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Daina skated down the road. Sighing, she carelessly popped the curb and continued on. Ignoring peoples indignant shouts at her as she rolled along, she wanted to scream, "Can't you see I'm here?! Why don't YOU move your fat asses over!!" But, she didn't need anymore trouble, so she kept quiet. She brushed her windswept, gold-streaked reddy brown hair out of her face. Maybe she should cut it short. Oh well. She made her way to the park, where her friends, Chris and Derek waited for her. Seeing them, she screamed, "Hey, you losers!"

Grinning, they waved and skated over. Derek tried to do a kick-flip, but screwed up and crashed to the ground. Daina and Chris stood over him, laughing. Sheepishly, Derek got up and they continued on their way. It was going to be another boring day. Or, so they thought.

"Hey, Joey!" Yugi called as he ran down the sidewalk.

"Huh?" the blond stopped to ask.

"Wait!" Yugi yelled, running as fast as his short legs could.

"Oh. That's it?" Joey continued to race as fast as he could. "Damn it!" Yugi bit back a snarl. "Joey! You huge idiot! WAIT!!!!"

Joey grinned and ran even faster. Too bad he didn't look where he was going. BAM!!!! He ran straight into a light post. He lay on the ground, in pain. Yugi took this as an opportunity to catch up. When he got there, Joey was up and kicking the post.

"You damn, stupid LIGHT POST!!!" he yelled angrily. He drew back his foot and nailed the immovable, solid metal post. I think you can imagine his reaction.

Swearing loudly, he hopped up and down on one foot, cursing the light post.

Yugi doubled over laughing.

"Joey," he gasped, "you have to look at where your headed!"

"Shut up, shut up!" he snarled, still clutching his foot.

"What are you guys doing?" Tristan questioned as he ran up, his face comically serious.

"Joey kicked a lamp again," Yugi stated like it was an everyday thing.

"Yeah, Joey has to learn that metal is hard!" Tea sounded like she was talking to a four year old.

"Tea? When did you get here?" Yugi asked over Joey's pain-filled howls.

"After Tristan," she said calmly.

"Come on, Joey," Tristan carefully helped Joey walk as they headed to the park.

"So, you guys think you beat me?" Daina questioned playfully.

"You're on!" Chris accepted the challenge.

The sat down on a bench an brought out their Duel Monsters cards. "Duel!" they said in unison.

"I play Flame Cerberous, in attack mode!" Chris stated.

Daina chuckled. "Okay, Here. Dark Witch, in attack mode."

"Are you insane?! That card is 300 points lower than mine!" Chris stated.

"Are you sure? I also add Electro-whip and Cyber Shield, bringing my Dark Witch up to 2800!" Daina smirked. "Dark Witch, attack!"

Chris watched as his life points rolled down to 1300. "I place this card in defence mode. And I add this magic card face down."

Daina stared at the two face down cards. She shrugged. "Okay. I combine Curse of Dragon, along with Kaminari Attack to make the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon. Then I add Dragon Treasure and Beast Fangs. And this card face down. Now, my dragon is at 3800. Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon, attack!"

Chris shrugged. "I play Dian Keto, the Cure Master. 1000 of my life points is restored!"

Daina wagged a finger in his face. "I don't think so. My face down card was Bad Reaction to Simochi. You lose 1000 points. Sucker! Now, Dark Witch, Judgement Spear!"

Chris' eye began to twitch as his points were reduced to zero. Daina performed her victory dance. "I win! I win!"

"You don't have to rub it in!" Chris said, annoyed.

"You would if you won! But you never win! So there!" Daina stuck her tongue out.

Gathering up their cards, the group of teens continued. In the middle of the park was a funny looking black-spot. Whenever Daina passed it, it seemed to get bigger. But, they never thought much of it. When Daina was parallel to it, a bright beam of light flared up, engulfing her. She whooped in exhilaration. Suddenly, the light disappeared, and so did Daina. All that was left was her skateboard. Derek and Chris stared in horror.

Yugi and friends were walking through the park. They headed in the direction of the game shop. There was a weird black-spot in the park. It was really strange, but they never thought much of it. Suddenly, a light flared up and Tea was in the middle. She screamed in terror. "Yugi, help me!" she screamed.

Yugi's puzzle glowed. "Yu-gi-oh!" he yelled. "Hang on Tea!" He raced after her, puzzle flashing. Joey and Tristan could only stare in horror. Suddenly, the light died down. A dazed Tea was in its place.

"Tea?! Are you okay?!" Yugi regained control of his body.

Tea stared at him. "Fine. Can we get some food here? I'm starving!" She tried to run, but stumbled and nearly fell over. "What the hell!?" she yelled in confusion.

"What is it?" Yugi asked worriedly.

"What the hell am I wearing?!" she exclaimed.

"What do you mean?" Yugi asked, confused. "it's your favourite outfit!"

"What the-" Suddenly, it hit her. "How did I get here?" Daina thought. "What the hell am I wearing?!" She inwardly gasped. "Noooo! Please don't tell me I look like......... TEA!! Oh well, might as well have fun here!"

She shrugged. "I thought I saw a bug on my shirt."

They boys relaxed. "How about that grub?" Joey said enthusiastically.

"All for it!" Daina ran off, Joey on her heels.

Not watching where she was going, she ran into something really hard. Rubbing her head, she looked at the source of pain. "Damn light post!" she swore. She didn't understand why the guys cracked up, of why Joey was laughing the hardest. "Shuttup you retards!" she yelled.

The stopped, shocked. "Tea, did you just tell us to shut up?" Joey asked.

"Damn straight!" she replied.

They stared at her some more. "Shut your mouths before you catch flies," she snapped.

She proceeded to turn and run off to the nearby mall, three stunned boys to trail bewildered behind her.

When they finally got there, they found Daina at a table, sprawled out in her chair. "Well?" she asked impatiently.

"Um, right," Yugi said. They all ordered burgers. Joey ordered a salad for Tea. When they brought back the food, Daina stared questionably at it. "What the hells this?" she asked, disgusted.

"A salad. You always yell at us whenever we buy you burgers, so we brought you the write order, finally," Tristan said, obviously pleased with himself.

Snarling, she reached across the table and snatched Joey's burger. She scarfed it all in one bite. "No way am I eating a goddamn salad," she seethed.

She looked up and noticed the guys staring at her. "What are you looking at?!" she snapped. "Ain't you ever seen a girl eat a burger before?" She thought for a bit. "Sorry, Joey," she apologized. "I'll buy you a new one!" She got up and raced to the burger joint, elbowing her way to the front.

"Does Tea seem a bit.... weird, to you?" Yugi asked.

"Did she just eat my burger?" Joey asked.

"Probably just one of those days," Tristan said.

"I hope you're right....." Yugi sighed.

Daina returned with three burgers. "Here you go," she plopped on onto Joey's plate. "What are the other two for?" he asked with his mouth full.

"Me," she said calmly. Trying to break the awkward silence, Yugi said, "Did you guys hear about the tournament?"

"Yeah! I'm so entering!" Joey said excitedly. A piece of half eaten burger fell out of his mouth and onto the table. Everyone stared disgustedly.

"Um, right. So, Tea, you wanna go with me to cheer them on?" Tristan suggested.

"Cheer them on? Oh please. I'm entering!" Daina snorted.

"You can't be serious! The only official duel you've ever had is with Mai. You would've gotten your ass kicked if she didn't forfeit!" Joey laughed,

Daina stood up. "Excuse me?! You really think I can't duel, don't you! You know what?! Joey, let's duel! Right here, right now!"

"Fine! Let's duel! Tristan, keep score!" Joey glared daggers at Daina.

"You got it!" Tristan wrote down 2000 life points apiece on a napkin. "Duel!"

"I play Flame Swordsman, in attack mode!" Joey grinned confidently. "Beat that!"

"All right, Dark Witch!" Daina slapped down the card. "And, I'll add Electrowhip, bringing my attack points up to 2300! Dark Witch, Judgement Spear!"

Joey grimaced as his Flame Swordsman was destroyed. He looked at his hand. Swamp Battle guard, Lava Battle guard, Axe Raider, Kunai with Chain and the Red Eyes Black Dragon. Tristan scribbled on the paper, Tea 2000, Joey, 1500.

"I play the Red Eyes Black Dragon! Attack!"

Daina shrugged as her Dark Witch was added to the graveyard. She smirked. "Oh Joey, looks like you're gonna win. Not! I play Mystical Elf in defence mode, along with Elf's Light. Her defence is 2500."

Joey snarled. "Swamp Battle guard, attack mode."

"Yes!" Daina thought! She now had the cards to make a Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon. Not yet, though. Instead, "I play Monster Reborn! I revive my Dark witch and, I'll add Follow Wind and Winged Trumpeter for a total of 2800! And, I won't attack, just yet. Go on Joey! You know you're going to lose!"

"Now way!" Joey snarled. "I place a magic card face down and I play Garoozis, in defence mode!"

Daina smirked. "I think I'll play this card face down, and add Cyber Shield and the Malevolent Nuzzler to my Dark Witch. Now, her total is 3800! Still think you can beat me?"

Joey, Yugi and Tristan stared at the powerful Dark Witch. They had never seen anything like it! She could easily wipe out Kaiba's Blue Eyes, along with every other card in his deck! Yugi's Dark Magician would never stand a chance!

"All right! I play Axe Raider with the magic card Kunai with Chain!" Joey was starting to freak out. he knew there was no way to beat Tea.

"Oh look, Joey's getting scared. Puh-lease! I've thrashed more worthy opponents than you! Now, this duel's over!"

"Wha- What do you mean?!" Joey gasped.

"I mean, I play Curse of Dragon, Polymerization, and Kaminari attack! Twin-headed Thunder Dragon is now born! Oh, remember my face down card? I activate Raigeki! All your cards are destroyed! Send 'em to the graveyard! Now, Dark Witch, ATTACK!!!"

Joey watched as his life point's were diminished. "NO way!" he said softly.

"Final score, Tea 1900, Joey, 0. Now, who should cheer who on?" he asked Joey.

"Oh shut up! Wow, Tea, that was amazing! Where did you learn how to duel like that?" Joey said in awe.

"I'm a fast learner!" Daina said.

They sat and talked about the tournament, about how badly Joey lost and pretty much all about Duel Monsters. About halfway through the conversation, it became clear that Tea wasn't herself. Only Yugi really suspected something. Tea taunting Joey? No likely. And where did she get those cards? When Tea duelled for him against Mai, her strongest card was the Shining Friendship. Here, most of them were in the 1800 to 2500 range. What was going on?

A note about the duels, I'm using the Playstation Game, Forbidden Memories as my magic card power up points, so sorry if it's not the same as the actual card game.