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Chapter 1
The war was finally over. Many had died in the war and demigods were grieving over their dead friends and siblings.

But still he was relieved that Gaea was defeated, for now at least. Though he was confident that she won't come back soon after the wounds they inflicted on her. Now he can finally relax and not worry about any war or something.

He and Annabeth were the only ones from the seven who stayed at Camp Half-Blood. Piper decided to stay with Jason at Camp Jupiter along with the couples Leo and Reyna, and Frank and Hazel. Even after a few months, Percy was still wondering just how Leo even managed to win Reyna's heart. It's like trying to mix fire and ice. Opposites really do go together, Piper had said. She was left squealing for days about how cute they were.

Even if she does act like a tomboy, she still has her moments of being like a typical child of Aphrodite, just that they are few and far between.

Right now, he was with his girlfriend Annabeth, just relaxing near the shores of the lake. Percy looked at the sky, watching the view. "I'm really glad that it's all over." Annabeth replied, "Yeah, me too Seaweed Brain. We can finally be together with nothing bothering us." "Yup, no more goddesses kidnapping me, no more great prophecies happening, and no more titans and primordials rising," he quipped. Annabeth feigned shock. "Wow, I'm surprised that you even know the word primordial," she joked. Percy placed his hand over his heart and feigned hurt. "You break my heart Wise Girl." Annabeth just rolled her eyes at his antics. They looked at each other's eyes and started to lean in to kiss...

Then suddenly, the conch horn blared loudly, shocking the two demigods. They were so focused on each other. And it seemed that the others got surprised too as you could hear screams and crashes coming from the cabins, training grounds, and the archery range. Most of the screams were probably from the newer demigods.

They split apart in shock and embarrassment. Percy was a bit red in the face and saw that Annabeth was too. He fought to force back his blush and ran to the entrance of Camp Half-Blood near Thalia's pine tree, who is the daughter of Zeus and Percy's cousin. Chiron was already there and the other campers were arriving one by one. At this time, the only campers present were those who were near the Big House, which is a four-story building.

From there, he could see a demigod being chased by a hellhound and two empousai. He seemed to have black hair but it was still too far to see his eyes. He looked like he had been in the wilderness for days, his hair was messy with something that vaguely looked like leaves and twigs. He had a celestial bronze sword in his hand. A new demigod? And only just a few months after the war? He even looks as old as me.How did he survive all of those monsters chasing after him?

And as soon as he had reached the entrance of camp, he stopped and faced the monsters, panting really hard. His face held a very scared expression. Then he held his sword correctly and his stance was actually right. I wonder wonder just who his godly parent is. He's a natural with that sword.

When he started to attack the monsters, Percy noticed that he was just wildly slashing everywhere in front of him as fast as he could. Well at least he's actually doing it correctly.

He whimpered when a clawed hand sliced his skin. He sliced at one empousai and it burst into golden dust. He stumbled in surprise and accidentally killed the other empousai. He became more confident and didn't look like he was that scared anymore.

The hellhound was the last one left. It pounced to attack the demigod but he ran to the side and tried to aim the sword into its neck. He succeeded and killed it.

He then faced the campers, who were shocked at what happened, with a glare. The demigod said, "Look, I killed the monsters. Why didn't any of you help me?" Some looked down. They were too caught up in the fight that they forgot about helping him. The younger demigods looked at him in awe. Others like Percy looked at him in interest and curiosity of who his godly parent is. Now that the new demigod was close, Percy could see that he has black hair and blue eyes. Electric blue. Oh, he could guess who his godly parent is. But it possibly couldn't be true. Nah.

Chiron walked up to him and said, "Hello, welcome to Camp Half-Blood. I am Chiron, the activities-director of this camp. May I ask, what is your name?" "My name is Joshua Stevenson," he said proudly, "but you can just call me Josh." He must be a popular kid in his school. He sound too proud. It might get him killed one day if he continued to be the way he is now.

Then he got claimed right then and there. Sure enough, a glowing symbol of a lightning bolt had magically appeared on the top of his head. "All hail Joshua Stevens, son of Zeus, god of the sky and lightning, and king of the gods," Chiron said in shock and knelt. Percy was surprised even though he knew that guy might be Zeus's kid and he could see others were too. Still, they followed Chiron's example and knelt too. Joshua looked confused at this gesture.

Looks like Zeus broke the oath again huh. Bet Hera's having a fit right now.

An image of her smacking Zeus around with her face red and Zeus cowering in the corner brought a grin to his face and a chuckle.

After that, the campers dispersed but they were still whispering at each other and stealing glances at him. Percy couldn't blame them, even he didn't even see this coming. After all, the war only ended just pretty recently. He could have been a great help in their battle against Gaea and her sons.

Why would Zeus hide him?He wondered to himself.

Josh still looked confused. Chiron went to him and said, "My boy, let us go to the Big House and discuss about why you're here. Percy, Annabeth, come with me." He wondered why they had to go with them, but he obeyed and followed them to the building.

As they were walking, Chiron used the time to explain to Josh about the gods.

They all went in and saw Mr. D. He just looked at Josh and scoffed, "Great, another brat in this cursed camp. And it's even one of Father's. I guess he probably just couldn't keep it in his pants."

Thunder rumbled in the sky angrily but Mr. D ignored it, just waving it off and summoning a diet coke in his hand.

"Who are you? And how could you do that?" Josh asked perplexedly.

"What?" He raised an eyebrow.

"The diet coke. It appeared out of thin air! Was that a magic trick?" He asked.

"That is no magic trick, brother."

"Brother?" He was now baffled.

"His name is Mr. D, he's our camp director," Chiron explained.

"That still doesn't explain the thing he did."

"He is a god. The god of wine and madness."

Josh snorted. "God? He doesn't look heavenly to me."

Chiron shook his head. "I wasn't talking about "God," I meant the immortal gods of Olympus."

"But they don't exist!" he protested.

"Oh they do, my boy."

Mr. D looked at him and said. "Yes and you'd better learn to shut your mouth before one of them incinerates you." This is getting familiar.

"What do you mean incinerate?! If you're going to kill me, you'll surely be sent to jail, my mother will make sure of that," he practically screamed.

"Josh," Chiron cautioned him.

He opened his mouth, probably to say some more, but then quickly closed it and stayed silent.

"You're not taking this any better than Perry did." Percy didn't even bother correcting him.

"Perry? Who's he?" Josh asked, confused. "Do I know him?"

Mr. D pointed at Percy lazily. "He's just standing beside you."

When he was opening his mouth about to speak, Percy leaned a bit towards Joshua. "Don't even waste your time trying to correct him. He always messes up the names of every camper on purpose," he murmured.

Mr. D glanced at them both then yawned. "Well, I'll be taking my leave for now. I'm going to take my nap. Goodbye Chiron and goodbye to you brats." Then he walked out of the room.

"What's his problem?" Josh questioned angrily.

"It's because Mr. D offended his father a while back, took a fancy to a wood nymph who had been declared off-limits."

"A wood nymph," he repeated.

Woah. Déjà vu much.

"Indeed. And so he was sent to Camp Half-blood as punishment." Chiron's eyes were twinkling as he answered him and Percy wondered if he was also thinking the same thing and if what he said had a double meaning to it as he was also glancing at him.

"What did you call us for Chiron?" Annabeth questioned, her face neutral but Percy could definitely see the amusement in her eyes.

"Ah yes, the reason I asked both of you to come with me is if you can kindly show him around camp and send him to his cabin afterwards."

"Of course." Annabeth nodded.

"Also, can you explain this to him?"

She nodded again.

"Alright then. My boy, please go with them and they will show you around here."

"Okay, but I want my questions answered!" He stared at them hard, trying to look threatening.

That won't work buddy. We've faced things scarier than your face.He thought. Out loud, he said, "Of course we will."

"Don't worry, they will be soon so let's go now," she smiled.

"Of course beautiful." He tried to flirt with her by smiling charmingly.

Percy didn't do anything about it because he trusts Annabeth. And also because this had already happened a few times before with some other newbies. Sooner or later though after their first few tries, they learned not to flirt with her. Those that were persistent though, safe to say they were sent to the infirmary for a day.

She glanced at him and started going out of the big house. "What are you waiting for?"

Percy stood up and started to follow her. "Hey wait!" Joshua shouted, scrambling up from his relaxed position in his chair and walked faster to catch up to them.

As soon he did, he looked so dejected, like he has never been ignored by a girl before. Well, news flash, you're not liked by the whole girl population, you know. Come back down to earth.

But his rejection was forgotten when he looked around the camp. "Wow...," he trailed off, amazed.

And so they went around camp while explaining to him about the gods and how they existed. Josh was surprised and speechless especially when he saw the climbing wall with lava dripping from the top. "What the heck?! How could you climb up there and not be burned to death?" He said, his eyes wide when Percy and Annabeth climbed up to show him that it is not impossible to do it. Percy just replied, "Practice."

Josh just shook his head, muttering about crazy camps and superhumans but still followed them.

Also, during the tour, he was trying to be "charming" to Annabeth but failing. Afterwards, they dropped him at cabin one, which is the Zeus cabin, and left. Josh just opened the door and mumbled a thanks without even looking at them. After that he slammed the door right in front of their faces.

They were stunned and was looking at the door of Cabin One with wide eyes until they heard a loud plopping sound inside. Then they were soon walking back to the Big House.

"How rude!" Annabeth huffed.

"So what do you think of him?" Percy asked when they were a bit far away from cabin one.

"A big flirt." She deadpanned.

"He must be a jock or something," he guessed.

She sighed. "He's annoying and somehow like Heracles though to a lesser extent."

He thought about it and agreed with her. "Well, you know what they say, like father like son like sibling," he grinned.

She slapped his arm playfully. "You just added the last part. That's not even included in the saying." Thinking thoughtfully, she added, "Besides, not all of his children are like him. How about Jason?"

"He's a Roman."

"When Jason and Piper saw him, he was in his Roman form, Hercules, not as Heracles. Thalia then."

"She's a girl," he said matter-of-factly.

Annabeth raised an eyebrow. "So what if she's a girl?"

Percy blurted out his answer without even thinking. "Their minds work differently than men so it's hard for others to understand their thoughts."

She peered at him. "I'll ignore that obvious insult this one time but the next time, you're really going to get your butt kicked." She went ahead, leaving Percy behind.

Then she suddenly stopped, and turned back to look at Percy. "By the way, when the hunters visit camp, I'm so going to tell Thalia that."

He rethought what he said, and paled. "Crap! She's going to fry me."

She laughed hard. Percy glared. "It's not funny! She's gonna turn me into fish sticks."

Annabeth made a face at Percy. "Stop being so dramatic."