Last chapter folks! I hope you enjoyed the ride. I left a nice surprise at the end and I'm happy I finally got to finish this fic.


"I left you alone for a month. Not even that…"Hermione trailed off in disbelief.

She looked at the avengers from a huge screen in Tony's tower. Harry had connected her mirror and the screen with his magic.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

"Okay. Spill." Tony liked her already kind of like a young Pepper.

"Turns out Bruce is the Hulk."


"He got recruited by SHIELD and I just couldn't let him go alone!"


"I got adopted by Tony Stark when we first met."


"I'm interning with SHIELD now so I can keep an eye on Bruce. He doesn't take care of himself very well."

Hermione made a strangled noise.


"Bruce and I are in love!" He beamed. Bruce flushed deeply but smiled happily. He had finally confessed after the shwarma. It was only fair since Harry had confessed first and Bruce had no chance on being rejected.

"And?" Hermione asked shocked now.

"Turns out Loki decided to take over the world."


"Loki is being controlled by something or someone really powerful."

"What?!" Everybody screamed.

Harry turned around at the shocked avengers and scratched his head.

"Oh? I forgot to mention that! I must've been distracted by the shwarma."


AN: There will be a sequel eventually. It depends on whether or not I decide to watch the movies that happened directly after the Avengers…