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Siblings and Weddings

Teddy poked his head over the crib so he could stare down at the little thing lying there. He wasn't sure about the new baby. Grandma told him that he should be happy about the baby, but Teddy just knew that it made his godfather too busy to play with him anymore.

Not that he needed to be played with, mind. He was nine – practically an adult Uncle Draco had said. He was grown up enough to play on his own when he needed to. But Harry and Draco always played with him when he stayed over. Or if they didn't play, Draco would read to him or teach him potions, or Harry would take him to the park so they could fly. 'Arrwy' was his first word and Draco had first taught him how to read.

And now they were taken away by the thing in the crib. He'd only been there for six months, but already Teddy didn't like him. Teddy prodded Scorpius with his finger and quickly pulled it back when the baby moved and let out a little whine.

'Shush,' Teddy whispered, forcefully. 'Harry and Draco are busy, so you need to shut it.'

Alright, so he didn't entirely hate Scorpius. He was fascinated at how small the little boy was, and was even more fascinated when he realised he had once been that small. Sometimes Scorpius would look at Teddy and squeal in delight, and Teddy couldn't help the fact that his hair would change to 'Malfoy-Blond' underneath his hat. In fact, outside of his fathers, Teddy seemed to be Scorpius' favourite person. And that made Teddy… happy in a weird way.

He didn't understand how something he resented so much could have such power over him.

This made Teddy decide that all babies had magical powers to make people like them. No matter how annoying, loud, smelly, or horrible they were. No matter that they were Uncle-stealers. Grandma laughed when he told her his theory, but she hadn't denied it and that was all the confirmation Teddy needed.

Baby witchcraft was obviously the strongest power in the world.

'Teddy, what are you doing here?' A voice asked from the doorway.

Teddy whirled around with his most innocent expression on his face to look at his godfather. 'Nothing,' he said.

Harry raised an eyebrow and walked towards the crib. He looked down at his sleeping son and brushed a finger lightly across his cheek. He smiled and turned back to Teddy.

'You're not in trouble for being in here, Teddy. I was just trying to find you. It's okay to watch Scorp, I know he likes you.'

'I wasn't,' Teddy muttered. He tried to hold back the tears but he just couldn't. Even here, Scorpius was more important. While Teddy had lived with his grandma, he had spent just as much time with Harry and Draco. He felt like they were his fathers in a way. Or he had. Until the baby came and Grandma had told him that now Harry, Draco, and Scorpius were a family. Not Teddy. Teddy wasn't a part of Harry's family anymore.

He bit his lip to stop himself from crying, but he couldn't. Before he knew it tears were running down his face and strong arms had swept him up. Harry sat on the rocking chair and pulled Teddy onto his lap as he tightly held the boy and let him cry.

'Teddy, what's wrong?' Harry asked as he rubbed Teddy's back, trying to comfort him.

Teddy shook his head, stubbornly refusing to speak. He still couldn't hold back the tears, but he was too embarrassed and hurt to say anything.

'Please, Teddy, tell me what's wrong,' Harry begged.

For ten minutes, only Teddy's sniffles could be heard, until he finally lifted his head from Harry's shoulder and looked at him with red-rimmed eyes.

'Y—You don't w-want me anymore,' he finally whispered, and the tears began anew.

'What?' Harry asked, in shock. 'No, no, Teddy. Why would you say that?'

'You don't play with me anymore.'

Harry frowned and tightened his grip on the boy. 'What do you mean, Teddy? We went flying two days ago.'

'Only for a few minutes,' Teddy said, a fierce tone coming into his voice. He sat up and glared as forcefully as he could at Harry. Of course, because he was sad, crying, and only eight-years-old the glare wasn't as scary as he'd hoped. 'Then we had to go back and I read all by myself for the rest of the day while you and Draco played with him.'

There was no need to ask Teddy who 'him' was. Draco had been the first to notice the 'sibling rivalry'; but with the both of them being only children, they hadn't known what to do. They assumed it would eventually fade. Evidently they'd been wrong.

Harry hugged Teddy to him tighter and kissed his forehead. 'I'm so sorry, Teddy-Bear,' he said, using his childhood nickname. 'I've been mean to you, haven't I? I haven't tried to be, but there's been a lot going on with Scorpius and the wedding planning, that sometimes I just lose track of things. But listen to me, I absolutely want you. I love you, I love spending time with you, and I'm very, very sorry if I haven't been paying as much attention to you as I should. Will you forgive me?' Harry asked.

Teddy looked at the crib and hesitantly nodded. 'It's okay. I know I'm not your family. It's just –'

'Who said you're not my family?' Harry asked, both shocked and angry at the same time.

'Grandma said you, Draco, and the baby were family. Not me,' Teddy whispered.

Harry's anger faded as soon as he realised that nothing intentionally hurtful had been said to Teddy, but he knew he still had to fix this.

'You might not be related to me by blood, Teddy, but you're my family,' he said, in a tone that made the eight-year-old realise he was being serious. 'I look at you like another son. Scorpius may have my blood, but you're my family too, okay? Draco thinks the same, and you both do share blood. You're a part of our family, and we love you just as much as we love Scorpius.'

Teddy chewed that over for a while, until he finally looked at the bane of his existence that he couldn't help but like.

'So would that make Scorpius my little brother?'

Harry smiled into Teddy's hair and nodded. 'I like to think so.'

A thoughtful gaze came across Teddy's face and he turned to look at Harry. 'So can I boss him around when he's older?'

Harry blinked and tried to come up with an answer for that one. Finally he settled on a noncommittal answer. 'Let's discuss that when he's older, yeah?'

'Okay,' Teddy said as he scrambled from Harry's lap.

'Good, now I came up here to find you for a reason. Draco is looking at suits for the ring-bearer and he wants to talk to you about it.'

'Why would he want to talk to me?' Teddy asked, furrowing his brow.

Harry smiled and leaned over to pick up Scorpius. 'Why don't you go ask him?'

Teddy ran halfway across the room before he stopped to wait for Harry and Scorpius to follow him. As soon as Scorpius laid eyes on Teddy, the little baby squealed and reached out a hand for the boy. Teddy looked up into Harry's encouraging eyes and then hesitantly placed his pointer finger into the baby's grasp. Any worries he might have had about belonging left him as soon as Scorpius' small fingers wrapped around his own and Harry's face filled with love and pride for both of them.

Teddy ignored the swooping feeling in his stomach, but he didn't take his finger away until he reached the living room where Draco was muttering over the coffee table, his elaborate filing system splayed all over the room. His head came up as soon as they all came in.

'Aww, my favourite boys,' Draco said with a smile. 'Teddy come here, I have something very important to ask you.'

Teddy bound across the room and jumped onto the couch to nestle into Draco's side. The arm that wrapped around his shoulders told Teddy that Harry was right. He was loved, he was part of this family, and they both weren't trying to leave him out. Harry sat down next to him on the couch.

'Now,' Draco began in an important tone that Teddy always found fascinating, 'there is a very important role in weddings, at that is the role of the ring-bearer. Do you know what that is?'

Teddy nodded. Of course he did, he'd been dragged to weddings before.

'Good. So you know how important this role is. In fact, it's probably the most important role of anyone there, because the ring-bearer keeps the rings safe, doesn't he?' Again Teddy nodded. 'So, Teddy, would you like to be our ring-bearer?'

Teddy's head shot up and he looked back and forth between the both of them. 'Really? Me?'

'Of course, who else would we ask?' Harry asked, laughing. 'You need a special role in the wedding, and of course we want you to be a part of it.'

'What about Scorpius?'

'He's too little. My mother will be holding him,' Draco said. 'So Teddy, do you agree to have the most important role in our wedding? It couldn't possibly go on without you.'

Teddy nodded vigorously and Draco pulled forward all of the pictures he had spread across the table.

'All right then, now we have to pick out your robes. After all, you'll have to look just as wonderful as us.' Draco said. He leaned back against the couch as Teddy combed each and every page.

Harry held Scorpius tightly to himself as Draco and Teddy planned, but he couldn't keep the smile off his face. The conversation with Teddy earlier had terrified him, and it made him realise just how much responsibility he had and maybe he wasn't handling it as well as he had previously though. After all, when one of the most important people in your life feels like you're ignoring them, you're doing something wrong.

Draco pulled Teddy closer to him, and caught Harry's eye over his head. Harry knew that somehow Draco had overheard the conversation. They both felt terrible and both knew they needed to try harder. While they had been planning to ask Teddy to be a part of the wedding the whole time, Harry was glad that they now had a way to include Teddy. And Harry vowed to make sure the boy felt like he was part of the family – because he was. Teddy had been Harry's family before Draco and before Scorpius. He was just as important to him as his fiancé and son.

And besides, Scorpius would need an older brother. Even at six months he was showing signs of the Malfoy arrogance, and Draco only encouraged it. He'd need an older brother to knock him down a peg or two.

Or course Harry would never tell Draco that. But once Scorpius was older, Harry and Teddy would be having a little talk on how to handle a miniature-Malfoy. Harry would need all the support he could get.


Harry hated wedding planning. It was the single most evil thing in the world. It had turned his loving, wonderful Draco into a monster, worse than even his most prattish Hogwarts days.

Normal Draco was content to spend an evening on the couch, watching the telly, drinking a pint or glass of wine, and occasionally allowing Harry to drag him to a Weasely family event or out for a night with friends.

Wedding Draco was not content to do anything but plan. And it was worse when his mother got involved. Suddenly the guest list topped two-hundred guests. Flowers were the most important things in existence. Food and music were dreadfully complicated concepts that had to be analysed for days on end before a decision could be made. And Harry was expected to have an opinion for everything.

Shopping for wedding robes was pure torture. Draco was kind enough to let Harry have a few shots of firewhisky – and Muggle whisky, for good measure – before forcing him to stand on a platform and have swarms of people forcible remove his clothes and dress him up. And it took another few shots and a long night of repayment-sex to make up for the experience.

All in all, Harry was eager for the whole thing to be over. He wanted to marry Draco more than anything in the world.

But he was pretty sure that he'd kill Draco if he was asked his opinion on one more flower.


It was the day of the wedding and Draco was an absolute nightmare. Harry thought he had been bad during the pregnancy and the labour, but that was nothing to all of the wedding planning and the wedding day.

Already he had been corralled into a bedroom of Malfoy Manor, several people had forced him into his outfit and, as if that weren't bad enough, the hairdresser had spent three hours trying to tame his unruly hair.

All Harry wanted to do on his wedding day was have a lie-in with his fiancé and son, get up, shower, dress in whatever he wanted, walk to the nearest minister, get married, and go back home. This… performance… was not his ideal wedding.

But Draco had put so much time and effort into it, he and his mother had planned for months, and Harry knew just how much Draco was looking forward to the pureblood wedding he had always expected he would have. In fact, Draco had even grown quiet with planning and contemplation the past few days.

So Harry knew he had to deal with it.

It was thirty minutes before the wedding was meant to start when there was a knock on his door. Harry had taken Scorpius from Narcissa an hour ago and was calming himself by playing with blocks and puzzles. But he had been adamant that no one disturb him – even Ron and Hermione were under strict rules to leave him alone to his thoughts.

'What?' he yelled out.

'Da!' Scorpius said with a frown at his father's outburst.

'Oh, sorry Scorp,' Harry apologised, leaning down to kiss his son's head.

The knock sounded again and Harry sighed and stood to let the person in. He hadn't expected to see Draco standing outside the door with a frown on his face.

'Draco, what's wrong?' Harry asked. He pulled Draco into the room and shut the door behind him. 'Isn't there a rule that we can't see each other before the wedding?'

'Rubbish,' Draco muttered. He bit his lip and, rather than meet Harry's eyes, he walked towards Scorpius and sat on the floor. He only smiled when Scorpius let out a joyful 'Pa' in greeting before going back to his blocks.

'Are you okay?' Harry asked. He sat down next to him and wrapped an arm around Draco's shoulder and pulled him close.

Draco shook his head and dropped his head on Harry's shoulder. 'I'm so tired,' Draco admitted. 'This whole fiasco… I thought I wanted it. I thought I wanted the big expensive wedding. Whenever Mother talked about it, I agreed with her plans. But this is just horrible. I hate all of these people. Do you know there are people here who threatened my family in the aftermath of the war? And now they're here acting all chummy because it's the social event of the season.'

'I thought you wanted it this way,' Harry said. 'I'd have supported whatever you wanted. That's why I went along with this.'

'I just want to marry you, Harry. I don't want to think about all of this. Mother has already dragged me around the Great Hall to inspect all of the decorations, I had to solve a problem with the flowers, and the musicians didn't show so I had to find a last minute replacement… I'm just tired and I don't want any of this.'

'What do you want then?'

Draco was quiet for a while, then he moved and pulled Scorpius onto his lap and cuddled the little, messy-haired boy. 'You know a few months ago when my mother was being particularly involved and I joked about elopement?'

'Yes.' Harry remembered that day vividly. A very large part of him had been hoping that Draco had been serious.

'We should have done that and just had a large reception later on. Mother and Father would have been disappointed, but at least my wedding wouldn't have been ruined by people I never wanted to see on my wedding day.'

Harry didn't even think. Image and perception may have been important for Draco, but Harry couldn't have given a flying fuck. Draco's happiness was more important than anything else.

'So let's do it,' Harry said.

Draco looked up from where he was playing with Scorpius' fingers. 'What?'

'Let's elope. It's not too late. We'll leave now and be back in time for the reception. Leave a note explaining that we'll be back, but we're doing what we want.'

'We can't do that,' Draco protested.

'We can if we want to. I don't care about them, Draco,' Harry stood and began pacing as he plotted, 'I only care about you. If we both don't want this, why should we put up with it?'

'But everyone's here, already.'

'And we'll be here for the reception. Draco, this wedding is ours. We should have a ceremony that we love.'

Draco bit his lip, and then smiled a devious smile. 'That's the oddly Slytherin-Gryffindor combination I love so much about you. So what's your plan, then?'

'Apparate somewhere. Scorpius is here, we'll just go to a Wizarding church somewhere.'

'You'll have to find a way to get Teddy from Andromeda. I want him there and he'd want to be a part of it. You'll have to get the rings and marriage certificate as well.'

Harry scoffed and puffed out his chest. 'I'm Harry Potter, I can do anything.'

Draco laughed as if a weight had been lifted off his chest. 'All right, I'll stay here with Scorpius and try to think of where we can go. You go get Teddy, the rings, and the certificate without anyone noticing.'

Harry smiled, pecked Draco on the lips, and raced towards the door. 'I'll be back in ten minutes.'


They Apparated to a little Wizarding village in Northern Scotland where Draco had vacationed as a child. He had loved the little church that bordered the ruins of a medieval castle, even though his father had never let him do anything as undignified as play in them. The elderly minster hadn't protested to performing their ceremony, especially since they had all the paperwork prepared and it was for Harry Potter.

Teddy still got to be the ring bearer, even if his role had become less glamorous. After he walked up the aisle, he stood next to Harry and Draco held Scorpius. It was quiet, simple, and intimate. It was everything Harry had wanted his wedding to be. And he knew Draco was happy because all of the tension from weeks of planning and stress had left his body.

After the service was over they stopped for a cup of tea – and for Draco and Harry to quietly discuss how they would handle the angry guests they had left behind. While Draco was gathering Teddy away from climbing on the castle, Harry had one more thought that would make his wedding day perfect.

'Draco, can we stop somewhere first?'

Draco furrowed his brow in confusion but nodded his agreement. Harry smiled and Apparated the four of them away.

When they arrived outside the gates of Godric's Hallow Cemetery, Draco's questions were answered.

'Where are we, Harry?' Teddy asked.

'This is where my parents are buried, Teddy. I want them to be a part of today, as well,' Harry said. He caught Draco's eyes quietly asking for forgiveness for bringing this tragedy to their wedding, but he couldn't imagine going through this day without acknowledging them and their sacrifice.

Draco smiled and took Harry's hand. 'You don't have to apologise Harry, I completely understand.'

'Thank you,' Harry whispered, and he leaned into the hand Draco placed on the nape of his neck.


Harry peaked out between the door panels and watched their guests mulling around the Hall. No one looked mad… but everyone was holding a wine glass, so it was possible their guests were just extremely intoxicated. Harry couldn't decide which would be worse.

'Do they look mad?' Draco whispered. He leaned over Harry's shoulder and looked in.

'I can't tell. I'm looking for Lucius. He'd be obvious.'

'No, don't look for a Slytherin,' Draco chastised. 'We hide our emotions expertly. Look for a silly Gryffindor whose emotional filter has only weakened since greedily imbibing the most expensive and rare wine available without regard to the time and expense used to acquire it.'

Harry turned his head to glare at his husband. 'Those are my friends. Don't make fun of them.'

'I'll do what I want,' Draco said with a sniff. 'You go in first.'

'I'll not, you go in,' Harry said. He straightened up and turned to their small group.

'This was your idea,' Draco pointed out. 'Plus you're the Bloody-Boy-Who-Lived-Twice, harming you is political and social suicide. Especially at your wedding celebrations.'

'Nope, not going. You go.'

Teddy sighed and crossed his arms across his chest. 'I'll go first,' the boy said. And before Harry or Draco could say anything, he pushed through the French doors and walked into the Hall.

Harry and Draco looked at each other, weighing their options. Finally Draco took a step forward and kissed Harry. 'I'll go first.'

'That's quite brave of you,' Harry said with a raised eyebrow. 'What's the catch?'

'Can't I be brave for my new husband?' Draco asked in an affronted tone that Harry didn't buy for a second.

'No,' he insisted. 'You can't if you're going to be the man I married.'

'Well, people can change. Besides, I won't be unprotected.' Harry smiled at his words and puffed out his chest a bit. He loved when Draco relied on him for something and with Draco's stubborn nature it rarely happened. He was prepared to wrap an arm around his husband's shoulder and walk in with him when Draco smirked and picked up Scorpius from his carrier. Harry stared until he realised what Draco was doing.

'You're using our son for protection?' Harry accused.

'No one can touch me when he's in my arms. I'm not letting him go.'

'That's just horrible of you.'

Draco shrugged and shifted Scorpius in his arms. 'Maybe, but I put self-preservation above such silly things as morals.'

'I'll tell Scorpius about this someday,' Harry threatened.

'I was planning on letting you walk with me. Are you not interested?'

Harry only had to think about that for a second before he pulled Draco to his side and wrapped an arm around him, ensuring he was on the side closest to Scorpius, and pushed the doors open.

All eyes turned towards them. There was complete silence and only Teddy gave any sign of encouragement from his place at Andromeda's side.

'Introducing the newly married Messrs Harry and Draco Potter and their son, Master Scorpius Potter,' Draco drawled. Harry tightened his arm around Draco. He knew Draco became sarcastic when he was nervous, and he really didn't need Draco's snarky attitude making the situation worse.

There was a moment of silence, all hell seemed to break loose, and then the guests descended on the couple.


'That was dreadful,' Draco sighed as he dropped onto the bed next to Harry later that night. 'I don't know why everyone was so upset. We went to the reception. They didn't go hungry. Everyone had fun once they stopped yelling. Honestly, I don't know what was so terrible.'

'Well, they were robbed of the ceremony.'

'Only our family and friends truly wanted to see it, everyone else just wanted in on the social event of the season. Our families will get over it and learn to understand, and I couldn't give a damn about what anyone else thinks.'

Harry laughed and wrapped an arm around Draco. 'I'm inclined to agree.'

'Of course you are. You married me; you should know that you always agree with me.'

'So I did,' Harry said, unable to supress the grin those words brought. In one swift movement, he lifted himself up and straddled Draco's hips. 'Husband,' he said reverently.

'Husband,' Draco repeated. 'I like the sound of that.'

'Me too,' Harry agreed. He dropped his head into the juncture of Draco's neck and lightly kissed and nibbled his way up the column.

'What do you think you're doing? I'm tired,' Draco teased.

'It's my wedding night; I'm going to enjoy it.'

'Oh, you think so?'

Harry opened his mouth to begin some serious convincing, when a strong, loud cry rang out through the floor. Harry sighed and pushed himself up.

'I'll get him and bring him in here.'

'Good,' Draco said. 'Despite any marital relations I may want to have, I'd prefer to enjoy our official wedding night with Scorpius.'

Harry silently agreed and shot Draco a smile before he left the room and walked to the nursery.

Scorpius was squirming in his crib and when Harry approached he looked up at him with tear-filled eyes. Scorpius reached his arms out and Harry eagerly picked him up.

'Oh, what's wrong, little man?' Harry cooed. 'There's no need to cry, I'm here now.'

Scorpius hiccupped and sniffed his nose before a strained whine escaped him again. Harry held him close and nuzzled his head until Scorpius stopped crying. There was still a small pout on his face, though, and Harry kissed his little lips.

'You know something's happened and don't like being left out, huh, little man? Just like your papa. Well, lucky you, Papa and Daddy want you with us. So let's go to sleep now, yeah?'

Scorpius sniffed and nuzzled his face into Harry's chest. Harry took that as his son's agreement and took them back into the bedroom.

'Put him on the bed, Harry. I want to spend some time with him before he goes back to bed. We'll put him in the bassinet before we fall asleep,' Draco said.

That idea sounded perfect to Harry, so he slipped into bed and placed Scorpius on the pillows between the both of them. Scorpius looked around the room to gain his bearings, and then spotted Draco and greeted him with a smile and a tired 'Pa'.

Draco trailed a finger down his son's cheek before smiling up at his husband.

He'd never imagined how his life would change that day when Harry stepped into his department. After their first date, Draco had been sure Harry would leave him or Draco would get bored. But it never ended. And then Draco realised that he'd fallen in love with the bloody hero.

Scorpius had been unexpected, certainly, but never something Draco would regret. He brought them together more than anything else. And as much as Draco loved Harry, he'd had no idea it was possible to love someone as much as he loved Scorpius. He'd give his life for him, but he also knew he'd never have to because Harry would kill anyone who tried to harm them.

That they were married was a wonderful feeling. They were finally confirmed in a partnership, the stress of planning the wedding was over, and the rest of their lives were ahead of them.

Draco knew he didn't deserve the happiness he had. All the pain he had caused and all the evil he had participated in throughout the war… Draco knew he deserved to suffer as he'd caused others to suffer. But Harry had seen something in him – something worth saving and staying for. Harry had given him a life he thought he'd never have.

He looked at his husband and son and he couldn't imagine having a more perfect life. Despite the ups and downs, he'd gotten the ultimate prize. Draco couldn't help the prideful smirk that crossed his face. He'd out-Slytherined everyone. Besides, it was only a true Slytherin who could twist their horrible life and turn it into something fantastic and beneficial.

And as Scorpius let out a joyful squeal as Harry played peek-a-boo with him, Draco knew that his family was certainly fantastic.

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