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'Hulk smash.' Hulk's voice

'Hulk, don't smash.' Bruce's voice

Chapter 10

Bruce continued his research with Harry hovering over his shoulder. Bruce didn't know what to do. He couldn't possibly tell Harry that he was in love with him. It could only end horribly.

'Why?' Hulk grunted.

'I'm an older man with 'anger issues'.'

'Hulk would never hurt Harry.' Hulk growled offended.

'Besides Harry is so young. What if I'm too old for him? What if he sees me as a dad or something? What if...I just...I just don't want to be rejected. If he did...I wouldn't be able to stand it.'

The Hulk was quiet. Bruce was in love with Harry finally but neither of them knew how Harry felt about Bruce. Harry had shown no signs that he was attracted to Bruce. None at all.

Bruce stared at the information on the screen blankly.

"You okay Bruce?" Harry asked.

Bruce shook his head. This was not the time to think about this. Especially when the object of his affections was hovering over his shoulder, and pulling out applesauce from his pocket. Wait, what? Applesauce?

"Here, eat this it'll make you feel better."

"Applesauce?" Bruce asked amusedly.

Harry just smiled at him.

"Well, it makes me feel better."

Bruce chuckled and grabbed the fruit cup. He opened it and took the first bite and smiled.

Harry beamed.


Bruce just shook his head because he knew it wasn't the applesauce that made him feel better. It was Harry's very presence.

'Love is a strange thing.' He glanced at Harry. 'It's just as well that Harry is a strange being.'

-Time skip-

Harry was thinking too hard again. Obviously, nothing good could come from it. Steve, Natasha and Tony had gone Merlin knows where to retrieve Loki. Bruce had taken a nap, but Harry didn't feel like sleeping. He had far too much on his mind. While his outward appearance was bubbly and slightly oblivious in actuality Harry was anything but.

Harry and Bruce had been dragged into the middle of something big, very big. World destroying big if Fury's warnings about the Tesseract were to be believed. That was one of the reasons Harry had voted to stay behind with Bruce while the others had been sent to retrieve Loki. Harry would protect Bruce at all costs. Quite frankly the man didn't seem to put much stock in his life. Over the past few weeks he had gotten better, but there was still this lingering sense of self-loathing and weariness in his eyes. Harry wasn't sure what to do to knock the man out of it. Maybe he needed time? A sense of purpose? Harry wasn't sure. Harry hated not knowing what to do. All his life he had been faced with a problem that had an easy solution.

Newts? Study hard.

Open wound? Heal it.

Evil dark lord out to kill him and take over the world? Kill him.

But Bruce…

A friend that believes the world would be better off without his existence? Well…Harry wasn't too sure what to do about that. All he could do was try to make Bruce see sense and that he was worth it.

Harry sighed. He just wished Bruce would tell him his secret. Sure, Harry had been a bit rash in making that vow, but he didn't really regret it. With all that Harry had seen in his life he was quite sure that nothing else could shock him. Now if only he could get Bruce to see that…

Harry spent the next hour consumed by thoughts of Bruce desperate to help the man. No one had consumed Harry's thoughts like this except Voldemort, but for an altogether different reason. All he felt for Voldemort was hatred. Pure and simple.

For Bruce, Harry felt something that he had never felt before. Something he perhaps wouldn't ever fully recognize by himself.

Harry Potter was falling in love.

(The author is tempted to leave it here…)

Bruce woke up feeling groggy. He blinked back sleepy tears. It took him a few moments before he realized where he was. When he did he fell back on his bed with a groan. Seriously, all Bruce wanted to do was travel India with Harry and help people. He sighed and staggered out of bed. Well, technically he was still helping people.

He walked through the corridors and passed by busy SHIELD employees. He entered the room where the other Avengers were waiting to begin a meeting.

They nodded at him with some strange look in their eyes and it took Bruce a moment to realize what it was. Acknowledgement. Respect. And from Natasha wariness, but he expected that seeing how protective she was of Harry.

Nonetheless, these were looks he hadn't been on the receiving end since his accident. For so long eyes had skimmed over him, looked through him, but once they knew who he was they were filled with fear. Fear of his anger. Fear of his other side.

All of these people knew who and what he was. They knew what he could do. They knew. And yet…they weren't afraid. Bruce unconsciously stood up straighter, walked with a little more confidence and for the first time in a long time felt something like hope.

Maybe one day he would tell Harry how he felt about him…if of course he survived Bruce telling him about his big, green, and angry secret.

Now where is Harry the reader may ask? Well, for some strange reason Harry had not been alerted about the meeting. Most likely Fury or whoever called the meeting thought Harry would be attached to Bruce by the hip.

For once this was not so.

Instead, Harry was walking around the giant airship thingy and found their new captive. Loki.

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