Eds Enter Fusion Fall

The Eds finally have a successful scam, just in time for the world as they know it to end. Fuse and his planet invade earth, and in the chaos that ensues the Eds must find a way to survive this new dangerous world of Fusion Fall.

Disclaimer; I do not own any of the characters from Ed Edd n Eddy , nor any of the other cartoon network characters in fusion fall, nor any of the things that are from the fusion fall game; these belong to their respective creators.

Eds Enter Fusion Fall

Chapter one; A successful Scam

It was a peaceful day in the Cul-de-sac. The kids were excited as they were in still the first few weeks of summer, after finishing yet another boring year of school. For the past few days Eddy had been away on trip with his family to visit the county fair in his mother's old home town in Upstate New York. Though it wasn't as exciting as the city, he had gotten some great inspiration and having returned to Peach Creek he was ready to put it in action.

The kids were spread out across the Cul-de-sac doing their usual things. Rolf was feeding his chickens, while keeping an eye out incase Ed was near. Johnny was trying to destroy a fence, trying to 'free' some of planks relatives. Sarah was bandaging Jimmy for another of his easily gotten injuries. Kevin was fixing his bike, while Nazz stared at it, thinking of ways the bike could 'mysteriously disappear'. Double D and Ed were sitting in front of Double D's house. Double D was reading a book called Ideas Have Consequences, and Ed was staring longingly and anxiously in the direction of Rolf's house.

"Come on Double D, can I please go pet the chickens" Ed said in a begging voice.

"No, Ed, Rolf is still mad at you for what you did last week" Edd said back.

"But the chickens wanted to have a bath in my gravy tub" Ed said.

"That may be Ed, but you can't go borrowing Rolf's chickens without his permission. I mean where would our society be if we did not respect the personal property of others? We would be in chaos; stuck in an anarchic state of violence and theft, a war of all against all. It would be like Hobbes' the leviathan. Do you even realize the implications that would occur if people didn't respect the social contract?" Edd ranted, not realizing Ed had stopped listening after the first sentence.

"Right you are captain cerebellum", said Ed, "now can I please go pet the chickens?" Ed said enthusiastically.

"Oh, Ed, when are you going to learn that…", Double D was cut off, as Eddy and his families' car drove by and parked in the driveway near their house.

"Eddy's back already, he wasn't supposed to be back for a couple days" Double D said.

"That might not be Eddy at all, but a clone sent to this planet to…", Double D cut Ed off, saying, "Ed it's him, don't worry".

Ed and Double D waited as Eddy's family unpacked (Eddy just throwing his suitcase on his bed and reading a magazine long enough that his parent would finish unpacking the rest of the stuff, so he wouldn't have to do anymore work). After a while Eddy came out of his house and met up with the other two Eds.

"Hi Eddy" Ed said enthusiastically, "Hello Eddy, welcome back" Double said politely.

"Hay guys" Eddy responded.

"So Eddy how was the fair?" Double D said, but before Eddy Could answer Ed jumped in and said, "Did you see a mutant two headed country clown?"

"No, lumpy" Eddy responded.

"Did you see a fire breathing bearded lady?" Ed asked enthusiastically.

"No" eddy now starting to get a little annoyed.

"Did you see a cow man carrying another man around in a giant hat?"

"Ed! Enough!" Eddy shouted, and then stopped to think for a second, "Now actually I did see that"

Ed grinning from Eddy's concession, Double stepped in and remarked, "so Eddy why are you back early from the fair?"

"I got kicked out and banned", eddy said, with his words taking on a more ranting nature as he went on. "imagine, I get kicked out for doing some scamming; those carnies are total hypocrites". But hay, at least I got a great idea for a scam from there", Eddy said in a more positive tone. Proceeding in his idea pitching voice he went on, "So I see this game called I got it. Dozens of pigeons were sitting down on stools, throwing little rubber balls into this thing that had a square of holes, and trying to get five in a row. All these suckers paid 50 cents a game and only one gets a prize. Now what were gonna do is set up one of those stands. One game will get us all the money we need for jaw breakers. But why stop there, one day of running the stand and we'll have enough cash to get us all they jaw breakers we could ever want".

"Great Idea Eddy" Double D said.

"Of course it is sock head" Eddy responded. "Now get drawing up the designs. Ed, you go get the supplies".

We enter into the lane, where the Eds have completed a crudely built cardboard I Got It stand, and are ready to real in the suckers.

Eddy began shouting out the slogan, "come one, come all, come play I Got it. There's a winner every game, win alone get a prize" and slowly all the kids in the neighborhood showed up.

The kids played I Got It. And once the first prize was won by Plank, all the kids began competing against each other trying to win the most prizes. And before they knew it they had spent a fortune in quarters and had given Eddy so much wealth that he was struggling to hold back his excitement. They had finally found a winning scam, where they got money, the kids weren't demanding refunds, and the Kankers weren't around to take it. They had finally won. In the excitement they did not notice that the sky had gotten dark well before nighttime. But they did notice when the ground began to shake and the tent began to collapse. The Eds and the rest of the kids ran out of the stand in a panic.

"Earthquake" shouted Nazz; "Sarah help" shouted Jimmy as he struggled to escape from under a piece of tent; "I'll help you Jimmy" Sarah said as she lifted Jimmy out and carried him away from the tent; "The Gods are angry, we are all doomed" Rolf said; "not cool" Kevin said as he carried he ran to grab his bike; "Plank new there was something of about today" Johnny said.

"Eddy this like what happened on free jawbreaker day, the universe is conspiring against us" Double D said; "don't say that sock head. We are not losing again this time. Forget the universe. Now hurry and let's get the money and go" Eddy said. Ed held up part of the tent as Double D and Eddy grabbed the money bags and they ran out of the tent stand.

The kids, still panicking from the shaking ground had gathered in a group along the street. The Eds met up with them. "look up in the sky. An alien planet has come to absorb the planet earth" Ed shouted. Double D critically responded and said "Ed it's just an earth… Oh, my lord. Double D looked up in the sky to see a large green mass . As the others started looking up at the sky, Double D pulled a telescope out of his pocket and took a better look at the big green thing in the sky. "It seems that you are right this time Ed. That thing is indeed a planet. Somehow this giant asymmetrical planet has wondered into our solar system. Its close proximity to earth is likely creating a gravitational force that is affecting the earth and causing this seismic disruption" Double D said, still looking through the telescope. "Great sock head what are we supposed to do about it" Eddy replied, in a half sarcastic half angry tone that likely masked an underlying fear. They then began to hear a cracking sound, and then a whistling sound. They looked up to see that pieces of the big green thing in the sky were breaking of and falling toward earth. A chunk about the size of a fridge suddenly landed on wreckage of the stand, and scattered street rubble, fence boards, cardboard, and rubber balls everywhere. The kids took cover and after they started to run away in various looking for shelter, most likely in their own homes.

"What do we do now?" Ed asked frightened.

"I'll tell you what we're going to do. We're going to get our Jawbreakers. I don't care if it is the end of the world. We're getting those jawbreakers" Eddy said resolutely, as he began walking in the direction of the candy store; Ed following him.

"Eddy you can't be serious", Double D said standing in place, "Eddy, we need to get to safety… this is no time for jawbreakers. Eddy", "you're lucky that I'm a good friend" Double D said as he began running to ketch up.