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It all started on a dark and stormy night, or was it sunny? the Teen Titans, Jump City's beloved goody-goody two shoes; Robin, the jerky OCD leader trained by Batman(or Douche-Man, nicknamed by Booster Gold), Starfire, the beautiful innocent moe alien babe, Cyborg, the all-star meat-eating tin-man, Raven, the sexy gothic sorceress who wears a leotard for some reason, and yours truly, formerly known as BeastBoy!

[Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.]

Uuuhhh, what is it, inner thoughts?

[Why are you narrating the story and where's the narrator?]

Oh, you know, he's "tied up" for the moment.

(By "tied up" for the moment, you mean Locked him in the closet for a week and forgot to feed him.)

Shut up, my second inner thought. But please, can I narrate the story about my...ORIGIN TALE? *Dun dun dun!*

(You mean you want the readers to know about your tortured childhood? They've heard it on many other versions.)

No, not those torture fics where they make me a cannibal and peal my skin*gross, who writes that?*I'm talking about how I became a different, psychopathic, Anti-Hero that likes chicks and tofu chimichangas!

[Oh for the love of, fine. But make sure you put in some character P.O.V.s, you know, make the readers learn from other character's perspective.]


Anyways, they're we were, facing off Slade in one of his top secret base that's like, in a gears factory (why would he live there?) Slade is plotting something big.

"Greetings Titans." He said with the most chilling voice that sounds like that ice cream man whispering your 10-year-old self ear 'Your hair smells like peaches' *Shudders*.

"All right Slade, what are you planning?!" Said our OCD leader, Robin. Slade looked at Boy Wonder, with a wicked stare that gives you nightmares. "Robin, why would I want to tell you my plan, if I can show it." He said, not good with grammar (I blame the writer).

Okay, so Mr. Herbert the Terminator press something from his gauntlet things and something rise from behind him. It seems to be a huge, 'effin, laser. It seems to be powered by...a rock?

Slade, who still looked at us with a sinister look, explains to us what it is, "This laser cannon is powered by a rare mineral that is not founded on Earth. Scientist has classified this rock as 'Andamantium', an indestructible metal that can be used as a power sourse to use the laser to destroy the Titans. But sinse I've never used it before, I'm going to test it on you." So Mr. Exposition press a button and used his Andamantium laser to shoot at us.

It was a long avoidence, like 20 minutes long. Robin tries to come up and beat up Slade, but Slade got the upper hand and kicked boy blunder in the stomach. Starfire and Raven, two gorgeous babes, tries to dismantle the laser, but the laser has guns and stuff packed in it and tries to shoot them back. Not even Cyborg's sonic cannon thing can faze the thing.

It was then, I came to the glory. It was a risky move, but the moment I saw the laser, pointing towards Raven, I knew I had to play hero. So I jumped in front of her as the beam from the laser zap me!

Before I knew it, I was in pain. As the electricity flows in through my body, I feel the pain in my bones, then my green flesh starts burning, and my whole body has been covered nothing but the black burns I received. And the most painful part, my bones hurts for some reason, like some silvery metal liquid starts flowing inside my body, and my mind starts going crazy!

Then, the world faded to black for the green machine.

"BeastBoy!" Raven yelled as she comes to me, trying to heal my burned wounds, but for some reason, it's not working on me! She was crying so much, the laser was covered in blackness and crushed to smithereens!

The Titans fall back, except Robin whose trying to chase down Slade, but he's already disappeared from the shadows. Jerk wonder then comes towards the rest of the Titans as they carry me to the T-car. But Robin looked displeased. "What happened?" He asked in a scary demanding tone.

"The laser was about to aim at me, but Beastboy jumped in and got blasted instead." A tear trickled down to her face and continues "He-he saved me. I don't know why, but I can't heal him."

"Take him to the sick bay" Robin commanded them "that stunt he pulled could've gotten himself killed."

Stunt? I just bust my ass to save her, and you call it a stunt? Raven feels appalled by Robin's statement. Why would on Earth would saving Raven be consider a stunt?

Raven defensively responded "But Beastboy risk his life to save me!" She pointed out. But Robin ignored her statement and countered "You could've shielded the laser, and Beastboy should know that you could've taken care of yourself." Robin gets on his R-cycle (I really want a moped, but Noooo, Robin thinks its a waste of money, jerk) and gives one of his boring lectures "I hope when Beastboy wakes up, he'll learn from his stupidity to not pull this stunt again."

Cyborg and Starfire were silent on the way home, as Raven holds on to my burned body and still tries to heal but fails for no reason. "Please wake up, Beastboy. Please..." She whispered.

But what happens then, will be something the Titans will never be the same.


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Next chapter, The Titans vs another villain, and Beastboy goes insane!