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Harry's Perfect Little Family

He hadn't wanted this to happen. Precautions had been put into place, oaths had been taken, and the importance of both of these things had been impressed with the use of Stinging hexes, yelling, and the occasional rap to the head. Everything was supposed to be taken care of.

So when Draco left the healer's office that Monday afternoon, he knew exactly who he was going to slap.

And he would make it hurt.

Harry opened his beer, delighting in the sound of the released pressure, and dropped on the couch to enjoy several uninterrupted hours of telly. It was only Monday, but already his job as Head Auror had made him more than ready for the week to be over. He turned on I'm a Celebrity which was a show he hated, but Draco loved it (mostly because it let him indulge his love of watching other people suffer) and Harry – sentimental sod that he was – was missing his boyfriend.

They had gotten together a few months after Harry had graduated from the Auror Academy. It was his first solo assignment and Harry needed Polyjuice Potion for his disguise. When he went into the Apothecary and Potions Department, the last person he expected to see hovering over a cauldron was Draco Malfoy. Harry had assumed the Malfoy heir would be married and working for the family business, not working at the Ministry in the most unappreciated department.

Harry couldn't help but notice the attractive blond. After the war he'd realised that he no longer favoured the female form, but jumping right into Auror training had left little time for relationships. Still, he appreciated beauty, and even the straightest man on the plant would have to concede that Malfoy was as beautiful as a man could be.

Harry'd flirted without even realising it, until Malfoy raised an eyebrow and flirted back. And when his assignment was over he found himself making excuses to go down and visit the Potions Department. After a month of dancing around each other, Draco finally demanded that Harry either take him out to dinner or start paying for his potions because clearly the Auror department didn't need that many memory or healing potions and Draco had one bloody hell of a time keeping up with Harry's imaginary demand. They'd been dating ever since.

Or they were meant to be. Draco hadn't spoken to Harry in a week, he ignored all owl messages and floo calls, and whenever Harry went to the Potions Department Draco would run into the backroom and let one of his associates deal with Harry. And today he hadn't been at work at all.

He tried not to think about it, but it couldn't be a good sign when your boyfriend didn't want to talk to you. Especially since Harry had planned on proposing last weekend. It's hard to propose when your boyfriend never shows up for dinner.

Harry sighed and slouched down into the couch. The thoughts weren't helping him at all, but he hadn't been able to thinking of anything but. He was only a few days away from storming Malfoy Manor and interrogating Draco's parents into telling him where his boyfriend was hiding.

Harry started mentally preparing himself for the horrible confrontation when his floo began to glow and in all his blond glory, said-boyfriend stepped into the living room with a blaze in his eye that Harry had rarely seen directed at him.

"Draco? Where the hell have you been? I've sent messages, I've tried to visit you, but you're ignoring me!" Harry demanded.

Draco took a deep breath, clenched his hands together, and then launched himself at Harry in a flurry of robes, slaps, and screams.

"This is all your fault!" Draco screamed. "You stupid half-blood, why do you never listen to me? If you'd just listened… you stupid, stupid!"

"Stop," Harry yelled as he tried to stave off the blows. "Draco, stop hitting me, I haven't done anything."

Draco gave a sharp maniacal laugh before he tried to fling himself at Harry again. Thankfully Harry's Auror instincts finally kicked in, so he was able to grab Draco's arm and get him into a body hold before he could inflict anymore damage.

"Draco, tell me what's going on," Harry asked, completely nonplussed. Draco was prone to shifts in his mood, sure, but it was usually a back and forth between bratty Draco and sweet Draco. Harry hadn't seen this violent side of him since they had been in school. Draco tried to kick his way free, but Harry was stronger and held him tight.

"This is all your fault," Draco repeated, but his anger was lessening into exhaustion, and he could feel tears bubbling to the surface.

"I'm sure it is," Harry said, learning early on in their relationship that things would be better for everyone if he usually took the blame. "But what is it I've meant to have done?"

Draco choked back tears and mumbled out his response, but Harry couldn't hear it. He turned Draco around so they were face each other and pulled Draco's face up with his chin.

"I didn't catch that, love. What did you say?"

"I'm pregnant," Draco spat out, before the stress of the day overwhelmed him and he dropped onto the couch with his head between his knees. He managed to keep the tears away, though, and for that he was quite proud of himself.

Harry was silent as he processed this new information. Draco had always told him in was a possibility – a small one, but thanks to some dormant Veela blood, a possibility nonetheless. He took a contraceptive potion each day and missing one could be the difference between baby and no baby. Harry had known all this… but he never really thought it would be an issue. So two months ago when Draco's stock became contaminated and had to be thrown out, Harry was sure he'd be okay for the week it took to brew some new ones. Draco had protested, but by the middle of the week… well, he became a lot easier to convince.


"You're what?"

"Pregnant, up the duff, with child; any other synonyms I can use to make this clearer?"

Harry shook his head and sat down next to his boyfriend. When Draco didn't lift his head, Harry drew his hand over Draco's back and through his hair; something he knew calmed the blond.

"Are you feeling okay?"

Draco weakly shook his head, but didn't move as he was enjoying Harry's ministrations. "I'm tired all the time, I get dizzy and last week I fainted. That's actually what got me to go to the healer."

"You what? Draco, why didn't you tell me?" Harry asked, hurt and worried that Draco had been suffering for a week without telling him.

"I was scared, okay," Draco snapped. "I didn't know what was going on. I mean, I had my suspicions, but that just made me angry at you. I told you this could happen, but you ignored me."

"I'm sorry," Harry said, sincerely. "I know you told me, and you're right, I didn't take it seriously enough."

"And when I went to the healer today, I just knew what she would say, but that didn't make it any easier to accept. I was just so angry at you for convincing me that it would be okay and I was angry at myself for giving in when I knew how serious it was."

Harry nodded even though he knew Draco couldn't see him, so to emphasis his understanding, he brushed his fingers along the nape of Draco's neck.

"So we know when the baby was conceived," Harry said, smiling at Draco's snorted response. "What do you want to do?"

Draco was silent for several minutes, before he sat up and tucked himself against Harry's side.

"I want to keep it," he whispered.

Harry held back a smile, and said, "Are you sure? I don't want you to do something just because you think it's what I want."

Draco shook his head. "No, I want to keep it, bugger what you want. But… you do want it, right?"

"Of course I do," Harry simply said. He knew he didn't have to expand on that. Harry never said anything he didn't mean, at least not when it came to Draco.

"A little you and me," Draco said. It was perhaps the most sentimental Draco had ever been.

"I couldn't want anything more."

"You realise this means you're stuck with me, right? You'll never be rid of me," Draco warned.

"Considering that I was planning to propose to you last week if you had ever answered any of my requests for dinner, I don't think tying myself to you is a problem."

Draco's head shot up and he stared at Harry in shock. "You what?"

Harry shrugged but didn't say anything more. Draco blinked and looked at the ground for a while before turning back to Harry with a glare on his face. "That wasn't some piss-poor proposal right there, was it? Because that was horrible."

"No, that definitely wasn't. You missed it," Harry nonchalantly said, enjoying the look of horror, longing, and annoyance on Draco's face. "We'll just have to see if I feel like it again. I was quite hurt when you never got back to me, it may have spoiled it for me for life."

"What? What's that supposed me mean? Now you don't want to marry me? But I'm pregnant with your child!"

"We'll have to see," Harry said. Draco groaned and dropped back to Harry's side.

"I knew there was a reason I should have talked to you last week."

"So if I had asked, you'd've said yes?"

"Oh, no, you don't get an answer until I get a proper proposal," Draco said. "Now get up, we have some planning to do."

"What kind of planning could there possibly be?" Harry asked.

"We have to decorate a nursery, shop for the baby, buy supplies, and I feel like I need a gift to make up for the horrid day I've had."

"Horrid? You found out we're going to have a baby, most people would say that makes for a pretty damned happy day."

"Yes, well, the day isn't over and we have to tell my parents and the Weasley's."

Harry blanched in horror. This was going to be a trying day.

As Harry expected, the visit with the Malfoy's hadn't gone well. They'd arrived just in time for afternoon tea which they were able to bow out of due to their dinner at the Weasley's for dinner. But Narcissa had managed to get Harry to enjoy some tea and a scone with jam and clotted cream.

They had agreed that with the Malfoy's, Draco would make the announcement and Harry would do it at the Burrow. Frankly, in terms of explosions and sheer amount of people, Harry thought he'd got the short end of the straw. The Weasley's were still unsure about Draco, even after seven years, so the fallout was bound to be loud. But the Malfoy's were still terrifying.

The moment of truth came when Lucius offered them a glass of port,

"I'm sorry, father. As much as I'd love some, I'm afraid I'm off alcohol for the next few months."

Harry held his breath as he waited for the inevitable conversation.

"What do you mean, dear?" Narcissa asked, though from the gleam in her eye Harry suspected she already knew.

"I mean that I found out I am pregnant today, and so will be avoiding alcohol until after the baby is born," Draco said calmly.

Narcissa squealed with joy and embraced Draco, while Lucius sat in his chair, his face growing increasingly red.

"I'm so happy for you both! How far along are you?"

"I'm about two months; and really father, I've been with Harry for seven years. Surely you expected this to happen sooner or later."

Lucius clenched his jaw and without a word stood from his seat and strode from the room. Draco bit his lip as he watched him walk away. "I knew he'd be upset, but…"

Harry took his hand in support and Narcissa ran her hands through his hair.

"Don't worry, Draco. He'll come around, you're just defying everything he had planned for you as you grew up, and that's a lot of adjust to."

"But I'm happy," Draco whined. "Harry makes me happy and this baby makes me happy, why can't he just accept that?"

"He will, Draco," Harry said. "Just give him time. I'll be very surprised if he's not there for this baby's birth."

Narcissa studied him over Draco's head and after a few minutes she nodded her thanks. Their relationship wasn't friendly, but they were united in their love for Draco and their desire to see him happy. For that, they had managed to set aside their differences and converse civilly.

Draco leaned into Harry, and nodded. "We should probably go, Mum. We have to be at the Weasley's in an hour and we need to go home and change."

"Of course, let me know if there's anything you need. And once you're ready to start shopping for the baby, I hope you'll let me come with you."

"Of course I will, Harry will be hopeless in that area," Draco said, finally smiling again.

"Oi! I'll not."

"You'll be good for an hour or so, but then you'll complain that you're bored and want to go play Quidditch with Ron or watch the telly, just like always," Draco pointed out.

Harry rubbed his head as he tried to think is way out of that one. "Well, yeah, I do that when you're clothes shopping. But this is our baby, I want to help you."

Draco smiled and lightly kissed Harry's lips. "You will help, love. But I will need backup for when you're bored. Now let's go. At this rate we'll be late and we'll already have enough attention on us as it is."

"Harry!" Ron yelled, and swept Harry into his arms for a man-hug.

"Already had a few to drink, huh Ron?" Harry asked when he managed to get a breath.

"Mighta had a few, but that's not what I'm excited about. Cannon's game, two tickets from Thursday, and Hermione can't go. Whadda'ya say?"

Harry's eyes opened in excitement, but then he remembered his pregnant boyfriend who had just appeared in the floo behind him. He put on his best puppy-dog face and turned towards Draco, fully prepared to beg for a day off. Harry had season tickets, of course, but his tickets were to Puddlemere United, Draco's favourite team and number one in the league. But every once in a while Harry enjoyed the tension of a good Cannon's game. With Puddlemere you knew they would win – Draco enjoyed that, he loved watching the other team be slaughtered. But Harry loved watching a game, not knowing who was going to win. And the Cannons were always a hit or miss team.

Draco looked at Harry's face and quirked an eyebrow. "What do you want?"

"Ron has tickets to the Cannon's game on Thursday…"


"Well, can I go?" Harry asked.

"You're really going to leave me like this?" Draco asked.

"Like what?" Ron asked.

Harry ignored him and instead worked on Draco. "I'll have plenty of time to make it up to you."

"Harry, what's he talking about?"

"I'll tell you later, Ron. Please," he asked Draco, one final time.

Draco rolled his eyes and started walking out of the room. "You know they'll just lose, right?" He said just before he left.

Harry grinned, knowing that was the approval he sought, though Ron still looked confused. "So I guess I'm seeing you on Thursday, mate?"

"Was that what that was? It just sounded like an insult."

"You learn to read him," Harry said with a shrug.

"I really don't get what you see in him," Ron muttered.

"Good," Harry said, seriously. "Because if you did I might have to fight you for him."

Ron turned green at the thought. "Don't even, that's disgusting mate."

"That's the love of my life you're talking about there," Harry warned, even though he knew Ron didn't mean anything very cruel by it.

"Yeah, well I thought you were going to propose last week, but no ring, huh? Cold feet?"

"Something came up," Harry said, as vaguely as he could.

"Harry?" Mrs Weasley stuck her head into the room, saving him from having to elaborate. "Are you both coming, we're waiting for you to eat."

Harry nodded and followed her into the kitchen where the entire Weasley clan was gathered. He took his seat next to Draco while Ron went to sit beside Hermione and their two kids. Harry looked at little two-year-old Hugo and five-year-old Rose and imagined his child playing with them someday.

He didn't even know he had a stupid, deliriously happy look on his face until Draco nudged him and broke him from his thoughts. Harry looked up and noticed Hermione studying him with a confused look on her face and Ron looking at him like he was crazy. Harry just nodded and then spent the rest of dinner trying to keep a silly grin off his face.

Seeing his friends with their family finally drove home just what he would be having with Draco. It wasn't just a baby; they were making a family, a family that Harry had always wanted. He struggled to keep his joy from spilling over.

He made his announcement as soon as everyone was done eating. Molly stood to start clearing the table and voices began to get louder now that they weren't being stuffed with food, but Harry stood and cleared his throat to get everyone to focus on him. Once everyone was silent, Harry finally let the silly smile slip onto his face again.

"Draco and I have an announcement," he began. "Today Draco went to the healer and we found out something wonderful. I'm very happy, so I hope you can all be happy for us." Harry stopped to gauge everyone's reactions.

"Just tell us, Harry," George yelled, to cheers of agreement from his end of the table.

"Fine, fine, ruin the anticipation," Harry said. He turned to Draco and pulled him up until he was standing next to him. "Draco's pregnant. Two months along."

There was silence – something rarely ever heard at the Burrow – before pandemonium broke out and everyone was speaking at once.

Hermione practically launched herself around the table as she dragged him into a bone-crushing hug. "You're going to be a daddy," she said through her tears. "I'm so happy for you."

The rest of the evening passed quickly, with everyone giving their well-wishes. For the first time, it seemed that everyone welcomed Draco into the family. Even Ron gave his approval, though it was prefaced with, 'Well, I guess there's no getting rid of you now'.

When they got home, they both dropped into bed, too tired to move. Draco managed to roll over and press himself against Harry's side.

"Well that went better than I thought, though I imagine part of it was just shock. I won't be surprised if we get some howlers tomorrow morning."

Harry laughed and wrapped his arms around Draco. "I'm glad, I was a bit worried."

"They didn't scare you off."

"I'd like to see them try."

"So we're really going to do this. We've told the families… we're having a baby."

Harry smiled at the awe in Draco's voice.

"Yeah, we are."

In Draco's fifth month Harry came home to his boyfriend sitting on the living room floor completely surrounded by catalogues and paint swatches. He set his satchel on the couch and began to find his way through the maze of stuff covering his floor. When he finally reached Draco, he found him looking cribs.

"You're finally home," Draco said without taking his eyes off the catalogue.

"Yeah, sorry, I had some work to finish up before I could leave since I'm not going in tomorrow."

"You managed to get the time off?"

"Of course, I'm not missing this appointment. We're going to find out if we're having a boy or a girl."

He sat down next to Draco and kissed his temple before leaning over and pressing his lip to the swell of Draco's stomach.

"Hello little Potter, were you good for Papa today?"

"Aside from trips to the loo, everything is great. And who says they'll be a Potter?"

"Potter-Malfoy?" Harry amended.

"For now," Draco nodded. "Until you get the courage to finally propose. And tomorrow we can start debating names. I have a few selected, but I'm not going to become attached until we know the sex. And then we'll start shopping."

Harry grimaced. "Do we have to start shopping tomorrow? I want tomorrow to be a happy day."

"And shopping for our child isn't happy?"

"Shopping isn't happy," Harry muttered.

"But shopping makes me happy, and you want me to be happy, don't you?"

Harry remembered Draco's mood swing from the previous day, brought on by Harry simply questioning Draco's table placement. One moment Draco had been laughing and the next he'd broken out in tears and began accusing Harry of not loving him enough.

Needless to say, it was not an event Harry wanted to repeat.

"Fine, I'll go shopping."

Draco grinned and leaned over for a quick kiss. "Good. Now what do you think of this bassinet?"

Harry took the catalogue and sighed. At least shopping in the comfort of his own home, where he could get a cup of tea or a shot of whisky for his nerves, was better than shopping in a store where everyone would look at him.

The bassinet was made of a dark cherry wood with white lace linens. It wasn't something he'd have picked, but he imagined it was something similar to what Draco had slept in as a child.

"It's beautiful, but what about a crib."

"Oh, we'll have one of those as well. The bassinet is for our room. I really don't want them to be out of our sight for the first few days, and it'll be useful to have somewhere for them to sleep in our room, don't you think?"

Draco's admission warmed Harry's heart, and he put his arm around Draco's shoulder and placed his other hand on the bump. "I agree."

Harry paced the examination room nervously. The healer had yet to come in, but Harry was already imagining all the horrible things that could be wrong with their baby. Draco watched him with a scowl on his face, and after Harry's tenth lap, he lost it.

"Sit the fuck down or leave, Potter. You're driving me mental, and if you don't stop that pacing I'll hit you with the sharpest thing I can find in this room."

Harry shot a rude look at Draco, but sat down just the same. Moments later the healer entered the room and Harry was on his feet again.

"Hello Mr Malfoy and Mr Potter, how are you feeling today?"

"Fine," Harry answered.

"She was talking to me, you berk," Draco snapped.

"Sorry," Harry said, beginning to blush.

"It's fine, Mr Potter. Many first-time fathers are as nervous as you are. Now how about we do the examination so you don't have to worry anymore?"

"Yes, please," Draco said.

"All right, Mr Malfoy if I could have you lay on the table, and I'll cast the spells."

Draco lied down, and Harry went over to stand next to him and hold his hand. The healer cast several spells, stopping between each one to write something down. Finally she cast one last spell and a mist appeared over Draco's stomach that slowly began to form into an image. After a few seconds it had clearly formed into an ultrasound and Harry stood in awe at the image of his child. It seemed to have grown so much since he had last seen it, and a swell of love and pride filled him.

"Everything is just fine, Mr Malfoy. You're in perfect health, as is your child. Now, do you want to know the sex?"

"Yes," Harry and Draco said at the same time.

The healer smiled. "You're having a healthy baby boy."

"A boy," Harry whispered. He kissed Draco's temple and couldn't help muttering words of love and devotion into Draco's hair. "A little boy."

"Our little boy," Draco said.

"Yes. Ours."

The rest of the evening was spent telling everyone their good news. Even Lucius seemed to warm up to the idea now that there was a male heir to carry on the Malfoy estate, even if he wouldn't have the Malfoy name.

That night, in the privacy of their bed, the name discussion began.


"What? No! Jonathon."

"Boring. Perseus."

"Do you hate our child?" Harry asked in horror. "Because all of your names will have him being beat up in school."

"They are perfectly reasonable, noble names in the Black tradition of naming after constellations."

"Well, love, I think you got the last good one, so no. None of your names. Oliver."

Draco considered it for a moment before he shook his head. "No, if we're going with an average name…"

"Oliver is hardly average," Harry protested.

"…then it has to be one that doesn't sound horrible."

"It's a great name."

"I don't like it. And even if I did, I will not have people thinking I've named my child after Wood."

"Fine," Harry said with a sigh. "Benedict."

Draco automatically opened his mouth to veto it, but quickly snapped it shut as he thought about it. "Benedict… Scorpius Benedict Potter-Malfoy."

"Who said anything about Scorpius?"

"I did. Then we both get our way, I get my constellation, you get your average name, and we both win."

"But why does your name get to be first?"

"Because it sounds better. The second name is no less important than the first simply because of its placement, but Scorpius Benedict sounds significantly better than Benedict Scorpius. Plus, if we put your name first, our son will have the initials BS… from what I've learned from muggle telly, that isn't desirable."

"Fine, fine, you've made your point. Scorpius Benedict Potter-Malfoy," Harry repeated. "It does have a nice ring."

"So do we have a name for our son?"

Harry thought it over before nodding and kissing the bump. "Welcome to the family Scorpius."

They went shopping the next day. Draco had already decided on a colour palette, and Harry approved of it. It was a light, sage green with creamy yellow accents and dark cherry wood for the furniture. They bought furniture first, which was the easiest thing, as Draco had already picked out which pieces he wanted from the catalogues; he just wanted to see them in person before making a final decision. They were in and out of the shop in an hour.

After than they went clothes shopping. Harry hadn't gone with Draco when he was shopping for paternity clothes, leaving that… err, privilege, for Narcissa, so he hadn't been shopping with Draco since his pregnancy. He really shouldn't have been surprised when Draco's hormones kicked in.

But he really wasn't used to dealing with tears from his usually controlled boyfriend.

"Harry," Draco sputtered from between happy sobs. "Look, its blue with the Hogwarts crest. It's adorable. Scorpius needs one."

Harry automatically nodded in agreement, took the small onesie from Draco and draped it over his arm. The next moment, Draco seized one with the Puddlemere United logo on the chest. Harry scrunched his nose, but put it with the accumulating pile, nonetheless.

That was when he got a brilliant idea. He spotted a bright orange jumper which clearly had Cannon's logos splayed all across it. It was horrible and ghastly, but Harry knew Draco was in a sentimental enough mood that he just might be able to get it.

Of course he'd have to hide it for the next several months, but it was worth the effort.

Harry pulled it off the rack and adopted the most enthusiastic tone he possible could.

"Draco, look, it's the Cannons! Then Scorpius can have clothes from both of the teams his Daddies support!"

Draco let out a strangled cry as his eyes began to water, and he nodded his head before turning back to a green onesie covered in snakes.

Harry smirked and hid the Cannons jumper between some of the other clothes just in case Draco changed his mind.

"Where is it?" Draco demanded.

Harry looked up from the spaghetti and meatballs he was making to raise an eyebrow. "Where's what?"

"Where's that damned Cannons jumper you manipulated me into buying? It is possibly the most disgusting thing I've ever see, and I'm going to burn it. Scorpius will wear a Weasley sweater before he'll wear that monstrosity."

"Not telling," Harry sang.

Draco growled and tried to launch himself at Harry, but his pregnant belly stopped him before he could do much except make Harry laugh at him. Harry wrapped him in his arms and distracted him by kissing him deeply.

When they broke the kiss Draco had all but forgotten what they were fighting about, until Harry's smug grin reminded him.

"The jumper… now."

"Nope, I've hidden it so you can't destroy it."

Draco let out a screech of frustration before he turned on his heel and left the kitchen, slamming the door behind him.

"Love you too," Harry called out. "And dinner is ready if you're hungry at all."

He only had to wait a few seconds before the door was swinging back and a sulky blond was pouting at the kitchen table.

Harry put a plate in front of Draco before kneeling in front of him and swivelling his chair so he had access to the bump.

"Little Scorpius, if you have your Papa's temper, I'll have my hands full."

"I don't know why you talk to the bump like he can understand you," Draco muttered.

"I want him to know my voice when he comes out. Hear that, Scorpius? Papa doesn't think you can hear me, but Daddy knows better, doesn't he?"

"You're such a sap," Draco said as he pulled his chair to the table.

"Only for my two favourite boys."

Toy shopping was Harry's favourite. He was the one who dragged Draco from store to store, both Wizarding and Muggle, to stock Scorpius' nursery with every toy a little boy could possibly want. Draco had to put his foot down when it came to getting him a broom. Harry pouted a bit, but Draco promised him he'd be able to buy one once Scorpius turned five.

The perk came at lunch, though. Draco had been casually picking at his food, when suddenly his eyes widened and his hand dropped to his stomach. Harry was out of his seat in an instant and kneeling beside Draco.

"Are you okay? Are you in pain?" He asked.

Draco shook his head, and then he grabbed Harry's hands and pressed them to his stomach. "Wait."

Harry did as he was told and was rewarded with a light kick. He shot to his feet and stared in awe at Draco's stomach.

"He kicked!" He exclaimed. "Draco, Scorpius kicked!"

"I know, I felt him," Draco said, laughing at Harry's excitement.

"That's fantastic! I thought it was great when you felt him move, but this! He's so strong."

"Yes, and right now he's kicking my bladder. I need the loo," Draco groaned. Harry helped him up and watched as Draco walked away, but he couldn't stop smiling and remembering the sensation of his little boy alerting the entire world that he was there and wanted attention.

Just like a Malfoy.

Harry had a feeling that Scorpius would be just like Draco in temperament. He was going to have to bring his A-game if he wanted to survive the rest of his life with two Malfoy men.

He couldn't wait.

Draco was five days overdue. Five days. And he made sure that everyone knew, from the hospital receptionist, the lady at the apothecary where he got his creams, and even to the hobo that lived in the alley by Weasley's Wizard Wheezes that Draco usually avoided. You'd have thought he was the only person to have a late pregnancy.

Of course Harry didn't say a word. He may have been a Gryffindor, but his self-preservation instinct had grown since getting into a relationship with Draco. As far as he was concerned – and anyone else who wanted to stay on Draco's good side, for that matter – Draco's plight was completely unique to him and his suffering was tragic.

It was another three days before Harry noticed Draco wincing at breakfast.

"Love, are you all right?"

Draco nodded, winced, and then shook his head. "Harry, something's wrong. I really hurt."

That made Harry perk up. He shut off the oven and went right to Draco's side. "Draco, I think the baby is coming."

"Wait, no, not yet! I'm not ready," Draco said, terror Harry had never heard reflected in his voice.

"What are you talking about? Just yesterday you couldn't wait for him to come."

"I know, but… it's going to hurt."

"This is news to you?" Harry asked. "Have you just realised this?"

"Don't be mean," Draco cried. "I don't want it to hurt. I don't want to do this Harry."

Harry put both of his hands on Draco's cheeks and lifted his face so their eyes could meet.

"What are you really afraid of, love?" He asked.

"I am afraid it will hurt, but… what if he doesn't like me? What if I'm a horrible father?"

"You won't be," Harry assured him. "You already love this child so much; you won't be anything but a spectacular father. And I'll be with you. We'll muddle through together. And how could he do anything but love you?"

"I'm scared," Draco confessed, finally admitting the one thing that had been on his mind for months.

"Me too, but we have each other. And I know you'll be great. Now let's go have a baby."

Draco smiled through his tears. "Let's have a baby."

The birth was painful. Draco hit Harry, a lot. And hard. And he cursed more in those hours than Harry had ever heard him curse in all their years together. He said words Harry hadn't even heard of. A few Harry was pretty sure Draco made up. Apparently pain made him creative. Especially since all of those words were aimed at Harry.

But finally, after fifteen hours of labour, Harry emerged from the delivery room and approached his friends and family.

"Scorpius Benedict Malfoy-Potter, born at 22.37, seven pounds and three ounces."

A cheer rang out through the waiting room as everyone rushed forward to hug the new father.

"What does he look like?" Molly asked.

"Draco's hair, though it has my texture, poor boy. And Draco's chin, but he has my nose."

"And eyes?" Ron asked.

"All babies have blue eyes when they're born, Ron," Hermione said. "They'll have to wait to see what colour his eyes turn."

"Draco hopes he has my eyes," Harry said, proudly.

"As well he should, you have beautiful eyes," Molly said.

"His are beautiful too," Harry said, dreamily.

"All right, mate, you're a bit out of it. I think it's time to go back to your son."

Harry grinned at him, still in shock that he finally had a son, a family.

People filed in and out over the next hour to coo and exclaim over Scorpius, though Harry was quite jealous with his son. Draco was still asleep and Harry didn't want anyone else to hold Scorpius until Draco had a chance.

He also had a plan for when they were alone with their son.

Harry was gazing lovingly at Scorpius when Draco finally woke. He saw Draco's eyes flicker open, and dart down towards his stomach and then around the room. Finally they landed on Harry and the small bundle in his arms.

Harry smiled and stood up. "Scorpius, my little man, would you like to finally meet your Papa? He's very tired from getting you here, but I know he won't sleep again until he's seen you."

He set Scorpius down for a moment to help Draco sit up, before placing their son in Draco's arms. In that moment, Harry was torn between where to look. One the one hand, he never wanted to take his eyes off the miracle that was his son. But on the other, Draco's look of pure awe and unadulterated love was the most beautiful thing Harry had ever seen. If he had any doubts about Draco's ability to parent, they would have been immediately vanished.

"Sit down next to me?" Draco asked. Harry didn't need to be told twice. He lied on the bed beside him and let Draco nestle in the juncture of his arm. "He has your hair," Draco whispered.

"Poor sod," Harry said affectionately. He lightly brushed his finger against Scorpius' soft cheek. "But he has your beautiful colour, so that makes up for it a bit."

"Have you told everyone?"

"Yes, they've all seen him too, while you were asleep. I didn't let them hold him though. No one else except the healers or nurses could hold him before you did."

"Thanks, I really don't feel like socialising right now."

"I figured you wouldn't be."

"And you know me so well," Draco said, looking up at Harry with a smile.

"I do," Harry agreed. "And that's how I also know that you want Scoprius' last name to be Potter and not Potter-Malfoy."

Draco smiled and looked down at Scorpius who was puckering his lips as he tested them out. "And what if I do?"

"Well I think there's only one thing to do about that."


"I've already told the doctors his name is Scorpius Benedict Potter," Draco opened his mouth to speak, but Harry covered it with his finger as he reached his other hand into his pocket, "so the only thing left to do is make you a Potter as well."

He pulled a ring out of his pocket and took Draco's hand. "Draco Lucius Malfoy, will you marry me and join my family?"

"I thought you'd forgotten," Draco whispered.

"How could I forget? I told you you'd just have to be patient. I knew you'd have too much on your mind to plan the wedding while pregnant, and you wouldn't want to be pregnant on your wedding anyway. I think this is the absolute best timing I could possibly have. So?"

"Of course I'll marry you, you git. I've only been waiting for months."

Harry laughed as he slipped the ring on Draco's finger. He only had a moment to savour his new fiancé before Scorpius' cry refocused his attention.

Bringing Scorpius home was a wonderful and stressful event. Draco was thrilled to be leaving the hospital, but Harry was nervous to be completely on their own without healers and nurses around.

Draco went straight to sleep, eager to nap in their bed and finally have a proper rest, leaving Harry alone. Scorpius was awake for the moment, so Harry decided a tour was in order. He walked him through each of the rooms commenting quietly to the little boy until they finally reached the nursery.

"And this, my precious little boy, is your room. Your Papa put a lot of time and thought into this room, and I'm sure you'll love it as much as he hopes you well. Your toys are here, Papa wouldn't let you have a broom now, but don't worry. As soon as you're old enough Daddy will teach you to fly."

Scorpius let out a little whimper and Harry looked down to see his little eyes beginning to close. "Are you tired? Well, I'll just put you to bed, then."

Harry put Scorpius to sleep, but he couldn't leave the room quite yet, so he sat in the rocking chair and watched his son squirm around and he thought.

As much as he had always wanted a family, there was a part of him that wasn't sure he would ever get it. After all the suffering he had caused, all the pain he had felt and inflicted, Harry hadn't been sure he deserved a family. Finding Draco was a blessing itself, and Harry hadn't dreamed to think he could have anything more.

But one ignorant moment changed all of that, and now, lying before him, was the most precious thing he thought he'd never get. Looking at Scorpius, Harry vowed then and there that he would love and protect his family from anything. He'd give his life for the two bodies sleeping in the house at that moment. They were more important to him than anything else in the world, and the wrath of Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived-Twice would come down on anyone who threatened them.

Harry lost track of how long he stayed watching Scorpius sleep until the creak of a floorboard drew his attention to the door. Draco leaned against the frame and smiled at him.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm watching him sleep," Harry said. He held out his hand to beckon his fiancé in. "Would you like to join me?"

Draco took his hand and draped himself across Harry's lap. Harry's other arm wrapped around Draco to support him. He pressed an earnest kiss to Draco's temple before Draco dropped his head onto his shoulder.

Together they watched their son sleep.

Harry's perfect little family.

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