I'm not dead! Still alive and writing, after, what, 5 months?? Wow, I guess I disappeared good! Here's another chapter! Enjoy!

Tea gawked as she looked around the crowded restaurant. People were- for lack of a better word- EVERYWHERE. The line up for the food was so long, people stood outside, trying to force their way in the doorway. Seeing her expression, Chris and Derek laughed. "You know what it's like here. Don't act so surprised, Daina," Derek grinned at her.

Tea opened her mouth and closed it. Grinning, Chris elbowed his way through the door, and yelled, "HEY!! Tyler! Can we get some service?"

Wondering who he was talking to, Tea just stared, not daring to speak. "This is to weird," she thought.

Suddenly, she felt someone put their hands over her eyes and froze in terror. "Guess who?" a voice whispered close to her ear.

After a tiring day at the mall, Daina and co. made their way back to Yugi's house. Snarling, Daina walked a little farther behind them, thinking dark thoughts about a former world champion and his Blue Eyes White Dragon. Joey was laughing, amazed that she had beaten Kaiba so badly. Tristan was trying to beat him up, while complaining that his ears were haunted by the horrible sound of Joey's laugh. Yugi was in thoughtful silence. Still, she didn't feel better that she had beaten him. She knew what she wanted and she was determined to get it.

"So, Yug, what do you feel like doing now?" Joey asked lazily.

"What do you want to do?" Yugi asked, knowing that whenever Joey asked that particular question, it usually meant that he had something else in mind.

"EAT!!" Joey proceeded to back up that claim by laughing hysterically. "I...... want...... to.......... EAT!!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!"

Her temper frayed to the breaking point, Daina lashed out. Her victim; the hyperactive Joey. "JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!!! GOD!! What the hell is wrong with you?!!!" The look she gave him should have left him bleeding. She stalked darkly ahead of them, moving with a sleek, predatory fierceness that they never saw in Tea.

"So, do you still want to go to Yugi's house?" Tristan asked quietly.

"NO!!" she snapped. She suddenly screamed in frustration. The sound pierced the air, echoing off into the surrounding area.

"I guess she doesn't want to go," Joey remarked offhandedly.

"Joey, don't push it," Yugi said quietly, knowing that Tea's temper was already stretched to the breaking point. That little explosion was nothing compared to the full blast of the anger that was slowly building.

"Tea? Are you all right?" Yugi asked softly.

"No. I just want to go home," Daina growled.

"All right. Do you mind if we walk you home?" he asked again.

"It's okay. Just leave me alone."

She turned and walked off, leaving a stunned group and a quietly snickering Joey. "D'you think she realizes that her house is that way?"

Tea was quietly having a heart attack. Someone had just grabbed her from behind. Her eyes were covered. She didn't know what else to do, so she let out a shriek a banshee would have been proud of.

"Whoa! Daina! It's me, Tyler!" a deep voice cried anxiously.

Tea just stood there, trying to force some air into her lungs. Why was it so hard to breathe? "T-Tyler?" she gasped.

"Why are you so scared today? He does this every time," Derek laughed, unconcerned. His face fell as Chris made a gesture with his thumb and index finger that only result in one thing; the loss of some hard earned cash.

"Hey! That's not fair!" Derek complained.

"Just pay up," Chris said brightly. "I knew this day would come. The day when Daina finally loses it."

"You do know that this is the money that pays for-" Derek began, but Chris cut him off, laughing gleefully.

"Yeah, yeah, your PS2! Now it goes to my pocket all because Daina lost it!!"

His joy did not last for long. "No. Lunch you moron. That money was going to pay Tyler for lunch. Now you have to pay," Derek grinned.

"Oh," was all Chris said before handing it back to Derek. "Next time you owe me!"

Squelching a grin of delight, Derek acted disappointed. "Okay, next time I owe you one......" He proceeded to grudgingly hand over the money to a worried Tyler who handed them their lunch. "Thanks," he said. "By the way, you may want to do something about Daina, she is acting pretty strange."

"Yeah, sure, why not?" was all Chris said. They hustled Tea out the door, ignoring the angry scowls and glares of the other customers, still waiting to receive their lunch.

"Yo, Daina are you all right?" Chris decided to take his advice after all.

"What? Yeah, fine, wonderful," Tea said distractedly as she walked around aimlessly, as if she was in a daze.

"Well, your acting kinda weird, so we're worried about you, you know?" Derek chipped in.

"Don't be," Tea answered, now worried. What did these guys want? God, how she missed Yugi and the guys. Compared to them, these two were idiots.

"If there's anything you need, you tell us," Chris said, the worry showing in his eyes.

"Rfhs, gmph mpghh rrgg grrl." Derek managed to say through a mouthful of fries.

"Yeah, what he said," Chris joked as he roughly elbowed Derek in the ribs, causing him to choke and gag on his fries. Tea couldn't help it; she burst out laughing.

"Yea, anything," Derek finally choked out after much choking. "Beatings, broken bones, decapitation, choking, strangling and......... NOOGIES!" Derek managed a frightened squawk before he was jumped on by Chris and given a massive noogie.

"Hey, you plagiarist! That was my idea!" Derek yelled as he was attacked by Chris.

The three of them sat there, laughing and enjoying each others company like they were old friends, which of course they were, to a certain degree. Tea had never had so much fun. Sure, Joey and Tristan were always fighting, but not like this. For once, she felt like she belonged. Maybe she would give it a little while longer before searching for her friends.