Lovebot Masters

Robots Masters can love too! In some places more than others! Robots shy, horny, loving, suspicious, proud and jealous. But all feeling the same feeling! Many couples! Alternate Universe.

Chapter I - Shyness

Two Robots Masters in particular are very shy. But that's not the only similarity between them. Both live in cold places and love penguins. Yes, I'm talking about Ice Man and Gemini Man

They were very fond of his younger brothers, who were their opposites. Elec Man and Snake Man. But they had competition and unfortunately shyness would not let them open their hearts, but now it was time for a change.

At the base of the Arctic, where Ice Man worked, the little Eskimo was not worrying about the glaciers, where his work was focused, but rather, the feelings that the small felt since Elec Man was created. Maybe love at first sight existed, leading the Eskimo believe that Elec was made for him.

Ice Man had thought of several ways to say Elec Man what he felt, by letters, e-mails or ice sculptures, but he never succeeded. The Eskimo looked at a letter he had received in the morning, an invitation to a party marked for next week, where all Robots Masters would be. Said it would have several things, but what caught his attention was a dance at the end of the event. Well, anyone who wanted to dance, needed a companion. Ice Man blushed at the thought, but as much as he thought he could not. Damn shyness...

In the icy air of Russia where Gemini was, the narcissist stared at her reflection, but could not concentrate on himself. Since that damn letter arrived inviting him, and asking that he be accompanied Already take me will be enough. I do not need companions he thought.

Gemini does not want anyone to find out that he liked Snake Man, after all, they were too different. And he had no idea how he could say he loved anyone, but himself, because will end his pride and a part of shyness and fear did not let him approached of the Serpentarium robot .

The Narcissistic was terrified of the pet snakes that Snake had, Gemini had a phobia of snakes, and always thought never would love someone like Snake Man. When the new feeling came to the surface in Gemini, he found that his mind until then with thoughts perfect (in other words selfish), was going crazy.

After some time, he noticed that he was not crazy, and that perhaps, his self-love would be split by someone else, but his pride never let. If I have to break my self-love to give affection to another one thank you for being shy.

-Dr. Light's Laboratory-

Always at the end of the turn of each Robot Master, everyone returned to the laboratory, where they were during at night. Dr. Light asked everyone to come together to discuss the event of the next week and all went to the living room.

"My robots, called you here to talk about the event and get your questions answered" The doctor said, at the time Cut Man raised his hand "For this party will serve?" The woodcutter asked Dr. Light got a copy of invitations "Well, all set Robots Masters will meet to finish with all the rivalry that you and Dr. Wily's robots have. Finally, after which could arrest Wily at once, his Robots are needing it for our cooperation. This party was the best option I found so that you can get along with them" explained patiently.

"But if they want to do something bad? We are only 16 and they 65. Who can assure us that nothing bad will happen to us?" Asked Elec Man, since he received the invitation felt that was not a good idea.

"Do not worry, before I send out the invitations, I talked with them, they guaranteed that everyone will do nothing wrong" Said Light, Elec Man was still suspicious, but accepted.

After answering a few more questions, Light decided to address another subject "You already know what will be their peers?" he asked, Ice Man blushed, looking at Elec Man, but remained silent.

Some have stayed together as Cut Man and Guts Man, others came by surprise, saying they wanted to invite as Oil Man and Time Man

When Ice Man almost spoke, he was interrupted by Fire Man. He invited Elec Man and the youngest accepted, Breaking the Eskimo's heart .

After a few more pairs formed, Mega had not invited anyone "Mega, who are your partner?" Dr Light said "I'll go with one of the robots of Dr. Wily" He said, everyone looked scared "Which one?" Ice Man asked , Mega seemed undecided "I have not decided yet ... I received the request for Flash Man, Crash Man and Bass,'ll decide tomorrow" he said, Dr Light looked a little worried "Choose well"

Ice wondered How can someone do this? How can you speak as if it were the simplest thing in the world? "Ice Man has picked?" Asked Fire Man, he looked at Fire Man's hand holding Elec, but he decided to speak another thing "No" he said. "You also received many invitations?" Asked Elec, Ice wanted to say yes, but he do not want to lie "No. I have not received any invitation" He said sincere Fire approached the Eskimo and pressed his cheek "Do not worry, with this cute face, soon someone will ask you"

Ice did not want to know the event was already feeling uncomfortable, using the excuse that he was tired and went to the bedroom.

Ice Man felt stupid, after all, had the chance, but missed. It was at this time that the computer made a small noise, the Eskimo recognized as the message tone, as he had nothing else to do, he picked up the laptop on the table beside the bed and opened the mailbox.

The message was one of the robots Wily, Freeze Man. Ice thought he was a good friend, but he was almost a Stalker. The Eskimo opened the email and a short message appeared.

To: Ice Man

From: Freeze Man

Please be my companion in the feast of Robot Masters.

Ice Man did not believe what he read, he would not go with anyone who was not Elec Man, but he has already lost. Ice thought about all Robots he knew. Unless Elec Man and Fire Man, Freeze Man was more connected with it, the Eskimo thought about taking a chance and he answer the message accepting the request. Maybe everything will work out.

-Fortress of Dr. Wily-

Gemini learned a little more of the party through a voice recording made by its creator, coming from prison, the narcissist was surprised to learn that the old man did not want that neither he nor his brothers hurting Dr. Light's robots, which He did get a little excited, after all, perfect someone like him did not deserve to go into more a plan that surely fail.

After several hours thinking about how to invite Snake without hurting his pride, Gemini decided to invite the youngest when everyone was asleep.

The narcissist waited to 3 am, at which time he was sure that all his numerous brothers were asleep, and left the room.

Getting close to the room where the Serpentarium robot was, Gemini saw Toad Man approaching. The narcissistic knew the humanoid frog liked Snake, and he knew he would ask. Not wanting to waste time on something he thought.

He jumped in front of Toad Man "Hey Toad! What are you doing up at this hour? "Asked the narcissistic "I'm going to invite Snake Man to the party of the Robots Masters" he said, Gemini already imagined, just behind Toad appeared clone Gemini "Well, you might want to go one bit" He said, before his clone caught the sapo and led him out of the base.

Gemini quietly entered the apartment of Snake with a letter in hand, on which was written the follow-up request. The Gemini was the room where he was sure it was the only place where no the pet snakes was, and left the envelope in mobile bedside Snake and then left quickly, without any charges or even the Serpentarium to see.

- The Next Day -

Gemini Man woke hoped Snake had already answered his letter, after all, Gemini woke up extremely late.

When he arrived at the front door of his apartment, he saw a sheet of paper. He took it and was writing a short message.

I accept.

Reading this, Gemini felt all his arrogance out of his mind, he felt the first time we really could not only love himself, after all, when he saw, for the room was already deciding what outfit would use in the event.

- Meanwhile -

Ice Man barely sleep at night. Once accepted the request of Freeze Man, the robot of Wily spent all his contacts, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and even the account on , the little was forced to add it and read his fanfics, and Freeze Man was sending messages asking what life was like for Eskimo. Ice was sure that before the party happen, Freeze had already published a book called "The Life of Ice Man."

The Eskino did not want anything to happen, just wanted to invite Elec Man and kill shyness. Soon he felt a sense of leadership need to stop thinking about it. I know several other robots are interested in me. After all, I'm not so ugly. Not Forever Alone.

And so begins another mess with the Robot Masters! What will be the next couple? Surely this party will still give a lot of confusion. We will soon see a pervert in series and a love triangle! All this and much more in the next episode Lovebot Masters! Only here at !

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