(A/N) Because I'm swerving off of my own plans for this story. Enjoy!

The sound woke her up

What was it? She thought to herself. It sounded distant. Getting to her feet she sought it out.
Something was off though, not quite right. Where was she?
Who was she?
Is this a dream
What's going on?
Putting the thoughts to the back of her mind, she continued walking, ignoring the build of pressure in her head, it was as though her ears couldn't adjust to a pressure change- or something like that anyway.
It was dark
It was cold
And she still didn't know where she was

How long had she been seeking out this sound? Voices would appear every now and again, who were they? What did they want. Was that her name they were calling out?

The sound was closer now. Louder.
She was dreaming.
Trapped, trapped in her own mind.

A gust of wind
A yell
Powder. No. Not powder, snow
No. Fists

Her eyes opened slowly, blinded by the sterile condition of the room around her.
"Miss Doggett, about time you woke up" a cheerful voice rang through the air