Heys! This is MeulinxKurloz (and Kurloz and Mituna are best friends in here) for Demonofthesilverstars. It's a highschool AU (I LOVE THOSE). Kurloz doesn't know about his purple-eye powers yet, and his mouth isn't stitched yet :D

YET. Both of these happen.

I also made Kankri a little evil (well, pretty evil), and somebody dies.

Kurloz glared at Kankri.

What is that idiot doing? he wrote on a note before passing it to his best friend, Mituna.

1 KN0W! M47H CL455 15 N07 7H3 71M3 70 FL1R7!

Kurloz rolled his eyes, thinking, That guy is such a nerd! He then wrote, NO! I MEAN MEULIN IS MINE AND MINE ALONE! The mirthful messiahs will strike him down! HOOOOOOOOONK

Y0U 4ND Y0UR 57UP1D R3L1G10N. 4L50, H0W 4R3 Y0U G01NG 70 G37 M3UL1N 70 G0 0U7 W17H Y0U?

My religion is not 57UP1D, you blasphemer! And anyway, I will just have to wait, and I will pray in the meantime.

DUM8455 G07H 1 4LR34DY H4V3 4 G1RLFR13ND 4ND 1'M 73LL1NG Y0U, Y0U N33D 70 D0 S0M37H1NG!

I will do whatever I decide to do. Also, your girlfriend is slightly ridiculous and almost as retarded as you are.

A spitball flew across the room and hit Kurloz in the face. He stuck his tongue out at Mituna, who laughed, and then the teacher went, "MR. MAKARA."

Kurloz sat still and then sighed. "Yes, Mr. Hussie?"

"Go to the principal's office. NOW. Don't think I haven't noticed you passing notes, either."

Kurloz got up slowly, without looking at anybody, and started trudging towards the door. Meulin gave him a concerned look and stopped listening to Kankri, who was now going on about how you shouldn't pass notes in class.

See you at lunch, Curly, she signed with a small smile. He smiled back. They had learned to communicate in sign language so other people couldn't understand them.

Kurloz Makara was the boy that many people picked on.

He had never fit in even when he was more normal, so he started wearing lots of makeup and odd clothes. The more they teased him or hit him, the less he liked them and talked to them, and it went around in a large, vicious circle.

"Hey Gamzee," he said while walking his little brother back to class after being in detention with him, "How are you feeling?"

"Motherfucking idiot," his little brother said while hugging Kurloz tight. "But Kurloz?"


"Do you think there's something wrong with us?"

Kurloz paused, and then Meenah ran up to him and knocked him over.

"HEY LOSER!" she yelled. "YOU DUMBASS LOSER YOU! Heard you went to the prinicpal's office!"

You sigh. Rufioh came up behind her and added, "Yeah… you really shouldn't be doing whatever you did, skeleton boy!"

Latula snuck up behind Kurloz and pushed him into the dirt, and then Damara wiped her shoe in his hair before saying something in Japanese.

"Hello, you pathetic excuse for a highblood," Kankri said with his nose in the air. "Passing notes is not a good thing to do in class. As well as wasting your ink and your paper, it stops you from learning all the things that you can in your classes, which is honestly quite terrible, because last time I checked you failed the midterms, and even if you hadn't, let me remind you that there are some people who are actually trying to study sometimes, and your constant paper-scratching makes me sicker than a dog who licked too much ice cream off the floor and then got kicked in the stomach. I wish you'd just die."

He leaned in closer. "Oh, and guess what, skeleton. Meulin's mine. So go to hell."

You sigh sadly on the floor as he walks away.

N0T 4G41N.

I'm telling you, your girlfriend is a heathen and she deserves to be shot!

N0, KURL0Z, 5H3'5 F1N3.

She is not fine. I got pushed into the dirt. That is not called "fine".

W3LL 1 M34N 1 R1N53D OFF 4LL Y0UR 57UFF F0R Y0U WH3N 5H3 DUMP3D 1T D0WN 7H3 T01L3T 50 Y34H

Okay, I will give you that. Let me tell you, though, forgiveness costs you a lot in my religion.

W1LL Y0U 5HU7 UP 53R10U5LY 1 D0N7 W4N7 70 H3R3 480U7 Y0UR R3L1G10N 4NY D4MN M0R3

Someone's cranky ;)


It's okay. But just look at them! Look at them in the yard. Kankri thinks he's so wonderful, and that he can skip school all the time, but he's not and he can't. Also, Meulin should not be taking after him. I worry about her. Constantly.

53R10U5LY Y0U N33D 70 G37 L1K3 4 J08 0R 4 5K3L370N G1RLFR13ND 0R 50M37H1NG. 1 7H1NK 7H3R35 0N3 1N 7H3 5C13NC3 L48…

Kurloz sighed and crumpled up the note, stuffing it into the pocket of his pants. He looked gloomily out the window at Meulin. She was so beautiful…

Wait. What is that mutant doing? WHAT THE HOLY—he's trying to kiss her!

"NO!" Kurloz screamed in his mind, and Kankri's eyes suddenly glowed purple before screaming "NO!" out loud. Meulin had already been trying to back away, and now she looked very concerned.

"Kankri?" she said. "Kankri, are you… are you okay?"

Kurloz nearly shot up from his seat. Was it possible? Could he control minds? He had to try again.

"YOU STUPID BITCH I HATE YOU," Kankri said, flapping his eyes around. His eyes were still purple. Kurloz's own eyes gleamed, and although he couldn't see it, his own eyes were the same shade.

Kankri flopped up and down in the street, before peeing in his pants and slapping Meulin ever-so-gently in the face.

"I BET THIS IS YOU, KURLOZ," Kankri screamed. He started walking deliberately towards Kurloz's current classroom, and he would've been stopped had the teacher not made Kurloz look towards her.

"Look," she said, "I don't know what you've done, but I want you to stop doing it right now or you get detention."

Kurloz's eyes glowed purple again, and the teacher launched herself towards the window and the glass broke.

"YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" Kankri screamed, kicking down the door. "YOU'RE GOING TO DIE!"

He started choking Kurloz, who let himself be choked. Just a little longer, just a little…

"HEY!" Meulin screamed, kicking the door on the floor. "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HIM!" When Kankri turned to look at her, she clawed him in the face, and he yelled and cursed.

"Come on, Kurloz," she said, taking his arm. "I'll take care of you! Are you injured?"

Kurloz grinned at Mituna, who gave him a high-five once Meulin wasn't looking. Meulin kissed Kurloz on the cheek, and they walked off together, hand in hand.

Kankri woke up that evening to find Kurloz sitting at the foot of his bed holding a mirror.

"Hey, skeleton!" he said with a nervous laugh. "Are you so desperate that you'll play stupid games with me?"

Kurloz gave him a glare and turned on a torchlight he'd brought with him. His lips were stitched. He pushed a knife into Kankri's hand, closed his own hand around it, and let Kankri watch himself die in the mirror.