Hello everybody! The idea of this series of one shots came to me this morning, so I decided to write the first one in the afternoon. The stories are set in different periods of the books. This one, for example, is set after City Of Glass, when Jace and Clary can finally be together. I hope you like it, I'd love to read your opinion so please review! :)

Disclaimer: TMI and these characters do not belong to me, only the idea of this story does.

He could hear the water running in the shower from his room. She had just got in there, with the excuse of washing off all the dirt. He had sought contact before she had disappeared in the small bathroom of his room, but she had denied any. He thought that she was a little mad; he had basically kicked her ass when they trained, and she was a little mad. "Ugh!" she had shouted at him, her cheeks as red as her hair, both because of the rage and the heat of the exercise.

"You will be lucky next time" he had said, extending his hand to help her standing up.

Clary had glared at him. "You can be sure about that." She had stood up by herself, avoiding eye contact and had gone to pick up her towel to dry the sweat off her face.

Jace had looked at her, completely oblivious as why she was so angry. He had rubbed his neck and walked towards her, hoping that contact would ease her mad spirits. "Come on. You were good today" his voice had hesitated a little. "Maybe not all the times we've tried that new exercise on the rope, but whatever." He had reached out to her shoulder to rub it, but once his hand had touched her, she had pushed herself towards the table in front of her.

"Let's try this again." She had begged, although her tone was firm. She really wants to test herself, Jace thought.

"Okay" he had agreed, but the outcomes had turned out the same as the previous.

Clary had clenched her fists and had angrily grabbed her towel and training bag and had left the room. All of this without making eye contact with him. He had wanted to follow her but he had to clean the mess they had made while they trained, so he let her boil her rage off alone.

Only when he went back to his room he understood that she was there, freely taking a shower in his private bathroom. He had thought she had gone to Isabelle's, but he was happy she had decided to be there instead. He walked slowly in the room and closed the door behind him. He also wanted to take a shower – he smelt like a puppy soaked in the rain, but he wanted to wait for Clary to come out first. Who knew in which mood she would be if he would dare to ask her if she wanted to take a shower together, which, for the record, they had never done before.

He sighed and sat on his bed, tried to distract by adjusting all of his weapons in their drawers. He would have succeeded if it wasn't for Clary humming some song not far from him. He could not recognize the tune, it was probably a mundane song. And it was so relieving...

He stood up from the bed as if that melody was a siren's song. Without a second thought, his hand held on the doorknob and opened the door of the bathroom. The room was silenced, so she was likely to be done with her shower. He hoped. And not hoped.

When he opened the door completely, Clary was turned towards the wall. She was checking herself in the mirror. She wasn't undressed, she was actually wearing one of his bathrobes – although it was too big for her little figure.

She was putting her hair around a white towel when she realized she was not alone. She jumped and put a hand on her chest. Her little mouth was open and her eyes could tell she was surprised. "Jace... what are you doing?" she questioned, but her tone wasn't angry. "Don't you know about knocking?" She added, but her words failed on the last word.

He didn't know what to answer at first. Honesty? "I thought you had left or something. I could not find you anywhere" he decided to say, which was the lamest excuse ever. "And I need to shower."

Clary raised an eyebrow. "Why would you think that?"

"You know, because of what happened in the training room. The ropes and bla bla bla you weren't able to learn today. I thought you had left because you couldn't do that."

"As much as leaving was the best option, I realized I couldn't take the subway in the state I was." She crossed her arms on her chest. "I was mad."

I know, Jace wanted to say. But he refrained. At least he had read her right. "With me?" He asked. He had meant to say with yourself? but he decided it was no good. She might get mad again, and he didn't want that. And Clary didn't answer, so he continued. "Look, I know tomorrow you will do that jump. Trust me. You just need a little more practice. And today -" Clary cut him off, to his surprise. He was interrupted by her lips over his, opening and closing to taste his mouth. He replied to the kiss with vehemence, until she stopped because she was out of air. She gasped for breath and he saw her looking down when he opened his eyes again. He was panting too – and he loved the way she literally took his breath away. "Dang, Clary!" He chimed. She laughed. "Why are you laughing? I was enjoying that!"

"And I enjoy when you are flabbergasted. It's very amusing, do you know that?"

He frowned. "No, I don't know" he said, and pulled her towards him so that he could kiss her again, but she turned her head so his mouth could only touch her head.

"You often act as you know how everything will go. It's very fun to see you surprised for once."

"I was not surprised. Not that you were angry earlier or that you kissed me first. It's not that you haven't done that before, so..." he tried to kiss her again, but she turned her head to the other side. She was now facing his broad chest, her cheek pressed on his heart.

"Except that this time I pretended to be angry."

"What for? Am I that boring?"

"Let's say it's a payback. Payback for leaving my house in the middle of the night."

He shrugged. "Oh. Last night. Unless you wanted your mother to find us on your bed in the morning, it wasn't a bad idea to leave. You know, I still need my body parts to be a shadowhunter. And it would have been embarrassing if I ended up on the mouth of people in Idris: 'Jace Lightwood found with both his hands cut off.' And a subtitle saying: 'We don't know if who did this didn't cut any other body parts. But we found a little thing in a box'... You know, like Theon Greyjoy on Game of Thrones."

"We would have explained. We weren't doing nothing anyway."

Jace laughed. "Clary. You've never had a boyfriend before" he said, and saw her wanting to speak and raised his index to make her wait. "And no, Simon doesn't count – if that is what you wanted to tell me. A mother does not simply say hi when she sees her daughter cuddling with her boyfriend on her bed. At night."

"But me and Simon – we did it a lot of tim -"

"Like I said, Simon doesn't count. He is your best friend. Your mother was used to that. Was she?"

"Fine, you win. But just this time."

Jace smiled. "Now that we're clear, where were we?" He asked, as his mouth tried to get to her lips again.

This time Clary let him kiss her. They kissed until she realized she was still half naked. "I need to get dressed. It's late, I need to get back to my house."

He looked a little sad. "Do you want me to leave?" He asked, hoping the question would not make him get a big slap on his angelic face. But she didn't do any of that. She just stared in his golden eyes, unable to answer.

"No, you can stay" she finally declared. "As long as you turn around, you can stay."

He nodded. "Okay, I will turn around."

Clary waited until he was facing the door, then worn her undies. She wasn't really used to get dressed in front of a guy. Even if she and Simon had been friends since forever, he had never seen her getting dressed. The max had been her pj's, but that didn't count. But now she was completely bared behind the guy she loved, which made her flush uncontrollably, and made her do things she never thought she would do. "Jace" she whispered. "Wait."


Jace did not hear her until she was behind him. She put her hands on his chest and her head on his back. Then, in a simple movement, she made him turn him her way so that their bodies were pressed together and they were face to face. She looked up – weirdly without any fear or embarrassment. His eyes were clenched shut, and his hands stood by his sides as if they couldn't move, while she still held him with her arms around his back.

Clary sighed. "Is something... wrong?" Her begging question was mumbled.

"I -" he groaned. "Have you dressed yet?"


"Oh." What? Was he sad? Disappointed? "Then I'll keep my eyes shut."

She took a breath and then put her hands on his cheeks. "Jace. Open your eyes."

She was surprised to see that he did what she asked. He opened his eyes but after few seconds he looked at her from head to toe, he shut them again and covered them with his hands. That gesture made Clary feel a little insecure. Was her body that ugly? And she was not naked. She still was wearing her matching black bra and panties, and they covered everything. It would have been as if she was wearing a swimsuit. His eyes closed felt like a rejecting slap on her face.

"I thought you were dressed" he excused himself. "I did not want to -"

"Jace." She called him, her tone firm. "Stop apologizing. Just stop." She put her hands over his, trying to remove them off his closed eyes.

"I'm sorry" he continued, and this time she slapped his cheek. "Dang, Clary! That was tough!" He said, finally looking down at her. His mouth opened with surprise but she saw him trying not to look at anything but her face. "What was that for?"

"For your excuses. They do not count, and I don't want to hear them."

"Then next time you could have ordered me to leave" he said, a little offended. But she smirked and then gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "By the angel, Clary! You're so weird today."

"And so are you. When did you become so conservative?"

"I've never been conservative, and you know that."

"Then why are you avoiding to look at me?"

"I'm looking at you, Clarissa. Unless you think I am cross-eyed and I am looking at you but not really."

She put a hand on her hip, which caused him to glance at her for just a few seconds. "Jace Lightwood, what do I have to do with you?"

Next he knew, she grabbed him by the shirt and pushed him (a little harshly) towards the wall of the shower. She opened the faucet and then kissed him, as his clothes drenched with hot water and so did her underwear. As usual when she surprised him with these gestures, he did not reply soon to the kiss. But after a couple of seconds he looked energized, as if her will gave him the green light to continue making out.

She took off his blue shirt and threw it on the floor of the shower, and her hands started exploring his chest. She had wandered there before, but only few times when he was about to go to bed and he didn't like to wear his t-shirt to sleep, so he wandered around his room bare-chested. She noticed he was finally gaining weight after he had lose some because of the stress, and this was a good thing. His muscles were solid and he would have a great body soon if he kept working out.

Jace hands didn't wander too much but on her back and hips. He was still unsure about how far he could go, and hoped Clary would stop him if she didn't want to go where they still hadn't. He decided to remove his belt and black pants next, to try to avoid looking at her body. He still wasn't used to do that, despite her clear invite to do so.

When he only had his briefs on and the pants were at his feet, he let his eyes wander to check her body out. She was so tiny. She had nice legs, he thought. And a flat stomach. She hadn't that much of a cleavage, but he didn't mind that. When he finally reached her face, she was intrigued. Maybe she wished to have his approval? Or she was just satisfied the first layers of clothes were gone for good and this meant a step forward in their relationship? He didn't know.

Several minutes later, Clary was sitting on his bed with his bathrobe on, her legs crossed. It was annoying not to live there: she didn't have another change of clothes so she had to remove her underwear (not in front of him) so that she could dry it with a blow-drier. It was taking lots of time but what did she want, she had completely soaked it.

Jace was still in the bathroom. Once he went out, wearing a pair of faded jeans and a white shirt, Clary smiled at him. He smiled back, his pupils dilated. He did not walk towards the bed where she was as she had expected him to. He instead went to look for something in one of his drawers – a pair of socks apparently. After a long instant, he spoke again. "I... really enjoyed what happened tonight." He mumbled.

"Me too" she whispered, understanding his words although the blow-drier was on.

"Even though nothing really happened, it was fantastic. You know, being there with the person you love and just feel them. It's never happened to me before."

Clary smiled. "It's the same for me. And more than that."

He turned and grinned. She didn't know but she sworn she saw him blushing. "Definitely more than that." He laughed, thinking about the whole thing all over again. A shower with Clary! With clothes on, but it still was a shower with Clary. "Is your underwear dried?"

"Not yet."

"Oh, okay" he muttered, sitting on a chair and putting the socks on.

Once Clary's underwear was fine, she got finally dressed. It was time for goodbyes, since it was very late and she had to go back to Luke's house to dine with him and her mother. She opened the door to Jace's room and they walked to the ground floor together. She grinned once outside of the main door. It was an awkward smile, and he replied with one too. "What?" She asked.


"Nothing? Anyway, I should go. My mom will go crazy if I don't get back by 7pm."

"Sure. We'll see each other tomorrow. We'll try with the ropes and jumps again."

She nodded. "Yeah, tomorrow. Alright."

"Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?"

"No, I'm fine like this. Bye, Jace."

"Goodbye, Clary." He watched her leave slowly. He didn't know, but maybe she was expecting something. More words? A goodbye kiss? Dang. That is what he missed. He run after her and turned her so that they could kiss. Clary was breathless as usual after their lips parted.

"Jace..." she muttered, without knowing what to add more. His name was enough.

He grinned sweetly. When he made that face he looked like a real angel. "I forgot something and I had to give it to you. And since I now did, I don't have anymore to add if not that I, Jace Lightwood, will love you until the angel decides it is time for me to leave the Earth."

Clary answered to his declaration of love with another kiss. This time it was deeper and lovelier.

Once she got back to Luke's house, she received a text. She thought it would be from Simon, but instead it was from Isabelle. What would Isabelle need to say to her? She opened the message, afraid that something may had happened, only to find the girl wasn't who sent the text. It was from Jace.

I hope we will live more first times together. - Jace

She smiled at the first times thing, she will discuss about it with him in the future. For now, she just wanted to live things with him as they came to her. The future only seemed bright.