The place looked so idyllic and peaceful; a small little village in the middle of a lush, old forest that looked like something out of a fairy-tale. The place however was anything but idyllic, contrary to appearance something very sinister had happened here. The place was now nothing more than a blood bath; the killing ground for one small, little, angry child.

"They are all liars" the boy whispered The words came out of the boy bitter and tense; full of conviction and hatred. His face twisted as he hissed the words out; his mouth curling into an ugly dog like snarl.. "all of them...liars"

"...Mr Potter?" Asked the Ministry worker, not entirely sure the boy was Harry, but it had to be as there were no other person around. The boy just didn't look how he had expected, and though he didn't exactly know what to except, it wasn't this. "your under arrest"

The young child stared up; eyes a storm of emotion, a whirlwind of fiery raw power. They looked chilling to see as they glinted in the dark with a calculating, deadly light. Brighter than even the most beautiful of rare gems but such beauty was instantly forgotten by the fear his glare shot down the men's spine.

The man swallowed. He was here because of a warning he received for underage magic; an unforgivable spell. The magical signature said the magic belonged to some boy named Harry Potter and he was currently about eight year olds. According to stats the boy also had an unnaturally high amount of magical power making this job a team job, according to the statistics the boy could actually be considered a threat.

The team looked at the boy and the boy stared back boldly. The workers began to feel ever so slightly uncomfortable in the boys presence, there was something not right with the child. It was a look, his body language...It was everything; something about him just looked so animalistic, cold and unforgiving. This was a child who had killed many a time; they could tell instantly from simply looking at him .

Dead, broken bodies were scattered all around the boy; the boys 's victims had been tortured, brutalised and some of the dead could hardly be recognized as human. They'd been burnt, melted, butchered, skin pulled and coved in filth. The team were professionals and had seen this kind of stuff before, but even they were somewhat disgusted that a child had done this.

It was painful just to see the victims; twisted into all sorts of odd angles, bones sticking though the skin and eyes staring out dead and empty into the night. Expressions of helplessness, pain and all consuming fear still ghosting on their faces; even more sickly were the expressions of hope. The boy must have been playing with them; making them think they had a chance to survive and then killing them at just the right moment so it would be more shocking and horrific. It was just evil.

There was no regret in Harry's eyes at all, he was completely ignoring them as if they utterly unimportant; like it didn't matter that he had killed them. This was someone who had already become desensitized to death, someone who had also had practice. It was so organised, well planned and well executed; like a professional.

It certainly wasn't self defence; the boy was powerful and strong, plus he had no marks on him at all. This left only one explanation; revenge or/and enjoyment.

" these filth." He whispered; still angry. His hands fisted and trembled; his knuckles turning white under the strain. "all these ugly , dirty..."

The ministry workers looked horrified; the boy could literally feel their disgust at him. This wasn't how people behaved, this wasn't how children were supposed to act; they had never seen anything like it. They were rooted to the spot; just staring at the child with a sort of sick curiosity and uncertainty. Part of them wanted to know what he would do next, what everything he said meant and the other part just wanted to lock the monster away; they were all very conflicted.

They looked on for a second and the boy looked back. Everything about him was guarded and waiting to attack; he was clearly sizing them up now, trying to work out if they were threat. His posture was tense, his fists clenched and his magic became more powerful and suffocating.

The smartest of the all the ministry worker looked on interested as the boys fists tightened to get ready to punch; it was such a muggle reaction to danger, so he had been brought up by muggles most of his childhood. Interesting that he seemed to hate them so passionatly.

"Hello Harry" The worker said smiling so as to appear less threatening and calm the situation slightly. Harry didn't respond, but he didn't attack, just carried on staring. They were at a standstill, both of them calculating the next move, both unsure of the power of the opposition.

"Move on more step "Harry threatened as the ministry made a move to come closer.

"I'm not going to hurt you" The ministry worker, but the boy didn't relax at all, in fact he became more tense than before. So the boy was threatened by them, though he hid it very well. His body was still, eyes focused, face concentrated . The worker had to say he was impressed by the Childs discipline however unnerving his skills were.

The ministry worker took a step forward; the reaction was instantaneous. The boy eyes flashed angrily and slightly scared "I don't want to fight you. Just leave ."

"We are going to put you under arrest, where you will be trialled. Do not worry you will be safe, and the court will be kind because of your age" He explained careful to keep his voice soft and level so as not to spook the child "We are from the ministry of magic Harry, we can do magic just like you, but we can perform it better. We will win this, so just calm down and come quietly ."

"It rather take my chances. I'm not naive enough to believe you will be compassionate whatever my age. A killed is a Killer, people are blind to anything else but the basics in this world." the boy hissed , his fists rising. The ministry looked down at the small, delicate hands; they were stained red with blood though the boy didn't seem to notice or care."Leave now."

The worker moved forward and the boy looked like he wanted to run for a second but instead lunged forward fists first, he magic swirling around him and swallowed them both in white light. The worker felt like he had fallen straight into the eye of the storm as the magic pounded against his body; the man pulled his wand out and shot the child of him.

The boy flew back several meters and landed painfully on his shoulder; a sickening crack filled the air as his shoulder bone broke. They expected him to scream or crying but he stared up defiant looking, like he wouldn't give them the satisfaction of seeing him cry.

"Leave "He ordered again, somehow the command still had force to it despite the fact he clearly could no longer fight them and win. He got up, sweating and trembling from the pain it caused. "just leave"

He was such a small, pretty little child. If situations were different the men would had adored the kid; he had such big eyes and doll like features, but situations weren't different. He was glaring at them predatorily, face scrunched up in anger and fear and there was nothing innocent about this child. He clearly had a dark view on life; there was to much pain and hatred in those eyes, they were far too old looking.

Harry's eyes flickered between each and every one of the eyes calculating and filled with mistrust, fear and hesitation. He had taken his chances with a fight and now he'd clearly worked out their power, that this was not a fight a would win.

"Your kind can't be trusted " he whispered, the noise came out so soft and delicate they could barely believe the beastly child had been the one to mutter it. More shocking though was the sentance didn't sound accusing, but it sounded like nothing more than a sad fact.

Without any more warning than that he sprinted off into the depths of the forest, so fast it was like the hounds of hell were chasing him. The pain would make him faint eventually, they knew it, but as they watched him weave, duck and hide they realised that by the time that happened they might just lose sight of him.

Harry wasn't playing chase, the smart little boy was playing hide and seek, and he was running like his very life depended on it.

And they fucking lost him.

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