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Chapter 17: To Grandma's House We Go

It felt good to be back in Avengers Tower, and back with Tony even if it was only for a short time. Harry had hoped to see Pepper or the other Avengers before they had to leave for Asgard but he didn't get the chance. The Avengers were currently scattered around the globe, off on their own missions or seeing to some business. He did get to say a quick hello to Phil but he had to leave quickly. He and his new SHIELD team were heading off on their first mission to South America. Harry was a little upset about Tony's firm stance about not going back to Hogwarts, and maybe he would have put up more of a protest about it if he hadn't been in the hospital wing after fighting a basilisk. It was sort of hard to argue when there was physical proof. Maybe Tony would feel differently about it in the future, and Harry would be able to go back in visit. He certainly would keep in contact with his friends. For now, though, he wanted to focus on the adventure that was laid out before him. He was going to Asgard to meet with the King and Queen. It had only been recently that he found out that other worlds existed and now here he was getting the chance to go off and see them.

The next morning Harry and Tony each packed a small bag to bring with them. They weren't sure how long they were going to be staying in Asgard. Thor assured them that they would be provided with anything else they might need if their stay lasted longer than expected. Once they were ready Thor brought them up to the roof to call for Heimdall to open the Bifrost. Harry and Hermione had done quite a bit of research on Norse Mythology. Harry had become quite familiar with all of the different legends and gods so he knew about Heimdall being the gatekeeper of the Bifrost. Thor had also confirmed this information to him. It made Harry eager to see just how many other myths about Asgard and its inhabitants were true.

"Do not worry my friends the Bifrost is much easier mode of transportation than the methods used by your mortal magic users. Just stand close to me while I call to Heimdall to allow us passage," Thor smiled.

Harry glanced at Tony to gage his reaction, and Tony shot him an encouraging smile back. Harry was excited at getting the chance to see Asgard. It was a realm of magic and home to people who were practically gods. Harry would get the chance to meet some of the people with powers that entirely dwarfed his own, and who had lived for thousands of years. Harry did wonder if he would see Loki while he was there, and what his reaction would be when he saw him. Had Loki even planned on seeing Harry again? Had this been Loki's intentions all along? The two of them now shared several of the same characteristics. Did Loki know that he would have gained more than just his magical power from him? There were so many questions that he needed to have answered, and Harry wasn't sure what to think of Loki now. He thought that he had been helping him as a way to make up for hurting him in the first place.

Thor called out to Heimdall in a clear, firm voice. There was a moment of anticipation and then bright and colorful lights surrounded the three of them. The sensation of traveling through the Bifrost felt a lot like floating but at an incredible speed. Harry could have sworn he saw stars and whole planets pass before his eyes. The three of them ended up in a large gold dome. Beyond the dome Harry caught a glimpse of the shimmering lights of the Bifrost but he couldn't see Asgard yet. A man wearing gold armor and wielding a large sword greeted them.

"Thank you Heimdall. This is Tony Stark, the Man of Iron, and his son Harry. Tony, Harry, this is Heimdall he guards the Bifrost," Thor introduced.

Heimdall nodded his eerie reddish orange eyes flickering over Tony and Harry. "My prince, I see that your mission was successful. Your mother and father will be pleased to see that. I have informed them of your arrival and they will meet you and your guests in the throne room."

"My thanks," Thor nodded to Heimdall. "Now let me introduce you to Asgard."

Thor swept them towards the opening and out on to the shimmering bridge connecting the golden dome to Asgard.

Tony loosed a whistle as they both got their first good view of Asgard. Harry was speechless. The glittering gold city of Asgard was utterly incredible. It looked almost unreal where it sat on the sparkling water in the light from the golden sun. Asgard was an island surrounded by jagged peaks and the large body of water that surrounded Asgard seemed to drop off the side almost as if the island was floating at the top of the world. Harry couldn't believe that he was actually here, and followed Thor through the gates of Asgard in a daze. Both Harry's and Tony's heads were swiveling every which way in an almost comical manner. But neither of them cared. They were too invested in taking in all the sights that they possibly could. The palace of Asgard was amazing. The spires were magnificent and seemed to stretch all the way to the sky and beyond. Nothing on Earth could ever hope of comparing to it.

Thor led them through the massive golden corridors lined with spear wielding guards. He brought them straight to the throne room where Harry and Tony got their very first look of Odin, the All-Father, King of Asgard. His hair and beard were thick yet gray. He wore an eye-patch but that didn't lessen the power of his piercing stare of his remaining blue eye. He wore golden clothing that was even more ornate than Thor's or Loki's, and wielded a staff. He sat in a lavish gold throne on a raised dais. Beside the king was a beautiful woman with long strawberry blonde hair, and wearing an elaborate dress. Harry deduced that she was Frigga, the Queen of Asgard and the mother of Thor and Loki. She smiled warmly at them as they entered while Odin watched him with his ancient blue eye.

"Father, mother, may I introduce to you the Man of Iron, Tony Stark of Midgard, and his son Harry. Tony, Harry these are my parents Odin and Frigga, the King and Queen of Asgard," Thor introduced.

"Hey," Tony nodded giving a little wave.

It wasn't often that Tony felt intimated but Harry could tell that he was feeling a little out of his depth. Harry didn't blame him. He was feeling the same way. Meeting Thor was one thing. It was a different experience being faced with beings who were powerful enough to crush him but being in their domain made it even more terrifying. Every single person that they encountered in Asgard would be stronger, faster, and in general more powerful than both of them. But Harry trusted that Tony wouldn't stay intimidated long. Tony was just too confident in himself to let this unnerve him for long.

"It is good that you were able to come so quickly," Odin nodded.

"Yes, thank you. We are so pleased to have you here in Asgard so that we may resolve this issue. We were quite concerned about what happened and wish to set things right," Frigga said amiably.

"It was most distressing when Thor revealed to me what Loki had done to your son, Tony Stark. I would like to find out the extent of the damage my wayward son has caused," Odin intoned.

"Right, I do too. So let's not beat around the bush. Let's figure this out right now, sound good?" Tony clapped his hands together and looked up at Odin expectantly.

Odin nodded and stood from his throne. Without a word he turned and strode from the room expecting everyone else to follow. Frigga held out her hand to them and indicated that they should follow her. Tony and Harry looked at one another. Tony gave him a brief reassuring smile. Harry tried to send him one back. This was it. They would finally find out the extent of the damage that Loki had caused him.

"He reminds me of an even grumpier Fury," Tony whispered to Harry as they walked. Harry knew he was trying to distract him, and he appreciated the effort.

Harry snorted. "He's the King of Asgard, don't upset him unless you want to be turned to ash by that scepter of his."

"At least Loki came by his arrogant spear wielding nature honestly. Besides I'm Iron Man, I think I can take—" But Frigga interrupted him.

"Harry, what do you think of Asgard?" Frigga questioned.

"It's very beautiful, ma'am. I've never seen anything like it," Harry replied honestly.

"I'm glad. I will have to give you and your father a tour once we have everything straightened out," Frigga smiled.

"That would be nice."

"I'd love to see where you make those flying boats of yours," said Tony.

"Of course Mr. Stark I can introduce you to our head blacksmith. He is the one who creates and builds most of our new weapons and transportation. I've heard that you yourself are quite ingenious. I'm sure the two of you would get along very well," Frigga said.

They all chatted a bit more before they reached the examination room. There were several other Asgardians in the room when they entered waiting for them. A stone platform with strange symbols carved into it sat in the middle of the room.

"This is our examination table, Harry. With it we will be able to detect any physical or magical damage that you may have sustained. Here, I'll help you up, and make sure that you are in the proper position," Frigga offered.

Harry took her hand and allowed her to guide him up and onto the platform. She positioned him in the exact center of the platform on his back. Frigga then moved to stand behind his head and the other Asgardians stepped up into positions around him. Harry gasped in awe as the platform was activated. Harry stared up at the images that were projected on top of him. It was an in-depth view into his own internal structures. The orange seemed to be the physical parts and the golden-green part seemed to be his magic. Frigga and her assistants began to sift through Harry's magic and blood to discover if there was anything wrong with him. While they were doing that Odin asked him just what had happened while Loki had been healing him. He also asked what sorts of symptoms he had been experiencing. Harry told him everything. He knew that it wouldn't be prudent to withhold information at this point. He needed to be as honest as possible if they were going to discover just what was going on with him.

After nearly a half an hour of intense searching Frigga announced that he was perfectly healthy and that there would be no long lasting negative effects.

"Well, that's a relief. But why am I sensing that you're about to tell me something that's going to make me want to consume copious amounts of alcohol?" Tony questioned.

"I don't believe the news that I have to tell you is necessarily bad, Mr. Stark. I believe that Loki was in fact telling you the truth of his intentions when he set out to heal Harry. He was just trying to restore Harry's magical core in the only way he knew how, which was by modeling it after his own. However, Harry's body is mortal and was not able to sustain a magical core of an immortal. To remedy this Loki gave him an infusion of his blood to stabilize him to ensure that his body accepted the magical changes. I don't believe he expected this infusion to cause any long lasting effects. Unfortunately, there were," Frigga explained delicately.

"Just say whatever you're going to say," said Tony looking disgruntled.

"Loki has inadvertently made himself one of Harry's biological parents. Completing the blood transfusion while in such a delicate state altered Harry's genetic makeup. His body latched on to the blood infusion whilst in that delicate, fluctuating state, and caused the changes to become permanent. In essence Harry now has three genetic parents. That is why Harry has grown physically stronger. He has inherited one third of Loki's own strength," Frigga announced.

"Wait, are you saying that technically Loki is one of my parents now?" Harry gaped.

"Yes," Frigga said firmly.

Tony gave a startled laugh. "I can't believe this. Of course this happened."

Harry had no idea how to process this. Finding out that he was now technically related to Loki was strange. It wasn't like finding out that Tony was his father. Loki had only become his parent through a magical accident while he was trying to fix another magical accident that he had caused Harry. More importantly would this change Tony's opinion of him? Knowing that Loki was now one of his parents too?

"We will leave the two of you alone to speak. When you're ready have one of the guards escort you to the dining hall. We will meet you in our private dining hall for lunch," Frigga then forcefully ejected a stunned Thor and a grim faced Odin from the room.

"Hey, kiddo, are you okay?" Tony questioned once they were alone coming up to wrap an arm around Harry's shoulders. His own shock seemed to have been pushed aside in favor of comforting him. Harry was grateful to have Tony by his side.

"Yeah," Harry shrugged.

Did this change his opinion about himself? No, he had gone through this once before. Harry was much more capable of handling this situation now especially knowing the Tony was still on his side. Finding out that his parents were different than who he had thought they were didn't change who he was as a person. He was still the same Harry on the inside. Tony became his dad not because they shared blood but because he wanted to be his dad. He had continuously proven himself to Harry, his mum had given her life for his, and Loki had sort of messed up his life. Therefore in Harry's mind Loki wasn't really his parent. They may have shared blood but Harry wasn't just going to start thinking of him as his new father. Tony already occupied that role in his life.

"That didn't sound too convincing," Tony teased.

"No, I really am fine. It's just a lot to take in," Harry muttered.

"I know it is and I wouldn't know how the hell to handle this situation if I was in your place. You're a tough kid, Harry. You're strong and I have total confidence that you're going to get through this. But I want you to know that this doesn't change a thing about how I feel about you. You're still my son no matter what. Hell, Loki could have replaced my DNA with his, and you would still be my kid. Got it?"

"Yeah, I understand. Thanks and you know you'll always be my dad. Blood doesn't mean everything and Loki certainly couldn't take your place," Harry hugged Tony tightly.

"Exactly, let's go see what type of food they've got prepared. Do you think it will be better than Chinese?"

"No," Harry said with one hundred percent certainty.

"Neither do I. We'll choke it down anyway in case Fury 2.0 decides to smite us," Tony joked.

The guards escorted the two of them to the dining area. Odin, Frigga, and Thor were already seated at the table. Odin and Frigga were quietly arguing about something while Thor still looked a bit stunned by the revelation.

It didn't stop him from shouting out excitedly, "Nephew! Come sit by me," when he saw Tony and Harry enter.

"Right, technically, you're kind of Harry's uncle," Tony scratched the back of his neck and whispered into Harry's ear, "You're family tree just got a whole lot more complicated."

"Frigga seems really nice and Thor was kind of like an uncle anyway," Harry replied.

"True. Hey, Hammertime, how would you feel about being Harry's god father?" Tony giggled at his own cleverness.

"Godfather?" Thor frowned.

"It's just something that we have on Earth. In the event that something that happened to me you would watch out for Harry," Tony explained.

"You would honor me with such a title, Man of Iron?" Thor questioned looking truly touched.

"Yeah, sure. I mean it doesn't get much safer than having the real God of Thunder looking out for him," Tony replied.

"I will do my best to uphold my position," Thor said gravely looking between Tony and Harry.

"How are you feeling Harry?" Frigga asked as Tony and Harry settled down at the table with the Asgardian royal family.

"I'm okay. I mean I already sort of accepted that Loki was my magical parent. It's just a bit of a shock that I have three parents now," Harry responded.

"And you're sure that there won't be any long term negative effects?" Tony questioned.

"No, surprisingly, Loki did well creating a clean bond. Harry's body accepted the transfusion without any side effects," Frigga explained.

"Yes, it is surprising that Loki's foolishness didn't cause your son any undue harm," Odin said darkly he obviously suspected that there was something more to the story.

"Yeah, thank god, or um gods?" Tony muttered.

"The greatest change Harry will experience is the change to his magic because his entire core has changed to that of a Frost Giant's, which I'm sure he's already noticed. The physical changes won't be as significant because he only inherited a third of Loki's blood. I don't believe he will change any more than he has now. Harry should also have a normal wizarding lifespan albeit he may be a sprier in his old age than most others. As for his magic, I would love the opportunity to teach you a bit about how to control it. I taught Loki, and with you inheriting his magic I would be more than capable of teaching you as well. You are also my grandson now. I've been waiting for grandchildren for centuries now, and I would love to get to know you," Frigga offered smiling at Harry.

"That would be great," Harry enthused but then he thought better of it. He glanced over at Tony "I mean as long as my dad is all right with it."

"I think that would be a great idea too. Who better to teach you how to control your powers than the Queen of Asgard?" said Tony with a smile. "But just how long do you think this will take?"

"Harry seems like he is a good student. I would say I can teach him the basics for control within a month or two. Of course any more advanced magics would take much longer," Frigga replied.

"Can you teach me to still use my wand so that I can keep using mortal magic, and then maybe go to a school in America?" Harry questioned glancing at Tony.

"Of course, the problem might be that you need a new wand. With the change to your core it isn't that far of a stretch to think that you would need a new one. If that is the case I can have you fitted for a new wand," Frigga assured. "And as I said I will teach you the basics of Asgardian magic. Who knows you may change your mind and prefer to start practicing our magic."

"I'm up to learning anything," Harry smiled.

"So you said one to two months learning the basics. Now is Harry going to have to stay here?" Tony questioned with a frown.

"You are welcome to stay as well," Frigga offered though Odin frowned.

"I would love to stay but I do have some things I need to take care of back on Earth. I know Harry needs to learn how to control his new powers but I just got him back from boarding school. I'm not sure if I'm ready to let him go again so soon," Tony admitted.

"Thor makes frequent trips between Asgard and Midgard. Perhaps he could bring Harry back to Midgard once every fortnight?" Frigga suggested.

"It's just like any father's custody agreement. And it's only for two months at the most," Tony muttered. "What do you think kiddo? Would you be okay here for two months? I'll stay with you for the first week to make sure you're comfortable. But do you think you would be all right staying here on your own?"

"Like you said I really need to learn to control my magic. This is the best place to do that. And if I get to come home every two weeks it's already better than being at Hogwarts because I'll get to see you more often," Harry wasn't sure if he wanted to stay in Asgard longer. But he really needed to learn to get control of his powers, and how many people got the chance to be taught magic by the Queen of Asgard? He was pretty sure this would a once in a lifetime chance.

"Okay then, we accept your very kind offer, Queen Frigga," Tony said.

"Yes, thank you so much, ma'am," Harry chimed in.

"It is no trouble at all. Like I said I look forward to it. My boys are all grown up and you are my grandson. I wouldn't mind if one day you perhaps called me grandmother," Frigga offered and Harry could see just how much she wanted him to refer to her as such.

"I would like that. I've never had a grandmum before," Harry smiled at her.

His eyes flickered to Odin to catch the king's reaction. Harry didn't think he would be calling the All-Father grandpa anytime soon. The god didn't seem to be as enthusiastic about Harry and Tony's presence as his wife and son were. In fact he didn't look happy at all. He must be upset with everything that Loki had done, or perhaps he just didn't like having mortals in Asgard. Either way he didn't look too happy about Harry's extended stay. It made Harry a bit uneasy but it was easy to ignore with Thor and Frigga's jubilance over having him there.

The next week passed quickly. Frigga hadn't started magic lessons with him yet but both he and Tony had gotten crash courses on Asgardian history, and those of the other eight realms as well. Tony spent some time trading ideas with the head Asgardian engineer. He ended up returning to Earth with a bunch of ideas and he left quite a few ideas with the Asgardian crafter. The day after Tony's departure Harry began his magic lessons with Frigga, and sword fighting lessons with Thor's friend the Lady Sif. Both were excellent teachers. Frigga had an endless amount of patience, which made sense considering she was married to Odin and had raised Thor and Loki. But she was strict and had very high expectations. Harry did everything he could to make sure that he didn't disappoint her. Sif was very skilled at fighting, which is probably why she was named the goddess of war in Norse Mythology. She also had a surprising amount of patience but again she had grown up with Thor and Loki. Apparently Loki had even permanently dyed her hair black. Harry couldn't imagine her with golden locks, and told her that her raven hair suited her.

It was one day two weeks into his training that Frigga brought him on a fieldtrip. She said she was bringing him to see another magic user because they had a few pointers that might help him to better focus on the control of his magic. The last thing Harry expected was for her to bring him to the prison cell where they were holding Loki.

"Loki, I've brought Harry with me in hopes that you could perhaps help him improve his control over his magic. He's come such a long way already. I just know that you would be perfect to give him that extra little push," Frigga offered cheerfully.

Loki glared at her from his cell. It was a fairly nice cell as far as prisons went especially considering his crimes. He was the only prisoner who had furniture, and at least he wasn't bound and gagged anymore. The many other prisoners occupying the jail didn't seem to be as lucky. If the people of Earth knew that this was going to be Loki's punishment they probably wouldn't have sent him back to Asgard.

"I told you I didn't want to see him," Loki snapped.

"And I think it would be a good idea for the two of you to talk," Frigga said sternly.

"This was a set up?" Harry questioned in surprise. He hadn't been expecting it of kind and welcoming Frigga. But Loki had to have gotten his penchant for tricks and cleverness from somewhere. It certainly couldn't have been Odin.

"Yes, she thinks now that we share blood that we must bond," Loki sneered in disgust.

"I thought that it would be beneficial to both of you to clear things up. As much as you might wish to deny it the two of you are family now. It is not a connection to be taken lightly. I think the two of you deserve the chance to speak to one another and come to some sort of agreement about your relationship. Now this can be done the nice way or I can put Harry in the cell with you Loki, and the two of you can stay that way until you've agreed to speak to speak one another," Frigga said sounding every inch Loki's mother.

Loki gave a laugh of disbelief. "You would lock a child in with a monster like me?"

"You're not a monster, Loki," Frigga insisted. "You won't hurt Harry. He's your child after all."

"He's not my child," Loki snapped.

"He is your child. You made him your child through your actions," Frigga replied calmly.

"Don't I have any say in this?" Harry asked becoming annoyed.

"Of course, Harry, that is why you are here. To ask questions, to express your feelings over what has happened. This is your chance to say what you want and how you wish to proceed with Loki."

"I don't know what I want from Loki. I mean it's not like he meant to do this on purpose. He shouldn't feel obligated to have a relationship with me, and I shouldn't feel obligated to form one with him," Harry said truthfully.

"This is true, but this is a matter that the two of you need to have some sort of closure to. You can't go through the rest of your lives without at least sitting down to talk about what's happened at least just once. If you decide you want nothing to do with each other then so be it. Give yourselves the chance to make that decision together. Who knows what might happen? So what will it be? Do I need to lock the two of you up? Or are you going to cooperate?" she looked between the two of them sternly.

"We will talk you overbearing, woman," Loki said petulantly.

"Wonderful, I'll leave you two boys to it then," Frigga nodded and with a wave of her hand a protective barrier rose up between Harry and the rest of the prison leaving Harry and Loki alone with only the glowing golden barrier of his cell between them.

"So this is awkward," Harry murmured sparing a quick glance at Loki. He looked a lot better than the last time he had seen him. He was no longer bruised, and didn't look as sick as he had before.

"Yes, but unfortunately she truly means it. She is a stubborn woman. If we don't have a little heart to heart you'll be sharing this prison cell right alongside me," said Loki.

"Fine, then let's just get started. How do you feel about all of this?" Harry asked getting right to the heart of the matter.

"Honestly, I'm a bit surprised. This was not what I intended when I restored your magical core," Loki began.

"I figured," Harry replied.

"I never intended to have any children," Loki said replied. It was then that Harry realized just how scared Loki was about this entire situation. He put up a good show of indifference but he was so overwhelmed that the slightest bit of his panic managed to leak through. It certainly made Harry feel better knowing that the centuries old god was just as terrified as he was.

"I don't expect you to try and be my dad or anything. I already have a dad. But Frigga is right, we should at least try to be friendly with one another," Harry offered smiling up at him.

"Of course, and I'm sure it will annoy your father should we become friendly," Loki grinned looking utterly pleased at the thought.

Harry glared at him, "If you just want to talk to me to annoy my dad then I'll leave now."

"No, I truly wish for us to form a relationship of some sort. I will not lie; annoying Stark will be a large perk of forming a relationship. But I have no other blood family, Harry, and I would like us to create some sort of bond between us," Loki said sincerely.

"I would like that, too," Harry agreed. "Maybe we could just start with you being my magic tutor? I'm having trouble learning how to channel it now without my wand. I would sort of like to know how to use my wand again, too."

"Well, you've come to the right place. I am a master of control, and I can teach it to you as well," Loki boasted.

"Let's get started," Harry smiled.

Through magic Harry and Loki were able to establish a connection. They were friendly towards one another but they were still very far away from feeling familial towards one another. That would take time. But Harry found himself liking Loki the more time they spent together. Once Harry had gotten past the rough exterior Loki was actually hilarious and an amazing magical tutor. However, Harry was cautious about becoming too attached. Loki was a master manipulator who had centuries to perfect the art. How would he ever know for certain whether or not he was being sincere? Harry supposed that only time would really be able to give the answer.


Loki watched as Harry departed from the prison after yet another lesson. Despite himself, he had grown fond of the boy, and this connection was troubling. It was going to get in the way of his plans. From the beginning, when he first altered Harry's core to match his own he had a specific reason. A reason that was far different from what the others believed. Yes, he did feel a measure of guilt but it wouldn't have been enough to endanger himself in trying to complete such a complicated spell.

Loki had known that once Odin heard of his magical transference, which Thor would no doubt tell him. He would then demand that Harry be brought to Asgard. Odin wouldn't trust Loki's motives, just as he shouldn't, and he would feel the need to investigate just what Loki had done for himself. Once on Asgard he knew that one way or another Harry would find his way to Loki's cell. Loki had intimate knowledge of the way Asgardian cells worked. He had made it his business to know all of the secrets that Asgard had to offer. The prison cells were keyed in to one's innate powers, others could pass in and out of the cells but the ones who they wanted to be kept inside were unable to leave. That is why Loki needed a matching magical signature, and Harry had been the perfect opportunity.

It would take a bit of skill but eventually Loki knew he would find a way for them to switch places. Loki would cast a strong illusion around Harry that would last for several days, and Loki would take Harry's place. No one would notice the difference. The cell was keyed into Loki's unique magical signature, a signature that Harry now shared. As long as it was Harry taking his place in the cell no alarms would go off, and Loki would be able to escape with no one the wiser. They would be searching for a missing child not an escaped prisoner. And by the time they did discover the truth he would be faraway enacting the next steps of his plan.

However, his plans were falling apart. He hadn't intended for the blood he had given Harry to have long lasting consequences. Loki certainly never intended to blood adopt the boy, and he never thought he would develop some measure of affection for the boy while waiting for the right moment for them to switch places. In all honesty he had discovered away several weeks ago he had just been holding off. Now that he was teaching Harry magic, and they were getting he knew it would only take a bit of coaxing to his mother to allow Harry into the cell with him. But no more, he couldn't allow some trivial little blood connection to a child he hardly knew stop him from his goals. Loki had to act, and he needed to do it soon before Harry departed Asgard for good. He had wasted enough time already on sentiment now he must follow through. But just one more day. He wanted to revel in just one more day of interacting with someone who didn't entirely despise him.

Just one more day, and then he would be free.

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