Her fascination with Jaeger's started when she was young. Very young. When she was five, to be precise. But back then, they weren't exactly called Jaeger's just yet.

While all the other girls' were busy tinkering with dolls and dress up, little Jasmine was playing with toy cars, picking apart the mechanics to find out how they worked. While they watched Barbie, Jasmine would join her brother's to watch Top Gear on television.

She had been seven when the first kaiju hit San Francisco in 2013. With her brothers and parents, she watched as the attack was broadcasted on television. And she mourned when her brother's left for Jaeger Academy three years later.

Jasmine had been ten.

And at ten, she vowed that she would follow her brother's footsteps, despite her father's protests and her mother's horror. Jasmine was determined. She spent her time sketching Jaeger's, planning out the Jaeger she would eventually pilot, wondering who she would have as her co-pilot.

She had been fifteen when she was finally given a free lease on life. 17th June, 2018. She remembered the date well, no longer needed to return for monthly medications and daily checkups. No longer hooked to machines and making the emergency room her second home. Jasmine had been ecstatic. She could now chase her dreams of following her brothers. She had three years. Surely three years was enough for her to qualify to be part of the Jaeger Academy, right?

It was three years too long.

It only took two years. Two years before she lost her eldest brother to a kaiju in their mission, and then her second brother to pure depression. It tore her family apart. Her mother fell in to depression; her father blamed himself and eventually killed himself. At seventeen, Jasmine had to take care of their mother, purely from the funds her brother would send her as he worked away from everyone he knew, unable to get over the death of the brother had still been connected to as he died.

But she was still determined to get her dream. Jasmine was nothing if not stubborn. At eighteen, she got a family friend to take care of her mother, and made the trip to Shatterdome, to enter the Jaeger Academy.

She was turned down.

But she wasn't going to let that stop her. Jasmine was nothing if not determined. By god, her brother would have attested to that.

When she turned twenty, along with her cousin and future co-pilot, she was accepted in to the Jaeger Academy as a trainee. A year later, she had crafted and designed her personal Jaeger, one she co-piloted with her cousin.

But when she turned twenty-two, Jasmine Becket was faced with bigger problems.