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Title: Beautiful Chaos

Summary: When Edward left Bella, Bella fell apart. Bella was simply going through the motion, not truly living, until a unique woman moved to town and Bella learns that vampires are not the only supernatural beings out there. With a new found protector in her not so angelic friend, a vindictive red head hell bent on revenge, smelly wolves, love triangles, and the return of the veggie-pires, life is about to become sweet, beautiful chaos.

Pairing(s): Jasper x OC

OC Character(s) Profile:

Name: Lilah Kostas (also known as Lily, Lilith, Angel of Death/Darkness)
Species: Nephilim – half angel, half man. (Different then her race for she has immortality and grace of an Angel plus a body and soul of a human.)
Origins: Ancient Greece
Age: Approximately 5,500 (+/- 100(s)) years old. (Born around late 4,000 B.C) Physical age is about 19-21.
Appearance: Long blood red hair reaching her lower back, bright, piercing pale blue eyes (which change when her 'Others' come out), lean/muscular frame, lightly tanned skin, & 5'7" height. She has a scar across her back in the shape of a large claw mark running from her left shoulder to right hip (Children of the Moon attack) and a few vampire bites on her arms and legs from various battles.

-Angel Wings: Her wings are completely white and they have a slight glow/shimmer to them in sunlight. Her wings and eyes change when her "inner monsters" come out. When "Lilith" is out her eyes change from bright blue to an array of colors consisting of light metallic-like blues, grays, greens, etc., while her wings start light grey on top and fade into a dark grey almost black at the tips; when the "Angel of Death/Darkness" is out, both her eyes and wings become as black as night. Her wings are soft to the touch but when used in battle become indestructible and can cut through anything (vampire skin) and nothing can damage them.
-Grace (her angel "soul"), which consists of the following powers,
-Mental shield: No vampire gift can work on her or any she shields.
-Physical shield: An impenetrable bubble like shield that can be used to sound proof, scent proof, block out or box in, or used as a weapon to cut through whomever stands in her way.
-Telepathy: She cannot read minds like Edward or Aro, but she can see thoughts you "think at her" or want her to hear and she can send you her thoughts as well.
-Angel Fire: Angel Fire is an offensive gift which she produces in the palm of her hand. It looks like a purple flame but she can wield it to take on other forms. Angel Fire is the hottest fire known to man besides the fire lit from the pits of Hell. Only an angel can wield Angel Fire and only an angel will not be burned from it.
-Enhanced senses: This includes hearing, sight, smell, speed, and strength.

Other Info: Angels and Nephilim do have mates similar to vampires. While a vampire feels a pull to their mate at first meeting, a nephilim will not begin to feel the pull until after their first kiss. Angels and nephilim are extremely possessive and protective over their mates. When an angel or nephilim mates a mark of their mate will appear on their left chest above their heart and on their mate's chest will a copy of the angels or nephilims wing will appear, forever etched into their skin. Angels and Nephilims also known as or called protettores, the protectors. When they met their protetta/protetto they feel the urge to protect and care for them. They normally form very close bonds with their protettos, normally a bond of familial standing.

Other Main Characters Gifts:
Jasper: Pathokinesis (empathy)
Peter: Intuition/Knowing
Isabella: Mental Shield
Charlotte: Reads Auras/Bonds
Garrett: Lie Detection
Rosalie: Astral Projection
Emmett: Super/Unbeatable Strength

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