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Santana POV

My parents are going to stress me to death, well my mom is, my dad doesn't do anything. I thought we were finally ok with it all, but she is pressing about marriage and Brittany gets insecure and I don't like it.

"Jess!" I shout.

"Yeah?" She enters in my office.

"Do you wanna get married?"


"It's not a hard question, do you wanna get marry?"

"Not with you right?" Are you kidding me?!


"Well, maybe one day"

"Do you think that a girl should get married? Is it something wrong with couple that are not married?"

"I know a lot of couple that are not married and they are really happy, marriage is a beautiful thing but it's not everything"

"Thank you Jess you can go now" I say and she leaves.

Marriage is not everything, fuck I know. Brittany is my everything and we are not married, we have a wonderful son and we are not married we live together as a family and we are not married! Why the hell am I still thinking about it? I need to call Brittany. I was taking my phone when she knocked at my door.

"What are you doing here?" I ask.

"Jess called me"


"She works for you since the beginning, she knows you, so.. Do you wanna talk?"

"I don't know" I say and she sits next to me.

"San if you wanna get married we can do it, I'll do everything for you" my eyes start to water.

"I love you so much" she takes me and she makes me sit on her, my head on her shoulder.

"What's wrong baby?"

"I thought I was good now, instead I always have to answer to my mother, it's ridiculous" she starts caressing my hair.

"You faced your mother San, so she is ok, well she is not, but she isn't going to stress us again about it so.. I think that you have a few questions in your head about marriage, do you wanna tell me what's going on in this pretty head of yours?"

"I don't know Britt, are we, less of a couple than a married couple? I mean do we need to get married to be a real family or a real couple or.. I don't know" I say confused.

"Listen to me now" she moves her hear and we look at each other "I don't need to get married to know that you are the love of my life, or that we are an amazing family, that we love Ethan or that are we're going to end our lives together, I don't need it, 'cause you and me are perfect and I'm perfect now that I'm with you, that I have our family ok?" I nod " but if you need it, if you need to get married I'll marry you. I will buy you an amazing ring, I will propose to you and I will marry you, if you need this to be happy I'll do it, fuck I will do everything to make you happy" Oh my god she's amazing and she's mine, I kiss her, I kiss her passionately.

"I love you" I smile against her lips "You are my everything Britt, you did make me happy, you still do. You are right, I don't need to get married, I'm not that kind of girl, maybe if our story went different, you know in a normal way like every relationship starts, maybe I would like to get married, but now I don't see why, I don't need it, I have all I want. I have a son that I love with all my heart and I have you, you are the love of my life Brittany, you make me happy every day, you don't even know but you do" I kiss her again.

"Do you feel better now?" She asks.

"You always make me feel better, you should come to my office more often"

"I'm always here!" She pecks my lips "Come on we have to go home"

When we arrive home nobody is here, my parents are out with Ethan. Brittany cooks something and then we go in the living room to watch TV, but it doesn't last long, I sit on her lap and I start to kiss her.

"It's weird"

"What babe?" She asks.

"The house is silent"

"Usually Ethan is around playing something" we start to make out when we hear the door open.

"Mommy" Ethan shouts, I sit on the couch with my legs on Brittany.

"We are on the couch baby" I say, he runs to us sitting on my legs, Brittany kisses him.

"What did you do with your grandparents?" Brittany asks.

"We were at the park"

"Did you enjoy it?" I ask.

"Yes, grandma bought me ice cream and grandpa bought me this hat"

"What a beautiful hat!" Brittany says "did you say thank you?"

"Yes mommy"

"Good boy, now what do you have to do?" I ask.

"What mommy?"

"Now you have to wash you little hands and your pretty face"

"Ok" he runs to the bathroom.

"What did you do today?" My dad asks.

"I worked" Brittany says.

"Me too"

"Are you ok Santana?" He asks.

"Yes dad, why do you ask?"

"I don't know, the other day we argued about the marriage thing, you are so silent"

"I'm good"

"Obviously you are good" says my mother sarcastically.

"You know what? Yes I'm not so good lately because of you, I was happy you know? I thought that finally I found it I'm the happiest person in the world because of Brittany and Ethan. Her family is my family, her parents are happy for us, they love Ethan so much and they love me like a daughter, so I'm happy But then I think about you, my family that can't support us because of Brittany, because she's a woman or because I didn't do what you want, but you know what? I shouldn't care, because I'm happy, I have all I want, so hear me well. If you don't want to support us or our choices, be free to get out, I don't wanna be sad cause of you anymore, was I clear?"

"I don't know what to say" my mother says.

"Good, it would be the first time" I stand up and I go to Ethan, but I can hear Brittany speak.

"You know I wouldn't dare be rude with you, but I don't like seeing her like this, so please, can you try to like me? Like us? Support our choices? But most of all, can you be happy for her? You should see her with my parents, she loves them 'cause she feels loved by them, please don't do this for me, do it for her, it's really important for her.. If you can't maybe you shouldn't come here so often.. I'm tired, I'm tired to see her so sad, to see her cry sometimes because she feels like a failure. She's an amazing woman, she deserves everything in the world I'm trying to give her everything and we are happy. She's happy and I won't stay here doing nothing while you throw her down. I hope you will change your mind about us" My girlfriend is amazing! She joins me in the bathroom.

"Hey, Ethan thought that was ok to wash his shoes in the bath" I say.

"They are clean mommy"

"But they are all wet now" Brittany says.

"But they are clean" he repeats.

"He's like you"

"I know" I say.

"Santana can you come here?" My mother says from the kitchen.

"Go, I'm going to change Ethan" Brittany says.

"Thank you" I peck her lips and she goes upstairs with Ethan.

"Santana I'm sorry" she stars.

"Oh god" I whisper and I sit.

"I'm sorry if I made you feel so bad, it makes my heart break hearing you say that you feel more loved by Brittany's family than yours, it's all my fault. I tried to accept all of this and I really accept Brittany, you know that when I start to get upset I start saying stupid things. Anyway I don't want to come here less often, I want to come here and see you, see Brittany and see my grandson. So I'm sorry, you know how much I want to see you married, but I think you are right. You have everything you can desire, without a ring, so who am I to tell you otherwise? I won't talk about marriage never again, I swear, it's your life, I'm sorry" I'm crying.

"Thank you mom it means a lot" I stand up and I hug her "Before we close this topic, you have to do something"

"Tell me honey" she says kissing my head.

"I want you to apologize to Brittany"

"Ok, can you call her?" I go upstairs and I tell Brittany to go to my mom and I join her with Ethan in my arms.

"Umh, mayb.." She was starting, but my mom interrupts her.

"You don't have to say anything, I'm sorry if I didn't accept you immediately. I'm sorry if I pressed you to do something you don't want to do. I'm sorry for saying those things to you the other night. Santana deserves to have someone like you next to her"

"Thank you Meryl, I accept your apologies" she hugs my mom.

"One last thing, Puck never stood up for my baby, you are an amazing girl Brittany"

"I think so too" I kiss her.

"Mommy, hungry" Ethan says.

"Ok I'm going to make lunch" My mother says and we all go to the kitchen to have a family lunch.

A few months later.

It's Brittany's birthday and I wanna surprise her so I'm going to cook for her and it doesn't happen often. She usually cooks for us, but today it's her birthday. Right now she's at work, she works all day today and I have a few things to do, like go take her birthday present at the shop.

"Ethan come downstairs" I shout.

"Mommy I found the present"

"Yes honey? What is it?"

"It's a surprise" he says, god he's so beautiful.

"But it's mommy's birthday not mine"

"Fine but you can't tell her anything"

"I won't, baby"

"I wanna give her this" he shows me one of his picture, he draw us at the park while we are playing football, it's beautiful.

"Oh baby did you draw it all by yourself?"

"Yes mommy"

"It's the best present ever" I kiss him "we only have to buy a frame"

"Can I choose it?"

"Yes baby it's you present to her"

We go out and he chose a colored frame, then we pick my present and we come back home. While Ethan is dressing himself I place everything on the table, it looks like a Christmas dinner. I hate to cook but for her I would cook every day. She comes back home and I jump on her, kissing her everywhere.

"You are finally home" I kiss her.

"I missed you so much today" she kisses me back.

"Happy birthday baby"

"Thank you honey" we keep kissing when Ethan arrives.

"Mommy get down I want mommy" I jump off her and she takes Ethan who hugs her really tight "I love you mommy happy birthday"

"I love you too baby boy" she kisses him all over his face and he laughs hard.

"Ok stop you two" I say.

"Oh mommy is jealous!" Brittany jokes.

"Mommy I love you too" he says like Brittany was talking seriously.

"I love you too Ethan, what do you think if we bring mommy in the kitchen?"

"Yes mommy, we have to go there" he says to her.

"Yeah? Why?"

"Mommy cooked all day"

"Mommy cooked?!" Brittany asks incredulous.

"Yes Brittany, now move your ass!" I kiss her cheek and we go in the kitchen. When she sees all the food she her eyes widen.

"Wow you cooked a lot today.. Thank you"

"You have to eat all" I say.

"It's a lot of food!"

"Yeah but it's delicious" I wink at her and we sit around the table. We eat all the food together, it's really delicious. Brittany loved it and I'm really happy about it. After dinner we all lay on the couch, Ethan is on Brittany knees and he is singing with her. Meanwhile I went into the bathroom and I made the bath ready for Brittany, then I join them "Ethan it's time for bed"

"Already?" He asks sadly.

"Yes it's late, why don't you give your present to mommy?"

"Wait mommy" he says to Brittany and he runs to pick his present. When he comes back Brittany was already smiling.

"What is it baby?"

"Open it mommy" Brittany tears the paper apart and she starts to cry "Why she is crying mommy?" Ethan asks me "Doesn't she like it?" He asks sadly.

"What?" Brittany says "I love it baby, I'm crying because it's so beautiful, I love you so much Ethan" she hugs him tight.

"She liked mommy" he says to me.

"I told you" I take him "Don't move" I say to Brittany and I bring Ethan to his room. After giving him his goodnight kiss I go back to Brittany.

"I didn't move"

"I know" I kiss her "Come with me" I take her hand and we go in the bathroom where a warm bath with bubbles is waiting for Brittany.

"Ohhh, I like it" she says, I start to undress her "Why are you still dressed?"

"It's your bath" she kisses me and she undress me, we tie our hair and we enter in the bath, I sit between her legs.

"It's so comfy" she kisses my shoulder.

"Do you want your present?"

"I thought the dinner was the present, now I also have the bath and you still have a present for me?!"

"Yes" I take the box next to the bath and I give it to her.

"Let me see.. Oh wow, it beautiful, tell me what it is, I wanna hear it from you" She says looking at the bracelet with charms.

"So, this is a cocktail because we met in your pub. This is a umbrella because it was raining and we were under my umbrella when you told me that you knew I was pregnant. This is a fork because that same day you cooked for me and then you faced my mother and I understood how amazing you are. This is a little baby to remember the day when Ethan was born, the day you stayed without me, your hand never leaving mine. I needed you and you were there for me. This is a box for when we decided to live here together. This is a tear 'cause I was crying of happiness when I told you I loved you for the first time. This is a bowling ball for when we went bowling, we had so much fun and when we came back home we made love. Finally, these are two heart interweaved, if you turn them you can read Santana and Ethan, because you have us and we love you" I look at her and she's crying.

"It's so beautiful baby, thank you"

"I have to thank you" and I kiss her "Now less talk and more bath so we can go to bed" After the bath we are ready for bed. We lay down, we are on our sides, facing each other. She caresses my face and I kiss her, she is thinking about something, her eyes talk for her.

"I love you" she says.

"I love you too" she kisses me again.

"I love all the presents you gave to me"

"Yeah?" She nods "Can I tell you something?"

"Tell me honey"

"I'm going to give you another present"

"Really? What is it?"

"I'm not on the pill since three weeks, that means that I can get pregnant again now " She smiles and she starts to cry again and I take her tears away with my fingers.

"I love you so much" I kiss her passionately.

"I love you too" I say against her lips.

"You are the best mom and girlfriend ever"

"Nope, you are.. Let's make a baby"

9 months after that night, Natalie Rachel Pierce-Lopez was born.

Santana found her happiness when she met Brittany.

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