Wow, I'm here with a new story! I intended this to be a three chapter story, but I like it so much I might write more! So the pairing is Benedict/OC, Benedict/OFC whatever you want to call it. I feel if anyone should be married by 37, it should be Benedict. This is my idea on how he would fall in love. (May or may not be using the same name from my other stories.) Seriously I suck at making up names, please send in suggestions for my next story!

Italicized is Sabrina, bold is Benedict. I'll put their first initial at the beginning as a reminder, though.

The first time Benedict met his wife, she was a young interviewer excited to talk to the stars of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. She had done hundreds of interviews with so many famous, influential people. So why is it that she always remembered the three she shared with him?

"Just take a seat here and you're first interview will be in in a minute." A man in his twenties told Sabrina as he took her purse and coffee from her hands.

"Thank you, any idea who will be here first?"

"Tom, Tom Hardy."

"Great, thank you again." Sabrina took her seat and began to thumb through her notes, filled with questions for each actor.

This wasn't the first time she had done interviews with such big stars, and she hoped it wouldn't be the last. She always wanted perfection, which is why instead of going out with friends, she spent every night in bed with a bowl of Ramen noodles and her computer, researching actors she would be interviewing.

She would note down every piece of work she was familiar with, write any question she felt could bring up an interesting story, and crossed out the ones she felt were too often repeated in other interviews.

Sabrina, being a fan of pop culture herself, enjoyed interviews most when the actors talked about both themselves and the project, while also maintaining a light and possibly funny atmosphere.

Today she would be interviewing three cast members of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Gary Oldman's new film. The three cast members were Gary Oldman himself, Tom Hardy, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Out of the three actors, Benedict was the least well known by the people, but he was the one that she was most familiar with. She had no troubles coming up with questions for him, because they were questions she personally was also curious about.

Her interview with Tom was light and filled with numerous stories about filming and jokes she couldn't help but laugh at. She could tell he was a really nice guy.

Her interview wish Gary was smooth, much like Gary himself. Gary was like a wise uncle who told over the top stories that you couldn't help but hope were true.

Benedict's interview was somehow a mixture of the two. He started by asking what her name was, something the other two didn't do. She had to introduce herself to the other two, because they didn't bother trying to know her name, because they wouldn't remember it.

"Hello, sir. Nice to meet you!" Sabrina stood and spoke in a cheerful tone, as she always did.

"Hello dear, Benedict." He took her extended hand and shook it. "And your name is?"

The way he introduced himself told her that he would like to call him by his first name. Not Mr. Cumberbatch. So she did the same.

"Sabrina. Let me tell you before we begin, I am a big fan!"

"Oh, we'll thank you very much. It's not something I hear often!"

"Really? I can't imagine why, your show 'Sherlock' is doing so well, and personally I was a big fan of 'Hawking' that you did back in 2004."

With a shared smile they both took a seat across from each other.

"I'm impressed, you do know a lot about me."

"We'll, it is my job." With another smile, she looked down at her notes as someone told her they would start the interview in 30 seconds.

It was a routine interview, though she did feel something was a bit different about Benedict. There was a certain smile he wore that she hadn't seen in his interviews before. And his attitude was completely different. In the interviews she had seen of him, he was usually sheltered and shy, never really one to share details of his personal life. He told her several funny, charming stories of his childhood and what it was like on set.

When the interview was over and she had to pack up for the day, she decided to bring this up with him.

"I don't know, I guess I just like you." Benedict replied as they walked side by side out of the small studio they filmed in. The other actors she interviewed were more than likely gone, driven by their personal chauffeurs. She had a feeling that Benedict drove himself around.

"I'm flattered; you don't seem like a person who likes someone after knowing them for half an hour."

"I usually don't, I guess you're the exception." They both stopped walking as they made it to the parking lot. He paused, hesitating. "Would it be too forward if I asked for your number?"

"Probably, but I'm still going to give it to you." So they exchanged cell phones and phone numbers, and he promised to text her the next day, and she knew he would keep the promise.

And he did. When she woke up at 8 a.m. a text was waiting to be read.

B: Any plans for lunch?

She smiled and sent him an answer, getting up to get ready for a shower.

S: Not that I'm aware of. Why?

As she picked out her clothes for the afternoon she heard a vibration, alerting her that he had texted back.

B: Because I would like to take you to lunch, if you don't mind me boring you with my presence for another day?

S: I think I can manage you for another day. Time and place?

B: Send me your address, I'll pick you up at 11.

So she told him where she lived and jumped in the shower. She was ready to be picked up by 9, so she forced herself to so research for an interview she would be conducting that weekend. Before she knew it, it was 11:04 and there was a knock at her door.

She slipped on her shoes and grabbed her purse before answering.

"You're late."