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It was a chilly October morning in Jump City. The leaves had turned, wind was blowing, and various shops were advertising 'Halloween Spectacular Sales!' But as a certain green titan walked the streets, he was not thinking about any of these things. Many did not think that this jade-skinned boy had a brain. All of them were wrong, for he was using his brain very fiercely right now. 'What should I get Raven for her birthday? Maybe I could get her a book. No, I gave her a book last year. And the year before that. And the year before that. Are books the only thing I've gotten her for her birthday?'

s Beast Boy walked the streets of his beloved city, he noticed one shop in particular "Mother Mages Magical Memorabilia?" He said aloud

"well maybe Raven would like something from in there."

As soon as he walked in, the aura around him suddenly changed. The air was musty, it was dark, and everything seemed as if it was a hundred years old. He looked around but nobody was there.

"Hello? Anybody here?"

Nobody answered, the store seemed deserted. He decided to look for a gift for Raven anyway. As he walked he spotted different things. Eye of wart, a book titled 'Hogwarts, A History' nothing seemed right to him though. He was about to leave when something caught his eye. It was a beautiful amethyst necklace. The gem was so deep in color it reminded BeastBoy of Raven's eyes.

'Raven's eyes? I did not just think that. Forget it. Maybe she'll like this necklace? She doesn't really wear jewelry except for her brooch. Maybe if I take the chain off and attach a pin to the back I could make it a brooch. Worth a try.'

He quickly grabbed the necklace as if there were a villain chasing him. When he turned around though, he was startled greatly. What stood in front of him was a very old lady who seemed to be in her hundreds. Her silver grey hair was pulled up into a tight, neat bun. She wore a very old, ankle length brown skirt with a matching top. Her skin was so sunken that Beast Boy swore she was a skeleton. All in all, she seemed like she would break into a thousand pieces at a single touch.

"Hello Beast Boy."

Beastboy looked at her

"How did you know my name?"

"My dear boy, the whole city, if world, knows your name. You're a Teen Titan. A superhero. Now tell me dear, what is it you came here for?"

He looked at her wondering whether or not he could trust her. She seemed…..weird to him.

"I wondered how much this necklace is?"

The old woman smiled at him, eyeing the necklace. Anyone who had enough sense in their mind could tell that she was in deep thought

"That necklace? Could it be for anyone special I wonder?" said the old lady

Putting a hand behind his head as Beast Boy usually does when he is nervous he told the old lady about Raven's birthday and how this would be a perfect gift for her.

"Well young Boy, in that case you can have it for free. Think of it as a gift from me to both of you. Now do you need anything else?"

Beast Boy was surprised. The necklace seemed expensive. He didn't expect the old lady to give it away for free!

"Actually there is something I need. Do you think you could make this into a brooch instead of leaving it a necklace? Raven doesn't wear any jewelry besides her brooch. She says she could lose it to easily."

"I think that can be arranged." She took the necklace and waved her hand over it. The necklace magically changed into a brooch before Beast Boy's eyes.

"Wait! You're magic!"

She stared at him intently for a moment. "Just remember my young friend. Nothing is as it seems."

With that she pushed Beast Boy out the door and locked it.

"Uh, Thanks?"

Beast Boy wasn't exactly sure what happened, but was content all the same. He finally found Raven a birthday gift.