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Chapter Six: Tell Him About It

Yugi didn't know where he was going for a solid ten minutes of the walk, until some things became familiar and he started to recognize houses.

"Seto Kaiba's estate?" he asked flatly.

"You figured it out," Yami replied, deciding not to hide it from his light.

"But - but why?"

"Now that's a secret."

"Tell me, would you!"

"Who has the gummi worms?"

Yugi sighed sadly. "I do," he solemnly responded, looking down.

Yami grinned and continued on, leading his aibou down the street. He loved doing that sort of thing to Yugi. It was a definite power trip for the pharaoh, and he enjoyed seeing his other half squirm. Anyway, the little one never seemed to hold grudges.

After about ten more minutes of walking in silence, they arrived at their destination. Yami knocked on the door three firm times, and it was opened swiftly by the owner of the estate, himself, Seto Kaiba.

"Welcome, Yami," he said as he was opening the door. "Yugi," he gasped, "I'm surprised to see you tonight!"

"Why," Yami asked quickly, "I did say I would bring him, did I not?"

"Oh, so you had this planned. No wonder you decided to break out the big guns and bribe me to get me to come," Yami noted, smiling.

"You bribed him?"

"Well, if you'd consider it a bribe, I suppose..." Yami trailed off.

"With what?" a curious Seto asked.

"With these!" Yugi held up his King-sized bag of Gummi Worms for the whole world to see. He basked in the glory of the moment, looking at his treasure with awe.

"He must really like those," Seto commented to Yami.

"Oh, he does-"

"LIKE THEM?!" Yugi cried. "I LOVE these things," he corrected, ripping open the bag.

"I'll have to remember that."

"It won't be to hard to forget," Yami joked.

There was a slight pause as Seto and Yami watched Yugi struggle to get a single worm out of the bag, almost sending it flying through the air. Set gasped, "What am I doing, making you stand outside like this, please come in!"

Yugi was amazed at the size of the home; it seemed to have room after room of amazing things. He was astonished at all of the expensive things in the house, like the artwork and statues that must have been worth more than the Game Shop, itself. However, most of all, he was surprised at how Seto was acting. He always knew there was a sort of soft side to Seto, somewhere inside of that cool exterior, he just never knew he'd ever see it. It seemed to him that Yami had managed to break his shell, somehow, and Yugi could definitely like this "new" Seto.

As Yugi gazed at a Vase, obviously worth more than a small country, Seto cleared his throat, and began speaking. "Thanks for coming," he began, "It's nice to see you again, Yami, and Yugi, I've wanted to talk to you for a while."

Yugi fidgeted slightly as he tried not to eat as his host was speaking. "What about?"

"Well, you see, it's kind of... complicated."

/Yami, what's going on?/ he asked quickly, trying not to get noticed by Seto.

//He's a little nervous.//

"Of me?!" Yugi asked out loud, by accident. "oups..."

"Yes, you," Yami said, deciding the conversation should be public.

"Err... Seto, I won't bite, just tell me."

"I know you won't... It's just... Well, Yami has to do it first!"

Yugi was starting to think again. 'If THIS is the new Seto, maybe I shouldn't be friends with him... Seto used to be so determined. He would do anything to get what he wanted. I wonder why he won't just come out and tell me what it is that's going on.' "Yami, what is it that YOU have to tell me?" he asked the game king aloud.

"Well, I'd like to tell you in private, if you wouldn't mind Seto. But first, aibou, can I talk to him for a second?"

"Sure, come back soon, I hate all this 'secret' stuff!"

"I will."

With that the two taller ones left the room, leaving Yugi, and his gummi worms unattended. Never a good idea. He ravaged the bag, trying to get the opening large enough to get two hands inside, once satisfied, he pulled some more, and the bag exploded. The worms went flying, as Yugi made a silent cry, 'No!'

Suddenly light dawned upon the little one. "Five Second Rule!" he cried running from area to area of the large living space. 'Well,' he thought, 'as long as I get them off the ground in five seconds, they're still good. Anyway this house looks spotless, I could eat off this floor anytime!'

As he counted down his time, he saw the last of the worms, lying near the stairs and dived for it. Hitting his head on the first stair, he claimed his prize, falling to the floor with a bump on his head. Silent rivers flowed from his eyes as a lump raised from his head, and a bandage appeared on it like magic. In then next second, Yugi was back to normal, savoring victory. (Anime styled pain ^-^)

Yami walked back into the room, determined, where he found the little one sprawled out on the oversized sofa, with a gummi worm in his mouth, held by just four teeth. He was pulling it away, stretching it, stretching, stretching, until finally it could take no more and it snapped. He quickly ate the part in his mouth, then turning, he noticed an almost stunned Yami. He held it out as an offer.

Yami licked his lips, suddenly dry. "Um, no thank you, aibou."

Yugi shrugged and shoved the sweet candy in his mouth. He smiled contently as he reached for the mended bag. It was covered in tape, but it was still good. He grabbed a handful of the long, gummy substances, and shoved it in his mouth.

"Oh," he said in a muffled voice, "Are you gonna tell me whatever that was you were going to."

Yami was amazed at Yugi's ability to talk with his mouth that full. "Ah. Er... yeah, when you're finished, maybe."

Yugi blushed. "Heh." He swallowed hard and almost choked on his treat.

Yami couldn't help but be amazed at he antics his light was performing. There was no doubt in his mind that he had to tell Yugi his feelings soon, or he would explode. He did slightly feel bad for Seto, who was so sure Yugi would hate him that he was torn between telling him or having an unrequited love. Yami decided that later he would ask Yugi what he thought.

Yugi looked up at his darker half, "So..."

The taller of the two froze, gazing upon the splendor of his light. 'Can anything be this perfect?' he wondered, trying to find the words. "It's... I need you," he began.

"You NEED me? For what?" the little one asked in confusion. He sat completely still on the couch, holding his knees up, looking at his Yami.

"I need you," he repeated, "to be mine." He leaned down and kissed Yugi sweetly on the lips. Yugi was shocked and his eyes went wide at the sudden display of affection.

"Y-Yami," he tried to say. He backed away from the kiss. Yami kneeled in front of him, and they were now face to face.

"Aibou," the pharaoh said softly, "I've wanted to tell you for such a long time. I think... no, I know that I am in love with you."

Yugi's eyes were bulging out of his head, now. He was completely and utterly shocked by what he was just told. "I-I... Oh. I don't know how to respond to that," he gasped.

Yami looked at him sweetly. "You don't need to, not right now. You have all the time you want."

Yugi smiled, a few tears forming in his eyes. "All this time," he cried, "All this time I thought you were deceiving me! All this time I thought you wanted to be rid of me! It's all just too much!" His tears began to fall as he thought more and more about Yami's recent actions.

Yami leaned in and kissed Yugi's tears, sending his tongue out to taste them as he did. "Oh, light, don't cry over the past, please. The past is too painful. Look only to the future, our future."

Yugi sniffled and nodded. His feelings were all a jumble. He was so confused that he wasn't sure of anything. 'Was Yami being honest? Does Yami ever lie? Why me? Do I feel that way, too?' were just some of the questions going on in his head. "Then... you saved me... because you loved me, not because you felt obligated?"


"And you've stayed with me because you love me?"


"And you broke up with Anzu because you loved me?"

"Yes." Yami paused then continued, "but also because she could get very, very annoying."

Yugi giggled lightly at his comment. "You stuck up for me to grandpa..."

"-because I love you? Yes. However, you were also right. Oh, and, yes, I bought you those gummi worms for the same reason."

Yugi grinned. "I was going to get to that," he said jokingly. 'This guy... really cares about me. He always has. Maybe I can let him in. I mean... I call for him whenever I'm scared or alone. He is always there for me and I try to be there for him. When I pushed him away, he just came after me. Maybe, just maybe, I should give this a chance. I've wanted someone for so long...' He looked at his other side and said, "Everything's just so muddled, Yami! I mean, I have feelings for you, too. I know we are friends, but I also know that we are closer than that. I... I want to be closer than that. I need you, too."

Yami's eyes widened in shock. "I've been waiting for this for such a long time! But you, you want someone like me?"

"I do, Yami. I need you so badly! I never realized how close we had become. You make me feel so secure when you are with me, in the puzzle." Yugi blushed because the next part was so much harder to say. "Maybe," he whispered, "there is another way you can be in me always?"

Yami smiled genuinely. "There is, if you want there to be."

Yugi, still blushing, looked right into the pharaoh's eyes, "I do."

"You are su-"

Interrupting his other, Yugi timidly leaned in and placed his lips on Yami's. It was a gentle kiss and the smaller politely asked entry into Yami's mouth.

//aibou...// Yami sounded like he was moaning the word.

/Is my answer clear to you?/

//Crystal. However, little one, this does means one thing.//


//I have wanted you for so long now, and with this proclamation... well, let us just say that I will take some things into my own hands...//

Before Yugi could even think back a reply, his yami pushed him onto his back and after inhaling deeply, ravaged his light's mouth. The little one moaned into his aibou's mouth, almost crying out in sheer joy.

It was about then that Yami noticed Yugi's taste. He was sweeter then the candy was. The taste was almost like vanilla and sugar. He loved that flavor, and couldn't get enough of it. He didn't notice, however that Yugi was savoring the mysterious zest of his own as well. It was tangy and sweet and a little tart at the same time. It was bliss for the light.

There was almost a sense of urgency in this kiss of Yami's that Yugi had never felt. As their lips parted and met again, he felt an intensity he never could have felt with Anzu. There was something missing with her. It was as though Anzu had left a gap in Yugi that only this "King of Games" could mend. Yugi also knew at the same time that there was something missing, but he couldn't care all that much about it, right then.

Yami was dominating his little light, holding down his shoulders while continuing the battle in their mouths. He could see that Yugi was starting to have some trouble breathing, and moved back slightly, giving him some space.

The pharaoh paused for a moment, staring into the little one's eyes, then he continued. This time, Yugi fought back, however, sitting up, while the bigger one was trying to push him down. He couldn't understand why his aibou wouldn't stay still, and shot him a questionable look.

"Sitting," Yugi explained, "is more comfortable. I was laying on the remote control."

Yami nodded and went back to work. The kisses were getting more passionate and heated by the second and Yugi was lost in a world of pleasure. He was rubbing Yami's back through his jacket, trying desperately to have human contact.

Yami, himself, was fighting to keep control. He didn't want to jump the little one; he wanted to be gentle. He gasped at the hands that had appeared under his jacket, tugging at his belted shirt. The fumbled with the straps as he tried to unbutton his light's shirt. He couldn't take it anymore and he ripped it off, scattering buttons across the room.

"Hey, why'd you do that? I liked that-" Yugi began. Yami massaged his aibou's chest, teasing the nipples when he got to them. An almost vacant look appeared in Yugi's eyes, "Alright, I forgive you."

"So glad." With that, Yami assaulted the little one's unsuspecting chest. Yugi fell back onto the couch, and with a yelp, landed on the remote control again. Throwing the blasted thing off to the side, he urged his darker side to continue.

Yami was thrilled at the chance to comply. He decided to go straight to the places where he would get the most reaction. Placing himself in front of Yugi's left nipple, he decided to suck on it for a bit. He noticed a mixed look on his light's face, but continued on. He then nipped at it, causing Yugi's eyes to widen and almost let out a yelp. He kissed it in an attempt to apologize, and Yugi was all too eager to forgive the transgression.

He moved on to the other side, next, repeating his actions with some similar results. However this time Yugi was squirming much more. Suddenly, Yugi burst out into a laughing fit. Yami stopped his onslaught promptly, wondering what exactly was going on.

"You..." the smaller said, catching his breath, "were tickling me!"

"You are ticklish... there?"

"Apparently so!"

"Oh, well, I'll have to keep that in mind." He moved up his light, returning to the sweet mouth that was waiting for him. Their tongues enveloped each others as Yugi's excitement began to show. Yugi noticed that Yami must have been feeling the same way when he suddenly broke the kiss.

"Seto!" he cried in a hoarse whisper. He wanted to shout, but didn't want the other boy running in.

"What?" Yami asked flatly, not understanding what his aibou meant.

"This is Seto's house... we can't just... do this in his house on his couch! If he walks in, every time he sits on this couch he'd think of us."

Yami sighed, 'I bet he'd like that,' he remarked to himself before answering. "I don't know if he'd mind all that much."

Yugi thought for a moment, and his eyes widened quickly. "He likes me too?!" he exclaimed.

"How did you-"

"Simple, Yami. I just remembered how he said that 'Yami has to do it first,' and then you told me you loved me, so... that's how I figured it out."


"Well, what?"

"How do you feel?" Yami asked flatly. Doing all of this thinking was sure making Yami Jr. sad.

"I don't really know. I mean... yeah, there's always been something about Seto Kaiba that I've been slightly drawn to."


"Heh. Well, with us being a couple... what can I do?" Yugi asked frowning.

"Hmm." Yami wondered if Yugi would catch on by himself.

"How about this! What if all three of us were a couple!?"

Yami chuckled. "Doesn't couple mean two?"

"Well, yeah... but... you know what I mean!"

"Yes, I do and I think it's a great idea."

"But, Yami, would Seto... go for something like that?" Yugi wondered aloud.

"Yes... I think so..." he said smirking. "But Seto won't be back for a while, seeing as he has some business to attend to. He told me were we could stay for the night."

"So then, should we... go on without him?"

"Considering he told us to stay in his room, I think he'd approve."

"His room?"

"Yes, it has the biggest bed in the house."

Yugi giggled slightly and looked up at Yami, who offered him a hand. Gathering their shirts, they made their way to the staircase. The house was immense and Yugi imagined that finding the room might take some time. His heart pounded with an intense excitement, though, of what was to come. As his soon-to-be lover led him down the halls it was all he could do to keep from crying out with joy. The anticipation was almost too much to bear.

Yami opened a rather large wooden door and it squeaked slightly as it swung open, revealing the room of Seto Kaiba.

"Wow," Yugi gaped. "It's huge!"

He looked the room up and down, amazed ate the magnitude of the room. The bed looked to be as big as two of his put together and the walls were covered in posters. There were duel monster pictures, some news clippings and, strangely enough, a few pictures of his inventions. Yugi walked over to the articles on the wall.

" 'School Play Smash Hit: Mokuba Kaiba and Katsume Shipian Play Lead,' how cute, he keeps track of his brother." He walked further along.

"Look at this, Yugi," Yami said, " 'Child Prodigy: Yugi Motou wins Duelist Kingdom Tournament'"

"Wha- why would he have that?"

"Oh wow, I never even knew that this made the papers." Yami read the title aloud, " 'Fire Threatened three Youths Lives: A Close Call.'"

"What the heck? No way that could be..." He looked at the paper, seeing a picture of himself being carried by Jou. "Why?"

"He's been admiring you for some time, it appears."

Yugi blushed, walking over to the over-sized bed. He flopped onto it, reaching for the light on the nightstand. He turned it on, knocking something off of the table. "Oups... what is this?"

He picked up the paper, which turned out to be a picture of himself and Yami, smiling brightly in their room. He looked at the back: "Seto, we will always be there for you. -Yami"

Yugi closed his eyes, /Yami, you love him don't you?/


/But you love me, too?/

//Yes, I do.//

/When Seto returns I must speak to him. He has to know that I feel as you do./

//He will be happy to know, aibou. Now... about us...//

/I was getting to that./ With those words he opened his eyes and jumped his unsuspecting Yami, knocking him off of his feet and onto the floor with a thud.

"Hey, Yami, what about Mokuba, do you think he just heard you?"

"Nope, he's at a friends for the week."

"Oh yeah, I remember now. He told me that a while ago."

"You've had a lot on your mind, but not for much longer."

"Good," Yugi replied, placing his mouth on Yami's. He thrust his hands into his hair, toying with it and just holding on.

Breaking the kiss with ease, Yami began kissing Yugi's neck, trailing down to his chest. Remembering Yugi's first reaction, he was torn between having mercy on his light or torturing him. Finally he decided to compromise. Going down to Yugi's navel, he ran his tongue back and forth, taking much amusement in the surprised laughter of his aibou.

Deciding to have mercy on the squirming boy he continued down, unlatching Yugi's pants. He yanked them off in a hurry, leaving just his black silk boxers in place. Yugi's arousal was obvious, and it was all Yami could do to tear his eyes away from the proof.

Yugi was blushing a bright shade of crimson with a slight smirk on his face. He reached for the taller's pants pulling down in a fashion similar to the way Yami did his. After a few tugs, they came down also leaving a pair of silken boxers in their wake. Almost simultaneously the two pulled down the other's shorts. Yugi and Yami's eyes were both drawn downwards again, to each other and the unexplored territory that they were burning to know.

Pulling his eyes up, away from Yugi's hardness again, Yami smirked at his aibou and knelt down, ready to assault his light. His tongue darted out to run the length of Yugi's hardened shaft, making the little one gasp in shock. Moving his head back, he tasted the tip of Yugi's erection as a clear gel-like substance began to form on it. The taste of the pre-cum drove Yami mad with a feverish desire and he dragged his tongue across his light's swollen tip, circling around it quickly before taking his light's head between his lips.

Yami decided to take Yugi in completely, sliding down until he could feel his aibou's hardness against the back of his throat. The warmth made Yugi almost jump up and cry out. He put his hands in Yami's hair and almost massaged his head as Yami pumped his head back and forth. Yugi moaned in pleasure as his other half began to move on him, bobbing his head up and down with a swift pace. Yugi began to squirm about as his yami brought him to a place he had never been before. The feelings were like nothing he had ever experienced before.

Yami could feel his light begin to tense and he quickened his pace to a feverishly swift pace. He added his hands to the pleasure and Yugi's little body could not take much more. Yugi let out a hoarse moan and came into Yami's expecting mouth. His head flew back and he lay, panting on the bed for a moment while Yami swallowed his light's seed.

After recovering, Yugi looked up at Yami, smiling. "Sorry, I should have warned you."

"I knew it was going to happen then, anyway."

"That felt so good, Yami."

"Well, then this should feel even better."

Yugi smiled at the though of that. An almost evil expression covered his face as he said, "I hope so."

"First, though, I've got to stretch you out."

"If you must," Yugi replied, the devilish grin subsiding slightly.

He leaned towards Yugi and licked his cheek. Yugi looked at him in slight shock but then felt lips on his own. The kiss was passionate but also seemed to be distracted on Yami's part. When it ended, Yami put three of his fingers up to Yugi's mouth. Yugi eagerly sucked the three fingers, and Yami smirked at him.

"That's a good boy," he said, smiling. "Now, this may hurt a little."

"Just do it. I can take it," Yugi reassured.

With a nod, Yami put his hand behind the little one. He slid his forefinger into the tight opening, forcing a gasp out of the little one. He pumped it slightly in and out until he felt that Yugi was ready for more. Slipping another finger in, Yami repeated his actions to Yugi's delight. Pushing one more into his light, he felt Yugi close up on him slightly. Yugi shut his eyes for a second and then, after acclimating himself to the feeling, sighed in relief.

"Yami, I'm ready, please take me."

Yami looked at his light. "You're sure?"


"Thank God."

There was a fervent desire burning inside of Yami to make the small one his own. This need, this intense craving for his light needed to be satisfied, soon. He positioned himself carefully by Yugi's opening and began to push in. When his aibou's eyes widened, he slowed down, not wanting to injure his lover. However, Yugi forced a smile on his face, urging Yami to finish what he had started. It hurt, but it also felt terrific to be under his darker side like that. Slowly Yami withdrew and entered again with slightly more speed.

Yami knew, being Yugi's first time, that he would have to go slow, however, he felt Yugi edging him on every time he pulled out. He pushed in again, slightly quicker, feeling less resistance each time. The smaller one looked like he was doing better when he suddenly cried out. Yami immediately panicked, worrying that he had hurt his aibou.

"That was great!" Yugi told his worrying other half. In actuality, that was the best thing Yugi had felt in his life, and it had almost made him cum right there and then. He was amazed at this new feeling.

It dawned on Yami that what he had hit was special, and so on his next thrust; he aimed there again. This time, Yugi's eyes widened, but he didn't scream. At that Yami picked up the pace, going for that spot at every push. Yugi closed his eyes tightly, amazed at the shocks of pleasure racking his brain at the moment. Holding in all of his cries, and moaning slightly he reached down to his own hardness. He rubbed it hard, feeling a sensation of burning in it of overwhelming proportions. Yami saw this and stroked it as well, as he drove into the little one again and again.

Yugi's eyes shot open as he came, calling out his lover's name. All he could see were stars as Yami drove into him two more times, hard. "Yugi," he whispered as he came, collapsing onto the smaller one.

It took a few minutes for either one to recuperate after that, and even move. Finally, Yami withdrew from Yugi, and reached over the bed. He pulled up a towel and, as Yugi began to stir, wiped off his stomach.

"I made a mess, huh?" Yugi said innocently.

"Nothing we can't clean up," Yami replied, going over to him. "Here, let me," he cleaned off his aibou and tossed the towel into the laundry basket on the other side of the room.

Yugi fixed the covers on the bed and motioned for Yami to join him. Eagerly, he complied and lay down with him. Almost instinctively, he draped his arm across his light, holding him close. Yugi buried his face into the bigger's chest, completely satisfied.

/I really do love Yami./ Yugi thought, almost positive he had blocked it from his other half.

//I love you, too.// he replied. The little one's eyes widened for a moment, then he sighed and went to sleep, muttering, "Yami," as he did.

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