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Gazing up at Jareth, the absurdity of the situation finally hit me. I burst out laughing.

So sue me, I couldn't help it. This man had put a fifteen year old me through thirteen hours of Hell to save my baby brother, even going to far as to drug me in order to keep me from solving his Labyrinth, and after I beat him, ignores me for ten years.

And now, after all this time, he's saved my life and pretty much just admitted that he cares for me. True, I was feeling a tad slap-happy at the moment; you know, getting over the shock of me not being dead and all.

Or maybe I was just a touch hysterical. Go figure.

Oh, Hell no.

At the first sign of my laughter, Jareth had immediately slipped back behind his cold mask, most likely jumping to the conclusion that I was mocking him.

There was no way I was going to let him return to the role of all-mighty Goblin King looking down on the defiant mortal girl.

Pulling a wrist from his loosened grasp, I reached up and plowed my fingers deep into his oh-so-soft hair and pulled his head down to mine, my lips latching on to his.

When I finally released him from the soul-searing kiss, we were both breathing hard and I was having trouble focusing on anything other than Jareth.

Not that I wanted to look elsewhere, of course.

As Jareth stared down at me in what I decided to take as mild shock, he shifted so that his arm rested next to my head, holding more of his weight, which pushed his lower body more firmly against me.

My eyes widened.

Considering that a certain part of him was nestled snugly against a _very_ sensitive part of me, I felt his reaction instantly; let's just say that there aren't enough words in the Oxford Dictionary to describe how he affected me.

My pupils dilating, I gasped and gripped his bicep, barely controlling the urge to wrap my legs around his waist and plead with him to make love to me right then and there.


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