Summoned Heroes

An aspiring mage of the fifth-generation looked again at the weird item that had been placed in her hand. She looked up at the aging woman that had handed it to her. "Are you sure this will work Mrs. Einsbern?"

Illiasveil nodded. "Use that to call your Noble Spirit, Chloe."

Chloe nodded and turned towards the summoning circle. She placed the item near the circle, then went to begin to recite the summons when she paused. Looking back at Illya she asked, "Exactly what class am I trying to call into existence with this?"

Illya giggled. "Just use the general one. He's a rather specific one, so he'll tell you if he comes."

Chloe shrugged and made the summons.

Two figures appeared: one large Grecian male with red hair and armor, and one thin little creature wearing a basic chest-piece and greaves over what appeared to be modern pants and sleeveless shirt. It was the thin one that turned to look at Chloe and held it's hand out for the metal item that had been used for the summons.

"Boy?" asked the large red.

"Girl, are you worthy to be my master?" said the thin being. By it's voice, this spirit was male, but he was . . . short . . . skinny . . . not what Chloe had thought of when she was going to call her Noble Spirit.

"I, Chloe Velvet, wish to compete in the Ninth Holy Grail War."

"And why should I serve you?" the Spirit asked. "What is your ambition in this war?"

"I wish to regain the honor of the Velvet Family."

The Spirit blinked at her. "What has happened to the Velvet Family that you would need the Grail to repair it's honor?"

"My grandfather, Waver Velvet, was a mage of unmatched skill in our family, and participated in the Fourth war. Since then, there haven't been any who could match him born to the family, nor have any been chosen to compete until me. Even just competing will regain us some measure of honor."

The Spirit smiled slightly, spotting Illya standing behind the girl. "You are backed by Einsbern?"

"Yes. I'm the mage selected by the Einsbern Family to compete on their behalf."

The Spirit made motion to the red, who nodded. "I will wait for you in Valhalla, boy." He vanished, and the thin one turned back to Chloe. "My Phantasm, if you will."

"Huh?" Chloe picked up the metal object. "This thing?"

The Spirit nodded. "It's my tooth."

"A tooth? How is that a Noble Phantasm?"

The Spirit slipped the tooth over his right incisor and bit the back of his hand, turning the blood into a thin small pole weapon. He blinked slowly at her, a slight smirk playing over his lips. "I, Waver Velvet of the Lancer Class, will be your Noble Spirit for this, the Ninth Grail War."