he gave Maou his utmost attention. Needless to say Maou before continuing looked over the purple haired teen a little worried, but then shrugging it off finished his dramatic announcement "I felt a gate open." Urushihara literally fell backwards and slowly had his soul float out of his mouth saying "that's it. I am so out. I have had enough of these two crazy guys." While truthfully he was thinking WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM. I MEAN YEAH I AM GRATEFUL HE ISN'T IN LOVE WITH THE GIRL BUT SERIOUSLY WHY CAN'T HE JUST SAY IT EARLIER? I THOUHGT HE WAS ABOUT CONFESS TO UNDYING LOVE AND HE MERELY BRINGS UP AN EVERYDAY PROBLEM? Actually wait this might not be an everyday problem. None of us have ever felt the gate open. We merely go along with our daily lives and examine how people interact with us to guess where they come from. What is so different about this particular time? How come Ashiya and I didn't notice it? Actually this isn't really my problem. Those two are the ones that do all the housework I am going back to my computer they can sort this out.

"Well neither of those things concern me so if you don't mind I am going back to my laptop." And saying so the teen shuffled back to his laptop giving a small smile when the screen lit up.

"My lord who could it be?" inquired a concerned Ashiya.

"Wouldn't have a clue. Emi didn't tell us anything so it couldn't be any of her friends, it might be a group hunting us down from the church like what happened before to Emi and I. Worst case scenario is that our underlings have joined the church and they are preparing a full scale invasion. Thankfully the church hates us so they probably wouldn't do that. We will find out soon enough though. If mayhem begins, Demon. If we meet somebody new, Church. If we don't meet anybody at all and nothing happens then I guess it will be something like Urushihara and Olba."

"I see. Well then My Lord you have work tomorrow where you absolutely have to prove your worth so you can become manager of the Susuzunka branch of McRonalds which means you need rest. Following your advice we will wait and see what happens and prepare for the worst. Rest assured that you have no need to worry while I am about My Lord!"

Grinning at his second in command, Maou chuckled lightly while adding "thanks Ashiya. I am glad I have such a trustworthy second in command. It has been a rather tiring night so let us all turn in. That means laptop of Urushihara!" And with saying the demon lord of Ente Island turned in for the night trusting his second in command to deal with whatever other chores had to be taken care of before going to sleep.

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