She was standing right in front of me, the woman who wanted to kill me. She had an evil smirk on her face, and a bloodthirsty look in her eyes. I stepped back, and was about to run into the tower, but she started to talk.

"So we finally meet, half demon. I've killed countless others of your kind, but you will be considerably different. I've never encountered anyone of the infamous Trigon's bloodline. I'm quite excited."

"Who are you?!"

"Names are just that-names. We shouldn't need to worry about, considering you will soon be deceased and won't even remember. But I suppose I could tell you. My name is Eliana. Now enough with the talking. I'm getting bored."

She started to run towards me, bringing her fist up into a punch. I wasn't ready for this though, so she got a direct hit into my throat. I couldn't breath and had the urge to throw up. I gasped for breath, which was slowly coming back. I looked up expecting to find Eliana, but she was nowhere. I stood up and got into a battle stance, expecting her to just appear in front of me. What I hadn't counted on though, was to be kicked in the back. I landed on my stomach, but quickly turned around. Eliana was standing right in front of me, smiling evilly.

"Please, why are you trying to kill me? I've never done anything to harm you or your family!"

"I never said you did anything. Personally it's not you, it's the whole demon and half demon race. All you need to know is that something happened to me when I was little that a half demon such as yourself caused. I've spent every day, every hour since then getting my revenge."

With that she stopped talking, and with an even fiercer look in her eyes charged at me. She put hands up and I was surprised to see a faint red glow around them. With the loudest yell I have ever heard, she shot the red power from her hands. I tried to dodge, but it wound up scraping my leg. The pain was terrible. It had felt like nothing I had felt before. It felt as if somebody was taking a knife and repeatedly stabbing my leg. I let out a cry, and tried to stand. I put most of my pressure on my right leg, the one that hadn't been hurt. I needed help badly. Eliana started coming after me again, and fired more of her power at me. It hit me a few more times. I let out scream after scream.

The pain was just too terrible. Even though she had only fired two shots, I felt like I could die. Shakily I pulled out my communicator and was about to call one of the titans. Unfortunately though, Eliana kicked the communicator out of my hand and crushed it.

"Now little birdie, anything left to say before I exterminate you?" I lowered my head, waiting for the final blow,

"Yea, I have three actually. GO TO HELL!"

I looked up and was surprised to see Beast Boy charging at Eliana. He changed into his beast form and started clawing her. She let out a few cries, signaling that Beast Boy had gotten a few hits. Eliana fired her red bolts at Beast Boy, but he dodged them easily. I knew that I should help him. Shakily, I tried to stand up, which made me hurt even more. Every time I moved, the pain got worse. I ignored it though, and quietly chanted my mantra, calming me down. Once I was calmed down some, I tried using my power to bind Eliana's hands.

Another failed attempt. I looked over to where Beast Boy was fighting Eliana. I was surprised to see that Eliana was almost taken down and Beast Boy hadn't been hit once. I could see that Eliana was afraid. Suddenly, she crouched down and covered head.

"Please! Don't kill me! I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry! I swear I won't hurt her again! Please just don't hurt me anymore!"

She began to start crying. Beast Boy changed back into his human form. Eliana looked up at him, a pleading look in her eyes. All of a sudden Beast Boy slapped her in her face.

"Why were you coming after Raven? She didn't do anything to deserve this! She never even met you and you want her dead."

"Please, I'm sorry. I didn't know she was actually good. I thought that just because she was Trigon's daughter, she was evil just like the rest of the demons! I'm sorry!"

Beast Boy looked at her, and then looked to me. He walked over to me and helped me stand. I was still feeling hurt, so I winced when he grabbed me. He Looked back at Eliana.

"If you really meant what you said about not hurting her again, then take this spell or whatever is hurting her off."

"Alright, alright."

Eliana stood up and walked over to me. Her hands started to glow a bright red, not like the dark red which she had used before. She placed her hand on my arm and I could feel the power being drained away. She took her hand off of me and I felt fine again. Beast Boy put his hand on my shoulder.

"Are you okay Raven?"

"I feel fine." I smiled at him with the tiniest of smiles.

Beast Boy walked over to Eliana and placed her hands behind her back, placing handcuffs around her wrists.

"Beast Boy, wait. Instead of arresting her maybe we could work out a compromise."

(6 hours later)

"So how you doin Rae?"

I looked over to Beast Boy. We were both sitting down on the rocks right next to the water's edge. Deciding I would let my so called "Nickname" slide, I replied

"I feel alright. I'm a little tired, but overall relieved that this mess has been resolved."

"Yea. We got two good things today. You won't get hurt by her anymore, and we got a brand new titan."

I reflected back on the deal that I had made with Eliana. We wouldn't arrest her if she spent the next ten years as a titan. She had agreed immediately. Although she seemed excited at first, we had titans East take her in and keep a close eye on her.

"Yea. Honestly I think she didn't realize that half demons are part human. She was just looking at the demon side."

Beast Boy looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. I began to remember everything he had done for me with in the pas few weeks. I had never really realized how close we were as friends.

"Beast Boy. Thank you. I know I've been thanking you for the past few hours, but I really mean it. I was ready to give in to Eliana before you showed up. If you hadn't come when you had, I would probably be dead. So again thank you."

"Rae, you don't have to thank me. You know I would do anything for you. To be honest, I feel closer to you than any of the other titans. I don't mean closer like I think of you as a sister or something. I guess I see you as more than a friend. I know you're going to kill me for saying this, but over these past few weeks, I think I might have started a little…crush on you."

I looked at him, shocked at what he had just said. But then the shock turned into gratitude, and then gratitude into something more.

"You know Beast Boy, I might not kill you for saying that. I might just do this instead."

I quickly kissed him on the lips. The kiss only lasted for two seconds, but it felt like two hours. We looked at each other and I could feel myself blushing.

"Uuuuuhhhhh, Rae. Do you maybe want to go to the movies or something tomorrow? You know as like…a date?"

I looked at him, opened my mouth and said…..

THE END! i purposely decided to end the story like that. it's open ended son you can decide whether they went on a date or what not. So how was my first ever multi chapter story? Good? Bad? You loved so much you cried when it ended? You hated it so much you broke your computer multiple times? I want reviews though! ONE FINAL NOTE! I WILL BE STARTING MY NEXT STORY SOON!(FINAL DESTINATION THEMED) I just need a little while to think up some really gory and awesome deaths. PEACE!