Chapter 30- Next to me

Lauren POV

I didn't understand, well no of course I understood, but it didn't seem real, my brain seemed to have short circuited on me, it was like some needed to press reboot and try again. I sat there motionless, looking at the formal printed papers in front of me. My throat was so dry I couldn't talk again, my eyes intermittently flitting between Joey and the papers. Finally when my brain did get In gear and connect to my mouth the only words I could utter were pathetic. All I could say was "Really?"

In response to my half-baked comment Joey rolled his eyes and responded sarcastically with a really of his own. Yet his wasn't a question it was a definitive answer. Joey reached for my hands and stopped them from unconsciously twitching. "What do you say? Do you want to adopt Zoe?"

I bit my lip nervously, before joey moved it from between my teeth with his thumb. "Yes" I breathed "Did you even need to ask?"

"Not really, but I thought it would be nice to" He smirked tucking the papers in the envelope and throwing them on the coffee table "And Jess, by the way, is the social worker who's been overseeing all this" I could feel my embarrassment building "But I like it when my baby's jealous, makes her look hotter than normal" his hands had somehow found their way to my bum, his fingertips pushed into the back pockets of my jeans. I moved so I was straddling him, these hormones were having a whale of a time playing me, because despite my complete and utter hate more him and his bloody secrecy this morning, I wanted nothing more than to be having Sex with him right now.

"I want You Joey…" I breathed running my hands over his shirt, feeling his perfectly toned abs ripple beneath my fingertips. He leaned in and kissed me softly and looked into my eyes.

"I want you too…you have no idea how god damn sexy you like from this angle" His eyes did a sweep of me "From every angle actually" His hand left my bum and moved to my hair pulling it from the tie it had been in. They ran back down my shoulders, over my back and settled down to my behind which he squeezed gently. He turned the kiss more passionate and pulled me a little closer, I unbuttoned his shirt groaning as his chest became exposed to me.

"It should be illegal to be this hot" I mumbled kissing up his chest.

"Then you've been found guilty of a serious crime Miss Branning" I giggled as Joey unexpectedly flipped me so I was lying flat against the couch. "You should be punished…" he kissed along my jaw line, occasionally brushing his lips against mine for a torturously miniscule amount of time.

"As long as you're the arresting officer I don't really care…" I moaned as joeys hands tugged my top from my body and slowly trailed up my sides and across my bump. "Your teasing me" I managed to say, although it was rather breathy and probably inaudible. Taking my words into account he worked with ease at removing my jeans, that would be the last time he'd be taking those off in a while, considering they probably wouldn't fit in the morning at the rate I was growing. I stared down at my stomach. "Your beautiful…stop it" His hands pinned mine above my head stopping me covering my body.

"You going to help with these?" He indicated to his jeans, obviously he want losing my hands, and If I wanted this, which I did, I definitely did, I'd have to remove them myself. Joey chuckled and quickly removed his jeans his boxers too apparently. "You were too slow baby" he chuckled pulling us up to a sitting position.

"Your too impatient" I retorted hearing a guttural groan as I shifted my hips against him, feeling his apparent want and need underneath me. The sound of ripping was the next thing I heard, Joeys slight look of guilt as he held the sting of lace material of my knickers. "See, too impatient." Joey threw the material to the floor with the other discarded clothing.

"Is it safe to do this?" Joey asked breaking yet another kiss. I nodded Lifting myself up onto my knees, "I'm not going to hurt you or the twins?"

"No We'll be fine" I rubbed my stomach lightly and Joey smirked lifting me gently and then easing me down on to him. "So good…" I sighed. We remained still for a second just feeling everything at such an intensity. My eyes were shut tight as Joeys hands moved my knees from under me gently wrapping them around his waist on the sofa. I started moving on him, keeping things slow to start, but things soon increased as joey began moving as well. His hands roamed over my body, I noticed he liked to focus a lot on my bump and my boobs which, to Joeys growing satisfaction were getting bigger.

"Open your eyes…" he whispered, I did as he asked "hello beautiful" I smiled at him increasing my pace. Joey had different ideas. He lifted me so he was nearly completely out of me, I thought he was about to stop and I was seconds away from killing him when he quickly shifted the cushions on the sofa and flipped me so I was lying on them. "Still ok?" I nodded his eyes almost purely black with lust and desire.

"Very comfortable…" I was cut off as he thrust all the way into me hitting several sensitive spots as he went.

"Good because I plan on Fucking you right now…" he silenced my moans with a long lasting kiss as he kept a smooth rhythmic pace. His name spilling from my lips as he thrust one final time, our peaks hitting hard and fast, we lay silently trying to gain our breath.

"Thank you"

"What for beautiful?"

"Everything, for Zoe, your actually giving me your daughter to raise with you, the twins, the house for what you just gave me then" I smiled patting his chest. Joey tugged the blanket off the back of the sofa and pulled me nearer to him. I froze suddenly and Joeys hand moved back from me. "Oh god Joey, I think the babies Just moved" Joey nodded

"I felt it too, it was small but definitely there…I love having you Next to me like this" he kissed the back of my neck and moved to my shoulder.

"Me too, I think the twins do as well" I smiled feeling another little movement "Saying hi to Daddy I think" Joey responded by simply kissing my stomach and then splaying his hand protectively around it. We lay there for a while, the need for conversation long gone, we knew what we were both thinking. Just as I was drifting off Joey whispered in my ear. My heart stopped.

"Babe… one more thing…Will you Marry me?"

The end ….

For now … As you've probably guessed by this mean ending, there will be sequel so keep your eyes open.

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