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Summary: Audrey is a spirit, and has been for 250 years. What spirit is she? The Spirit of Truth and Lies. She remembers her past life, but some of it is kinda hazy because of how she died. Soon after she became a spirit, she met Jack Frost. But, just after they became best friends, and even a little more than that, she disappears. Jack is left alone again, searching for her. Audrey is taken hostage by Pitch, and soon, after being tortured and beaten for many years, he convinces her to join him, by threatening the one thing she cares about: Jack. After Jack becomes a Guardian, Pitch is defeated. But, Pitch won't be gone for long, because he has a backup plan. His new weapon, Audrey, will help him rise again. Is it really her, or is she being controlled? Jack is mortified, seeing Audrey this way. Boiling with rage, Jack makes a plan with the other Guardians to free Audrey and defeat Pitch Black once and for all. But, will it work? Will Jack finally get his best friend back, and tell her how he feels? While this story continues, just remember: The past cannot be rewritten, but the future has not been written yet.

Where Is Truth When You Need Her?

Join Me.

Her arms where pulled up at an awkward angle, being chained up to the roof of the large cage she resided in. She had spent most of her time as a spirit here, she had gotten way too used to the dark for her liking. She had no strength anymore, for she was bleeding everywhere. The crimson liquid stained her tattered clothes and her skin. Bruises and cuts covered her once clear and flawless porcelain skin. Her once bright silvery-blue eyes were now lifeless and full of fear. The raven-colored hair that used to shine so beautifully was now tangled and matted with blood.

It took all of her strength to lift her head when she heard all too familiar footsteps headed her way. Her captor, Pitch Black, sent a golden-eyed glare her way as he walked into the room she was being held in. He opened the door to her cage, holding the whip she was all too familiar with. "You know.." The grey-skinned man started, "The offer still stands. You could join me, and you'll never feel pain again." He said, his face suddenly close to hers. Way too close for comfort.. She thought tiredly.

"I'll never join you Pitch!" She said, with all the strength she could muster up. She glared at him, some of the light returning to her eyes. But that light was short-lived, Pitch smacked her and the fear returned.

"Never? Not even if.. by joining me, you could save Jack?" He said, smirking. He won this fight, he knew it. Her eyes widened.

"J-jack?" She whispered, her voice cracking a bit. "S-save him? What do you mean?" She asked, terrified for her only friend. Pitch faked a worrying look,

"Yes, I'm afraid that he's in grave danger.. and it's all because of you. It's your fault that he's in such danger, and it's you who can save him from that. But you hardly have the strength for it if you stay as you are. You need power!" He said, conviction rising in his voice as he continued on, "And, if you join me, you can get that power in a short time." He smirked, knowing he won this time. There was no way she'd deny him. And.. he was right.

She hung her head, contemplating the choice she had. From what Pitch told her, she could either join him and he would give her the strength to protect Jack from this danger she was told about, or she could refuse his offer and he would continue to abuse her and probably try to kill Jack. She sighed, seeing as she had no choice. She had a bit of a plan, but she'll have to make some big changes with this turn of events. She looks up at Pitch slowly, glaring. "Fine.. I'll accept.. but only on one condition." She said harshly.

He looked at her, raising a questioning brow. "Go on.." She glared daggers at him.

"No controlling. Don't use any of your sand on me. I'm joining you of my own free will, and I can very well leave you of my own free will. Got it?" She asks, her voice completely serious. Pitch glares a little, angry that he has to agree for his own plan to work.

"Fine. You have a deal." He growls, obviously angry. She smirks victoriously. My plan has to work now. I will be free, and I will see Jack again. She thinks.

With this thought, she let sleep take over.

The moon.. that's the first thing she saw when she woke up in that alleyway. The moon told her her name, and what spirit she was. Her name, is Audrey Lee. She is the Spirit of Truth and Lies. That's what the moon told her, and that all he ever told her. She stood up and walked around the town, trying to talk to someone, anyone, but no one would answer her. She just wanted to know where she was, but everyone ignored her. It wasn't long until she found out why. It wasn't until someone walked right through her that she realized no one could see her.

It was honestly, the worst pain she had ever felt. It felt like someone put a bullet through her chest.

It took her a few minutes to recover from that, and when she did, she ran off into the woods, to hide herself from anyone. Maybe that would get rid of at least some of the pain of being alone.

Marking another line on her favorite tree, this marked the 8th year since she woke up. Since then, she had found out she had powers. She could fly, using the wind, and she could use the air to her bidding. And another thing: She could make someone tell the truth, and she could make someone believe any lie. Simply by looking at them, or touching them.

She didn't go beyond her tree most of the time though. She avoided others, simply because she didn't remember how to have a simple conversation. She hasn't talked to anyone since before she woke up, and so far she hadn't remembered much about her past except where she lived and how she died.

This day, though, couldn't be any more different. It started out the usual, she simply flew around her tree, singing one of her favorite songs. It was a beautiful song, and she sings every word with all her heart.

"I don't mind if you've got something nice to say about me~" She sang, her voice like an angel's. "I enjoy an accolade like the rest~"

Little did she know, a certain winter spirit who happened to be flying around heard her, and flew down towards her, hiding a ways away.

"You can take my picture and hang it in a gallery, of all the who's who's, and so 'n' so's, who used to be the best, at such and such," She landed on a branch a smiled, "It wouldn't matter, much~" She twirled around a time or two, but almost fell when a sudden gust of cold wind came her way. She hid behind her tree, peeking around. "Wh-who's there?!" She calls out, a bit afraid. Like mentioned before, she didn't really talk to anyone.

Then, out walked the lone winter spirit, with the ice blue eyes and mop of white hair. With his hands up, he said, "Hey, I'm not gonna hurt you. But, I will say, you've got an amazing voice." He smiled.

She blushed, slowly coming out from behind her tree. "H-how long were you standing there?" She asked quietly, trying her best not to stare.

He shows off a lopsided grin, "Only long enough to hear you singing that song. By the way, I haven't seen you around before. Are you new? What's your name?" He asked, floating over to her. She took a subconscious step back, swallowing a little.

"M-my name's Audrey... Audrey Lee. I-I've only been a spirit for 8 years.." She stammered, not used to anyone seeing her, let alone talking to her. The white-haired boy smiled,

"Ah, so you are a newbie!" He grinned. "I'm Jack Frost, the winter spirit. I've been around about a hundred years. What kind of spirit are you?" He asks, seeming a bit eager.

"Th-the moon told me I'm the spirit of Truth and Lies.." She said meekly.

"Truth and Lies? Hm.. well, do you have any powers?" He asks, and she simply nod in response. She holds her hand out in front of her and forms a tight ball of air (A/N: It would be like a Rasengan from Naruto, da?) and launched it at a tree, leaving a huge crater in the tree.

"I can control the air.." She said softly as she looked at Jack, seeing his mouth agape and his eyes wide. He's shocked..? She asked in her head.

"...That was awesome! Do you have any other powers?" He asks, grinning. She giggles a little, nodding shyly.

"Yeah, I do. I can tell when someone is lying and when someone is telling the truth. I can make someone believe any lie, and I can make someone tell the truth. All it takes it a touch." She smiles. He, again, looks slightly shocked. He grins,

"That's pretty cool. But can you prove it?" He asks challengingly. She smiles and nods.

"First, I'll ask you a question, and you have to lie about it. Okay?" She asks, and he nods. "So, what did you think when you heard me singing?" She asks.

"I thought you sounded like a guy." He lies, like she told him to do. She then touches his shoulder.

"Truth." She says, and suddenly Jack blinks a few times.

"I-I mean you sounded really pretty, and I wanted to talk to you." He blushes, placing a hand over his mouth. "H-hey!" He shouts. She smirks,

"Hey, you wanted me to prove it, so I did." She laughed a bit. Jack eventually started laughing with her.

It wasn't long until they where flying around to different places, hanging out every day. They had a lot of fun in the days they spent together.

2 years later...

Jack flew through the sky, diving down into the forest. "Hey, Audrey!" He shouts with a grin, flying to the tree where she usually resided. Except, something wasn't right. It wasn't right at all. A terrible feeling churned up in Jack's stomach, as he slowly floated to the ground. It looked like the area was mauled by something big. Some trees where knocked down, scratches and torn up. There was no sign of Audrey anywhere. He grew more worried by the second, frantically searching. "Audrey! Audrey?! Where are you?!" He yells, flying around. He launches up into the sky to get a better view of the area.

He searched. For hours and hours, days upon days. He didn't know where she had gone, or if she was okay. He could only hope.

When she woke up, she was enveloped in darkness. It took a long while for her eyes to adjust. She tried to move, but the black sand of the chains holding her up had drained her strength and powers.

She lifted her head with the little strength she had. A tall, grey-skinned man appeared from the shadows. His black hair slicked back, and his golden-eyes practically glowing. Honestly, the guy looked creepy. "So, dear, Audrey Lee, I don't believe we have officially met." He said with a weird British accent. "The name's Pitch Black, though you probably know me by the name The Boogeyman." He smirked at her.

Her eyes went wide, she was definitely afraid. More like terrified. "H-how do you know my name?" She asked quietly. He chuckles,

"Silly girl, I know everyone. I also know your fear.." He said, his face suddenly close to hers. "I know your biggest fear, the one that makes you cower and cry for help." He chuckles darkly.

"Wh-what do you want with me?!" She suddenly shouted, still terrified. Pitch stiffened and stood straight.

"I want your power, my dear. You're strong, and your power is what I need for the goal I'm working towards. I want revenge. So, I'm going to ask you, will you join me?" He asked, one hand grasping her chin so she was forced to look at him. She used this to her advantage.

"No. I will never join you. And don't think of taking over my mind either, if you do you won't be able to use my power." She said, that last sentence being a lie. She used a bit of her energy to make him believe her. She was successful, for he growled in defeat and backed away from her.

"Fine. I'll just have to use another way to convince you." He made a whip from black sand. He whipped her, over and over until the blood poured from the cuts that resulted.

But not once did she scream. No, she would never give him the satisfaction of hearing her scream in pain and fear.

She opened her eyes, finding the chains gone. She was no longer in the cage, but instead a bedroom of sorts. It looked a bit too girly for it to be Pitch's, so she assumed it was made for her. It looked nice enough, with a comfortable bed, a vanity, and a dresser. There was even a walk-in closet. Where he got all of this, she had no idea. But hey, if this was where he wanted her to stay while she was joined with him, she didn't mind. It was a hell of a lot better than that bloody cage.

She wandered to a mysterious door, and opened it to find a bathroom. Well, it was nice, she'd give it that. But she hadn't showered since she became a spirit. She never really got dirty or sick or anything, so she didn't really need to shower. But she really needed to wash the blood off of her skin and out of her hair, so she decided to take a shower. She found a towel hanging on a rack, and she closed the bathroom door, locking it. She made sure all possible light where on so Pitch couldn't materialize in a shadow while she was showering.

She undressed herself and got in the shower, turning on the hot water. She stood in the downpour as the dried blood washed off and found it's way to the drain. She used some body wash and shampoo to get some of the more stubborn stains out of her skin. She stood in the steaming hot water for a long time, feeling her strength return to her. Now, for the next part of my plan. I will wait for a while, I need Pitch to think he can completely trust me. Then, I leave on a 'mission to kill Jack', or so Pitch will think. Then, I rejoin with Jack, and together we beat Pitch. He's not the only one who wants revenge. I want my own revenge, on him. She sneered, quietly laughing. "Perfect."

She got out of the shower, after who knows how long. She got dressed in an outfit she found in her new dresser. A school-girl skirt with a black button up shirt. She also wore a purple zip-up hoodie. No shoes, of course, she preferred going barefoot. It was more comfortable that way. She put her hair up in a high ponytail, it looked a lot better now that her raven hair wasn't matted with dry blood.

She walked out of the bathroom and back into her bedroom. Once she walked into her room, Pitch appeared. "I see you've woken up. It's time to start your training. I've been defeated, but I will make my comeback soon, and this time I will succeed!" He said, a malicious smile on his face. Audrey tilted her head, slightly confused. She shrugged it off.

"Okay, what is my training? Are you going to teach me a technique? Or a new power? What is it?" She asked, feigning eagerness. Pitch grinned,

"Excited, huh? Come on, I'm going to teach you a new way to use that air of yours. You can already use it like that ball, but what if you could use it to trap someone?" He asked, smirking. She smiled,

"Sounds cool!" She said, faking another smile. So far, her plan was going perfectly.

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