Hello, all. Just something that popped into my mind. It's been done, but then again, what hasn't? And even though it's probably painfully obvious, this is my first Labyrinth fanfic. I'm more into reading than writing them.

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I wonder.. . how many more children have been wished away? Hundreds, maybe. It's been so many years.

I miss it. The magic, the surroundings, my friends. Even *him*.

Jareth. My Goblin King.

At some point, I outgrew most of my childish fantasies. Discarded the dress- up clothes, the stuffed animals.

But notice that I said *most* of my childish fantasies. I still long for my King to come sweep me off my feet, save me from the normality of everyday life on this boring, repetitive planet.

In the beginning, I had wished myself away countless times; off to the Goblin City. I craved the sound of his voice, that arrogant smirk that annoyed the hell out of me even as it turned my insides to mush. Beautiful mismatched eyes that could delve into my very soul.

Even if he still harbored a grudge towards me and turned me into a goblin, it wouldn't matter.

I would be with near him. That was all I could think of. Nothing else *mattered*. How could it? What could possibly compare to Jareth?

Not one single thing.

I composed endless poems, letters, songs.

*As the pain sweeps through

Makes no sense for you

Wasn't too much fun at all

But I'll be there for you

As the world falls down*

I called for him until all words died on my lips.

But he never answered.

A grand form of torture, dished out by a grand King.

I used to be so strong. I could face anything and come out of it practically unscathed. Hell, I was the first and only person to ever beat Jareth's precious Labyrinth.

But my strength must have been lost along with all my other happy memories. I could survive, hoping that *he* would come for me. eventually.

I can't live that lie anymore. They say that time heals all wounds. Well, with me, the opposite is true.

I have no visible scars from my childhood journey, but it's the ones that you can't see that have done the damage, that have driven me to this.

A few dislodged pebbles and rocks clatter down as the hushed sounds of waves crashing against the cliffs envelope me.

Gazing out across the vast ocean, a single crystalline tear traces its way down my cheek like a lover's caress. My voice sounds rusty from disuse as I take that final step, sealing my own fate.

*"I love you. Jareth."*