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Chapter 6


She was practicing archery when her little sister Lily told her that she is to be at the Big House immediately. So she set her bow down and ran to the Big House where she met Chiron waiting for her.

"I'm here Chiron, what do you need?" She asked.

"The gods called the seven to come to Olympus to discuss about something. Speaking of which, where is Percy? He is supposed to here since he is part of the seven," he said, looking like he had just awoken from something.

"Percy?"she asked, confused.

"Yes Percy. Don't you remember? You know, the son of Poseidon and your boyfriend? What is wrong with you, child? Are you alright?"

Then suddenly, something clicked in her mind. Yes, she remembers now. Then she slapped herself mentally for even forgetting about him. "I remember now. And no Chiron, I'm completely fine."

"Oh well okay Annabeth, if you say so," he said, still sounding worried and uncertain, "we're getting off topic, where is Percy? He's late. Did you see him lately?"

"Now that you said it I haven't seen him in any class today; in fact, I haven't seen him ever since we broke up."

"He broke up with you?" He asked, shocked.

"Umm.., no it's the other way around," she replied, suddenly finding the floor interesting.


"I-I don't know, something made me do it," she said, sounding frustrated.

He sighed, "You better get going Annabeth, you are already late. The gods are probably waiting for you already. They must have been impatient by now. I'm afraid you will have to go without Percy."

"Ok Chiron see you later."

Little did she know she wouldn't see him for some time.

She finally arrived in front of the Empire State Building. She went to the security guard and said, "600th floor please."

The security guard looked up at her and said, "Sorry miss, there ain't no 600th floor here."

She unsheathed her knife and brought it to his neck. "Look here. I don't want to play your stupid games. I'm already late. I don't think Lord Zeus would like that now, does he?"

He cowered and hurriedly gave her the card. She took it from his hands and dashed to the elevator. She waited as she listened to the stupid elevator music. She tapped her foot impatiently wondering how long this elevator ride could take. Finally, after what seemed like hours the elevator opened, showing Olympus in all of its glory. But she didn't have time to admire the work that she designed as she ran as fast as her feet could take her to the throne room.

When she got there, the rest of the seven excluding Percy. Thalia, Nico, and Reyna were also there with them. "Sorry I'm late, Lord Zeus," she said, bowing to him.

"Now that she finally arrived, let's get started," said an irritated Zeus.

But then Athena interrupted, "Wait a minute father. Annabeth, where is Perseus?"

Annabeth answered, "I don't know, mom. I haven't seen him since he arrived from his quest, whatever it is."

Athena abruptly straightened up, "What did he do afterwards?"

At this, the daughter of Athena looked down, suddenly finding her shoes interesting. "Nothing, because I-I -"

"What?" Athena questioned.

"I broke up with him," she said to her mother quietly. There was silence.

After a few seconds, Athena broke the silence. "Daughter, do you know that he was going to propose to you? And that the quest that he went on was to prove himself worthy for you?"

Annabeth was shocked. She never knew this. 'Of course not, since you didn't give him the chance to talk cause you were too busy yelling at him.' she thought bitterly.

"Why did you do it?"

"I really don't know! It's like somebody was possessing me to do it." Silence again.

"So I guess that explains why he isn't here, right? Has anyone seen him lately? How about you Poseidon? Did you by any chance have seen him?" Athena asked.

They looked at him and saw that he looked guilty about something. "What's wrong?"

"Well..., the truth is.. I kind of disowned him. But it's like what happened with the daughter of Athena. It's like somebody also was possessing me to do it," he responded.

"How is it possible to even possess a god, let alone one of the Big Three? He or she must be very powerful to do that and succeed," Athena analyzed the situation thoughtfully. You could practically see gears turning in her head.

Zeus spoke up, "We need to find that person who has been controlling some of us. He may be a threat to Olympus." Annabeth was surprised. The others were so silent that she forgot they were still there too.

Reyna agreed. "It could have been a titan."

"Or primordial," Jason added.

"But it couldn't have been Kronos or Gaea since they were just defeated recently." Hazel said.

"Let's just keep our guard up and see what happens," Poseidon suggested.

They agreed with that.

"Now that that is over, let's talk about why all if you were summoned here. We gods have decided to grant you immortality, because without you, we never would have defeated Gaea," Zeus said uncomfortably, as if he was trying to swallow shield.

Poseidon and Hades, who was also present at the meeting, were snickering silently at their little brother's expression.

Zeus ignored them and continued, "For the seven, they will receive godhood. And for the others, they will receive full immortality. Do you accept?"

The demigods were shocked at this and looked at each other before coming to a decision. "We accept," they said in unison.

And together, the gods raised their hands and blasted them with pure energy, though more powerful ones for the seven.

The last thing Annabeth felt was pain before she passed out.


Everyday he trained his new powers. He trained and trained until his body would ache and hurt like Hades. But after a few weeks, he slowly got used to the pain. And after a few months, he had finally mastered his earthen powers. Not that he didn't had them before but now it was as strong as his water powers.

The day after, as he was eating his breakfast, Gaea had told him, "You're a fast learner, much faster than any other demigods that I have ever seen." When she had complimented him, he almost choked on his food in surprise. You would have thought what's so surprising about that? Well, in his defense, the gods and other immortals were never usually the ones to be easily impressed. So it was kind of normal for his reaction to be like that. At least, for him it is. But apparently, his adopted mom didn't think so. In fact, she looked pretty amused at his reaction to what she had just said.

"Really?" he said, complete shock written on his face.

"Yes, it's true," she smiled and nodded her head, amusement still shining in her eyes.

"Um.., well, then thanks I guess," he said before finishing his food.

"Okay, you have now completed the first part of your training which is mastering your earth powers. Now we will move on to your physical training which will train to make you stronger and quicker than before. For this training, we will have to go above ground. Let's go!" She told him. As soon as she finished talking, she snapped her fingers and together, they disappeared from Percy's bedroom. After a few seconds, they reappeared somewhere. Percy squinted his eyes as the sun burned them a little. After blinking rapidly for a few seconds, his eyes had fully adjusted to the sunlight.

"Where are we?" he asked, observing his surroundings.

"We are in a forest in Florida," she answered.

"In a forest? But won't Artemis sense us here since forests belong under her domain?" he questioned her, sounding worried at the thought of being caught by the man-hating goddess.

Though he slightly relaxed when Gaea told him that she had put up a barrier around this area so that Artemis can't detect us. Nor will the other gods and goddess.

Percy asked, "But what would happen when some God or mortal is coming this way?"

"They would have a feeling to go the other way without them noticing what was happening."

"Oh" was all he could say.

Then he asked, "What are we doing here anyways?"

She didn't answer. Instead, she snapped her fingers and some kind of training camp appeared out of nowhere.

He yelped in surprise and stumbled back. He looked at his mother and saw that she was trying to not laugh at him as his face reddened.

"Let's start. First, run around the whole area until you drop to the ground," she ordered him.

"Wha-" he was saying, completely taken off guard at the sudden command she had just given to him.

"I said GO!"

And with that, he started running, counting how many laps he had ran. But as he was running his 4th lap, he was beginning to tire. On his 6th lap, he was already breathless, considering that the area was large and wide. He started to slow down to walking when Gaea told him to run faster. But as he was running his 8th lap, he couldn't take it anymore so he collapsed, breathing very hard and feeling lightheaded from running that far.

"Okay, you rest for a while," she announced.

As soon as he heard what Gaea said, he breathed a sigh of relief because he thought she was going to make him continue. He heard her chuckling but he really didn't care.

He laid there for hours. He didn't notice that it was already noon, nor does he care.

He wanted to lie on the ground forever but Gaea had other plans.

"Stand up"

"But I don't want to yet. I'm tired," he whined, making Gaea shake her head and pinch him, hard.

He suddenly shot up from the pain. "Oww! What the Hades was that for?" he exclaimed.

"Well, I told you to get up but you won't so I had to make you get up the hard way. Besides, it's already noon!" she exclaimed.

"Let's eat lunch first."

"Fine!" She said, knowing she could his stubborn mind.

She snapped her fingers and food appeared in front of them. They sat down and dug in. When they were full, she snapped her fingers again and made the food disappear.

"Okay, now that we finished, let's get down to business. So obviously, you need to have more stamina. We will need to work out on that," she observed as she gave him some ambrosia, the food of the gods. He took it gratefully, and then he ate them all and since he is now immortal, he didn't have to worry about burning up. Once he finished, he felt his strength return.

"Now onto the next test," she said.

"What!? Test?! What do you mean a test?" he yelled, glaring at her.

The glare didn't seem to fazed her as she explained. "It is a test. A test to know your physical capabilities. There are still many tests for you to take so that I may know the extent of your other capabilities."

He huffed, "Fine, what's next?"

She answered,"Next test is for strength. You will lift these two small barbells. When you carry them, try to lift them up with your forearms. Each time you do that, it will become heavier. Tell me once you cannot lift them anymore and we'll see how much weight you can carry."

He lifted them up and down using his forearms as if he was exercising. After about 5 or 6 lifts, he couldn't lift his forearms anymore. "Ugh, I can't lift it anymore, Mother," he declared, putting the barbells down. His arms felt really sore.

She sighed and gave him another piece of ambrosia. "You lifted about 32 kg. Well, you have a lot of strength, though not as much as the strength that children of Ares or Mars have,"she complimented.

He felt his face turn red. "Thank you for the compliment."

"You can rest for about an hour, okay?" She gently said to him.

"Yes!" he cheered.

"But" There's always have to be a but. "You have to stay here in this area. We don't want you to get caught now, do we?"

He gulped. "Of course not."

And to Gaea's relief, he obeyed her. She didn't want let him get caught so soon.

After resting, they moved on to the next test, which is speed.

"Run this 250 m track and I'll record your speed," she said.

Percy nodded to show that he understood.

"Okay, ready, get set, GO!" He ran as soon she said the signal. When he finished, he looked at her for the time. "It's about 11 seconds. That's fast enough."

He looked at her incredulously, "What do you mean 'That's fast enough'?"

"I meant that somebody could run faster than you."

Percy deadpanned at this and was about to say something but she announced, "I think that's all for today we'll continue tomorrow. From what I observed today, you should practice more on your stamina or endurance."

He nodded.

She clapped her hands once and the training grounds disappeared. And then they teleported out of there and back to Percy's room. He sighed as he plopped on his bed.

'Good night' he heard his mother say.

He smiled and responded the same thing. Then he fell asleep.