Challenge of the week: Mention an animal in your story.

A walk through the woods; how dangerous can it be?

Disclaimer: Still don't own them, still not happy about that.


"Wait, Dean, watch out."


"I just saw something moving in the undergrowth."

"What? I don't see anything."

"It's a, um, damnit … what's it called?"

*shrugs* "I still can't see anything."

"It's, uh, heck … it's heavy and spiky."


"No jerk. It's dangerous."

"Well, I'm tellin' you dude, you get one of those freakin' pineapples cornered …"

"Dean, seriously? I'm trying to protect us here."

"Gah ... it's on the tip of my tongue …"

"Well, s'much as I'd love to stand here and discuss your senior moment; we've got work to do."



"Porcupine! That's it; it's a porcupine!"