"Run Pretty Boy" the message popped. Harry looked blinked and then listened for the sound of intruders, but heard nothing. Spooked never the less he slammed his computer screen shut and scrammed out the building through his little makeshift escape route; a hole in the wall covered by weeds and muck.

When he was outside he looked round, listened for any sound of intruders or anything out of the ordinary. The place looked empty; either the pop up was just an odd, highly sophisticated prank or whoever it was that he was being warned about hadn't arrived yet.

He took a deep breath, shoved the computer in his bag and quickly planned the most covered route out and to the nearest public transport.

Out in the distance he suddenly noticed something odd; the birds. Not pigeons or blackbirds, the normal local birds for cities but owls. There were so many owls up in the sky he was surprised it wasn't the first thing he noticed, flying around like a big warning sign in the sky that something wasn't quite right.

He scowled, just when he thought he was in mostly in the clear something like this happens. His phone vibrated " :("

Harry ran, he didn't need any further warning than that and looking at the sky he realised that the warning was no joke. He didn't know if he could trust the people who warned him, but right now he didn't have time to care. These people, whoever they were, he would need to track them down later and decide what he thought of them . If their not friendly, their a threat; if they are friendly of course there still a threat but not an immediate one.

He noticed the air around him seemed to get cold as he ran make him feel feverish as his own temperate rose. The weeds he was stomping were dying all around him and a feeling of dread was falling over him.

God, it was like the happiness was being pulled out of him; every painful emotion, sorrow and angst filling his heart. With these pains, though his natural instinct, he forced him to run fast and survive whatever the issues where; he ran faster.

Bad memories where beginning to surface; the bullying, the cheating, the horrific things he had been forced to do in order to survive. Everything flashed though his mind, whoever these people were they going about hunting him the wrong way; pain was something he thrived on, hate fuelled him and drove him further to fight.


Harry gasped, of course he recognised this. It wasn't a wizard, someone had sent a demonetor over to get him; someone powerful and political was out to get rid off him and if he didn't hurry up he might get the kiss.

"Brother!look at me, loooook!" squealed the boy ; blonde hair sticking up in an odd, messy style caused from running around too much and eyes sparkling like you wouldn't believe. Harry looked over, full of affection at the innocent boy and he watched as the boy's smile widened excitedly "I LOVE YOU MOST!"

God the pain, it was just memories but the pain he suffering was making it hard to run, but he was to scared to stall now. He would not die like this, he regained his fuel and his anger rose

Those beautiful bright eyes were dead, all innocence in Harry's world fading at the sight of it. An emptiness filled his heart at the sight, and that big empty black hole that quickly filled itself with hatred and anger. An anger that that Harry would in later years find out was his only life force, his reason to survive and his motivation.

"there all liars. All them filthy liars. " The boy whispered in a voice so delicate, dark and haunted the sun even withered and dimmed away to leave him alone with his demons .

"AHHH!" Harry screamed in frustration, he was slowing down now and he could see the creature catching up with him; a cloaked , wispy creature gliding in the air like death itself. He picked his speed up; the cold air prickling his lungs.

He looked back and realised that he couldn't run fast enough, he had already caught. The creature was there, practically on top of him; it was an agony he could never describe. Emotional anguish had always been more of a tormentor to him than physical pain; it was his one true weakness that his emotions ruled him more than anything else.

"I will not die here!" The boy hissed kicking as the creatures mouth opened; he screamed but no word came out.

Nothing came out though; no white light, his soul didn't leave his body and flout out like it should have instead the creature was just hovering over him a pair of icy claws wrapped round his throught and piercing into him painfully. Harry stared into the creature mouth; it was like looking into space, never ending and empty and he had this strange feeling something wasn't right. The creatures grip tightened and it leaned in closer, the atmosphere became more chilling and Harry could tell something was bothering it; the atmosphere was so thick he felt like he suffocating.

"Where is your soul?" it whispered sending a chill down Harry's spine that made the boy want to physically sick .Then it roared , a creature that wasn't even supposed to be able to speak according to the book was shouting at him angrily "WHERE!"

"I have a soul" Harry whispered , being told he was soulless by a creature like this was wounding . He'd been told similar things many time, of how evil, ugly and empty he was but it's easier to ignore from humans; but now it was painful to hear, it wasn't an insult anymore but a statement "I'm...I'm not evil. This is a prank isn't it? A sick threat from the ministry!"

Harry suddenly had the distinct feeling of being watched, it was the creature almost certainly. He never wanted to see the thing again. He had to have a soul, he might be cruel but he wasn't soulless, he wouldn't believe it! It was clearly a sick joke, everyone had a soul after all... however tainted.

The beast fled though not answers his questions, Harry got the distinct impression it was in rush. It must be something odd for the beast, horrific possibly and Harry felt his heart sink hoping the creature was just tormenting him but he had the feeling it wasn't. It's behaviour was just to exited and strange. Thhe next thing Harry heard was his vibrating, pulling him out off his thoughts.

"they'll all be after you now for. You should be dead, these people don't do threats like that. You're the first person to have ever survived a dementor . :("


"Your fucked"