Iskandar, King of Conquerors, and the Problems There-in

"Is that brute going to be with you everywhere?" Ulric asked when Waver arrived to class the next day.

"He has to come with me. Like it or not, Iskandar is my Noble Spirit, and I've managed to re-summon him despite there being no Grail War. Since he needs my mana in order to stay out of astral form (and the women's washroom), he remains with me." Waver replied. "Besides, I dressed him in modern clothes."

There, standing behind Waver, with his arms folded over his front, was Iskandar wearing his white shirt with world emblazoned across his chest and a modest pair of handsomely crafted XXXL pants in comfortable jean material. The only thing that still denoted him as the Rider Class servant, or even a servant of the Grail War at all, were the huge fluffy boots on the man's feet.

AAAHHH!" came a girl's scream from the hallway.

"What is it?" asked another student.

There was sudden explosion from the room, knocking out a section of wall. A grey and black figure stood, it's red eyes glowing.

"No way." said Waver. He swallowed. "It looks like . . . a Berserker." He looked around, spotting the girl that the room belonged to.

Ulric snorted. "Looks like you're not the only one to . . ."

The black figure moved, pointing it's yellow-black spear at Ulric's neck. It glowered and turned it's head towards Waver and Iskandar.

"That's . . . a Lancer class." said Waver. "But something's wrong with it. It's acting under Berserker status."

Iskandar raised an arm, warding off a blow from what appeared, by all aspects, to be a black and grey Sabre class servant. Even more oddly, this one was almost exact to the servant that had fought in the Grail War.

"They're all acting under Berserker status." Waver said, back-stepping to keep from losing his head to an armored Berserker.

"This is not normal." Iskandar stated. He scooped Waver up out of the way of a Berserker Assassin class. "Master, we must do something."

"I agree." Waver replied, trying to keep his perch on the huge man's shoulder. "Do something, Iskandar."

"As you wish!" He raised his hands into the air, and there was a crackling of lightning.

Oh, dear Lord! Waver realized a little late that Iskandar was, and thus was still following, the Rider class-style of fighting. Almost without warning, the two massive oxen and the huge chariot were present in the lecture hall.

"What the fu .!" Ulric was cut short by a Berserker-Sabre class trying to lop his head off.

Waver got down from Iskandar's shoulder as they got into the chariot. "Just please try not to hit too many students." the little ravenette asked. He turned to look where they were going and nearly screamed.

The oxen charged, trampling mostly the bizarre Berserker class warriors, which in turn faded to powder and blowing away with the wind, which was coming through the broken walls of the school. There was the occasional student that didn't get out of the way in time and was knocked away by a sharply turning oxen's hip-check or got run over.

The chariot came to a stop outside of the school, parking itself nicely in the courtyard. Waver leaned over the side and picked a shoe out of the wheel. "Well, that went well." he said.

"Mr. Waver Velvet, have you any idea what you caused?!" yelled Ulric.

Waver was at loss. What had he possibly done this time to inspire his teacher's ire? "I'm not entirely sure."

"With that . . . that . . . brute of yours, you destroyed several rooms and hallways and trampled seventeen students!"

"A brute you say?" Iskandar asked.

Waver placed a hand on Iskandar's arm to silence the man. He looked up at his teacher. "And what were they doing trying to summon Noble Spirits?"

"You have one." a student with their arm in a sling snapped. "I'm a fifth-generation mage, so anything you can do, I can do better."

"Obviously not." said Iskandar, poking the boy's broken arm.

"Rider." Waver said softly.

"The fact remains that you managed to summon a Noble Spirit." said Kayneth, who had been called in on account of his knowledge of both Waver and the Noble Spirits. "And without a relic with which to summon him."

"I needed no relic to call Iskandar this time, and it wasn't even intentional." Waver replied. "It just happened during familiar summoning."

"And just what were you trying to call when you got Iskandar, King of Conquerors and Noble Spirit of the Rider Class?"

"Something better than a rat." Waver replied. "I was trying for a raven or farm animal."

This information threw Ulric into a rage. Not only had Waver, a lowly third-generation mage, managed to call the great Noble Spirit Iskandar, but it had been an accident. He raised his hand towards the boy and shouted a few arcane words at him.

Kayneth looked at Ulric with worry. "What did you just say?" he asked.

"Boy?!" Iskandar shouted.

Kayneth looked over, his fears confirmed.

Waver Velvet had been cast into eternal sleep.