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"They loved you, they really loved you!" Sabrina exclaimed, running into Benedict's arms that night after they retreated to her bedroom.

"You think so?" He pulled back, subconsciously biting his lip.

"My parents have never acted that way around a boy before, they really like you."

Sabrina went in to her bathroom to take a shower, leaving Benedict to investigate her room.

She really does love Star Trek, he thought as he poked the model USS Enterprise that sat on her bookshelf.

He heard a knock at the door, and in came George, Sabrina's father.

"Sorry, Sabrina's in the shower."

"I know, I heard the water running. I wanted to come and talk to you." He took a seat on Sabrina's bed and gestured for Benedict to do the same. "You seem like a great guy, a lot better than some of the scum Sabrina has brought home with her. I want to know that you'll be good to her."

"Of course I will be."

"No, you don't understand." He hesitated a moment, listening to hear if the shower was still going. "We moved to this house when she was fourteen. She had trouble making friends. Sabrina was better than everyone, we knew it. The kids at school didn't, though. High school was a hard time for her. She started acting different, really secretive and unemotional."

"What happened?" Benedict tried getting him to the point.

"We thought she would be okay by herself for one night. All of her siblings had moved out, me and Lea went out for dinner. We came back and she was bleeding. Really badly. We found her on her shower's floor. She had tried to commit suicide."

Benedict didn't know what to say, Sabrina had never said anything about this before.

"There isn't a day goes by that I don't regret going to dinner that night." Benedict was going to tell him that it wasn't his fault, but George kept going. "After that, though, we took her out of public school and hired a private teacher. She became invested in celebrities. Star Trek was something we shared. It taught her that there is a world where everyone is accepted. It saved her life."

There was a long pause, which allowed him to process the information he has just received.

"I think she's really excited about you being a part of this movie. So let her cherish it."

"I will." Benedict promised. They both heard the water stop.

"I better leave."

"Wait." Benedict stopped him. "Sabrina means the world to me; I plan on marrying her one day. I need you to know that I would never do anything to hurt her." There was a pause, before George answered.

"Marriage, huh? Sabrina Cumberbatch. That's a ridiculous name." With that, George returned to the room he shared with his wife, muttering to himself. "Sabrina Cumberbatch."

"Do you think they'll name their kids after us?"

"I highly doubt it. You know how celebrities are, naming their kids after colors and fruits."

Sabrina couldn't bring herself to step foot in the shower. Instead, she allowed it to run as she sat against the closed door. She listened carefully as she heard her father tell Benedict the story. The story she had loathed every day of her adult life. The story she heard her aunts and uncles whisper to each other during holidays.

She felt different when Benedict was told the story. Like it wasn't a big deal. Probably because he didn't make it a big deal.

She shut off the water, changing into her baggy pajamas. Sabrina emerged from the bathroom, a minute after her father had left. Benedict had changed into his pajamas, too. A pair of flannel pajama pants and a tattered shirt with several holes in it.

He didn't comment on how her hair wasn't wet, or ask her if she had heard what her dad had told him. Because he knew that she had.

Together, they climbed into her bed, Sabrina facing him.

"Sabrina Cumberbatch?" She asked in a whisper.

"Sabrina Cumberbatch." He confirmed.

He held her tighter that night, in fear that she could slip away.

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"Holy shit." Sabrina openly gawked at her boyfriend.

"What?" He asked, tugging at the hem of his shirt.

"Look at you! Jesus Christ you're so pretty I actually want to slap you!" She sounded annoyed.

"Please don't." He told her, holding up his hands as if to tell her 'I mean no harm.'

"And look at your hair! Seriously, you expect me to go and meet Zachary Quinto and still find him attractive after looking at you?"

"Sweetie, don't you think you're being a little dramatic?" But she didn't listen.

"We are having sex tonight. It's decided."