Hi everyone, this is my second fict and I hope you like it. I'm trying to write a good story that can like to everyone and I will do anything to improve the story also with your help.. I have to thank Joseannethibo for helping me with my grammar mistakes (I'm italian)..so have a good read :)

I'm Santana Lopez, I'm 25 and I live in New York, I have my own magazine 'L.S magz'. We write about everything and it goes very well. It is one of the most popular magazines here. I have a boyfriend, Puck, we live together in my house. Yes I said "my" 'cause it's my house and I don't feel like it's "our house". We met in college, during second year. He's a sweet guy, but I don't know if he's THE guy. My parents live in Los Angeles, my dad is a doctor and my mom is lawyer. I love my parents but they are so demanding sometimes! Oh I almost forgot, I'm the perfect daughter/girl, yep! My parents are so happy for me. I have a perfect house, a perfect boyfriend, as if they really know him, a perfect job, a perfect life, but I don't feel like this. I'm good with all those things, but I'm not happy. With Puck it's always been ok, but we fight often and sometimes I ask myself why I am with him. Rachel (my best friend) told me that we should break up 'cause our relationship is so boring, all we do is work and go home. Yes my life is boring, after high school, I went straight to New York for college. I worked so much to graduate with praise, then I created my magazine and my social life has been fucked up ever since, not that it was something interesting! Now I'm in my office.

"Miss Lopez?" My assistant calls me.
"Miss Berry is here"
"Let her in" she leaves and Rachel enters.
"Morning is beautiful" she says singing.
"Hi Rach, why are you so happy?"
"'Cause we are going to get out of here and celebrate my new show in Broadway!"
"You got it?! I'm so happy for you" I stand up and hug her.
"Yes, now move your big ass and come with me"
"My ass isn't big! It's wonderful"
"And you should have someone that would touch it every day!"
"Rachel, please don't start" We go to the bar.
"Come on San, have you thought about what we talked last time?" She asks.
"Santana, don't lie"
"Not much... I'm too busy to think about it" I say.
"But it's your life and your relationship"
"Remember me, why should I break up with him?"
"Cause you are 24, you are a wonderful girl, you are..."
"Get the point Rachel"
"You didn't do anything, you didn't have fun, When was the last time he brought on a date? Three years ago?! San why are you still with him? I know he is a good guy, he treats you good and everything but are you happy?" I hate it when she makes me think.
"But I'm ok with this, my life is good, I have all I want"
"Really? Do you have happiness?"
"Rachel please"
"Answer me"
"No, I'm not happy"
"Can you please think about it? But seriously San, then I leave you alone with Puck"
"I will"

We drank champagne at the bar. She left me after some minutes, when I came back to my office I started thinking. I know she was right, but how can I break up with him? I wouldn't know what to say to him and my parents would be so disappoint of me 'cause my life wouldn't be perfect anymore without a boyfriend. It's all so easy now that I have everything and that everyone thinks that I'm perfect. After work I went out shopping and then I went home.

"Puck? I'm home"
"Hi" he says. He is sitting on the couch watching TV.
"What did you do today?"
"I worked" he has a gym.
"Do you want to go out after dinner?"
"No, I'm tired"
"We are always at home"
"We never go out" I say.
"San come on I'm tired, I don't wanna go out"

Well I tried, when he has to go out with his friends he isn't tired, good now I'm frustrated. After dinner he returned on the couch. I'm sitting on the armchair, my sight focussing on the window. I feel so empty.

"I'm going out" I say standing up.
"Cause I want to go out"
"With who?" He asks.
"You can't go out alone"
"And why?"
"Because, no "
"Well you don't want to come with me so..."
"Ok, goodnight then" he says and he goes in the bedroom.

I go out. I park my car near a huge disco/pub. I walk there and it's full of people, the bouncers see me and call me. Yeah a lot of people know me, not everyone, but all the bouncers have to know famous people like actors, singers etc. and people like me famous for magazines, entrepreneurs etc... Anyway, he let me enter and I go to the bar, this place is really nice, where the hell is the barman?! I saw a blonde girl and I try to call her.

"HEY? .. HEY?" I shout to her, she turns to me "a long Island"
"Oh I'm not the barman"
"Why are you there then?" I ask.
"Who are you? A cop?!" I roll my eyes and turn to go away and find a barman "Wait, a long island?"
"You can't do it, I'm not accepting a drink from a stranger that shouldn't be there"
"I'm the owner, this place is mine"
"Oh... A long island then" I say and she smiles.
"Here you go" she gives me my drink and the barman returns. After 15 minutes that girl comes toward me with two drinks. "Hi"
"This is for you" she gives me one of the two drinks.
"I didn't order it"
"I know, I'm offering it to you"
"Oh thanks, you didn't have to" I say.
"I wanted too... So, what's your name? May I ask?"
"I'm Santana" My hand meet hers and we shake them.
"Brittany... So what are you doing here alone?"
"With whom should I be?" I ask.
"I don't know, partner or friends?"
"I'm alone"
"I see" she says as girl comes to her.
"Hi gorgeous" the girl says.
"Umh hi" she says.
"Can I buy you a drink?"
"No I'm fine thanks"
"Come on"
"Sorry but I'm talking with her" she says and the girl leaves.
"You are pretty famous" I say.
"A little, so you where telling me why you are here alone"
"I wasn't telling you about that"
"You are now" she smiles.
"I'm stressed, my work wants my full attention"
"What do you do?"
"I own the L.S magz"
"Oh wow, I read that magazine, you are doing a good job" she says.
"Thank you"
"Do you wanna dance?"
"I don't think it'd be a good idea"
"Come with me" She takes my hand and we go to the dance floor "Now you have to relax" We start to move and dance. I didn't even notice what she was wearing, really tight white jean, black heels and a red t-shirt. We danced close enough to touch a little. After a few songs, we start to get closer and her hands are on my waist, she looks at me.
"What?" I ask.
"You are beautiful" I blush, she leans in and kiss my lips, she kisses me gently, her lips take mine, she pulls back slowly. It was a short kiss, but it gave me butterflies and all disappeared, my hands take her neck making her lean in again toward me and we kiss, her tongue against my lips almost makes me moan. I open my mouth and we make out. After a few minutes a girl comes to us.
"Hey" she says, she looks a little drunk.
"What can I do for you?" Brittany says.
"Oh it's easy, you can put your little friend down there inside me, that would help me a lot" she smirks and I'm confused. Brittany closes her eyes for a few seconds.
"Go away before I kick you out of my pub" The girl leaves and she slowly turns to me.
"What was she talking about?" I ask.
"Can we go somewhere private?"
"Ok" We go upstairs "Where are we?"
"I live up here"
"It's a beautiful place" I say.
"Thank you, do you want something to drink?"
"No I'm good thanks"
"Ok, you can sit on the couch" she says and I sit.
"So that girl?"
"Well... I'm, how can I tell you... I have..." I interrupt her.
"Do you really have a penis?" Her eyes widen.
"Umh... Yes, now if you want to go away I can walk you out"
"Do you want me to go?" I ask
"No, it's just that, there are two types of people. The ones who know and want me only 'cause I have it and the ones who don't know and when find out run away"
"Oh, I'm sorry"
"It's not your fault" she says looking down to the ground.
"I won't run away"
"Thank you, do you want to watch a movie?"
"Maybe I should go home, I have to work tomorrow "
"Yeah, I walk you to the door" We stand up and go to the door.
"So... it was nice to meet you"
"Yeah it was"
"Ok, goodnight Santana" She kisses my cheek.
"Goodnight Brittany" I turn and start to walk.
"Sant..." She didn't even get to finish saying my name.
"Yeah?" I turn and she's looking at me. She runs to me and kisses me, she's kissing me, our mouths fit perfectly together, my body presses against hers, her hands gently stroke my back, her hands are so soft that I feel like I'm in heaven. Our kiss become more passionate, my hands around her neck, she smiles in the kiss and she brings her hands on my ass, she cups it then she takes my thighs and pulls me up. My back is against the wall, I put my legs around her waists. We continue kissing and then she moves and brings me in the house. She closes the door and she walks toward the bed.

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