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When New Babies Change Everything

Draco groaned in frustration as his stomach clenched and threatened to expel his previous night's dinner. He'd woken up early in the morning, and hadn't stopped feeling sick for hours.

'Papa?' Scorpius called from outside the door. 'Where are you? Daddy said breakfast is ready.'

Draco moaned at the thought of food and retched into the toilet. Once he was done, he managed to get enough energy to speak to his son through the door.

'Tell Daddy I have the flu, Scorpius, so I won't be having breakfast today.'

'Are you puking? Can I see?' the five-year-old asked, already trying to open the door.

'Scorpius, no,' Draco yelled. 'Go back downstairs, do not come in here.'

'But, Papa, I wanna see.'

'See what?' Draco could hear Harry asking from outside.

'Papa's sick and I want to see his –'

'I'm going to stop you right there, little man,' Harry said. 'Where you got your strong stomach and bizarre fascination with weird things I will never know. You'll either be a Potions Master like your papa or you'll end up working in sanitation.'

'What's santa-tation?'

'I'll explain it at breakfast. Why don't you go down there and I'll check on Papa.'

Scorpius didn't need any more convincing than that, and Draco soon heard his little feet running down the stairs. As soon as Scorpius couldn't be heard, the bathroom door creaked open and Harry's head poked into the room.

'Draco love, are you okay?' Draco just barely managed to lift his head from the toilet to level a glare at Harry. 'Right – stupid question.'

'I think I have the flu. Or food poisoning. I felt awful, but it's starting to get better.'

Harry wet a flannel and pressed it to Draco's forehead. 'Do you think you're going to be sick again? I'll help you to the bed and get a trash can for you. And I'll keep Scorpius out of your hair.'

Draco moaned in appreciation and agreement, before turning back to the toilet.


After a week of being sick for only a few hours a day and unexplained tiredness, Draco made an appointment with a healer. He had an inkling of what he would hear. After all, he'd experienced this once before. He didn't know why, though. He'd been good about taking his potions every day. The only explanation he could think of was that one of the potions he'd been prescribed a few months ago after a serious lung infection had interfered with his potions.

He purposefully made the appointment for when Harry was at work because he didn't want to get Harry's hopes up. He knew Harry wanted another child, especially now that Scorpius was five and they had enough time to have another child.

'Papa, where are we going?' Scorpius asked, though he was too busy swinging from Draco's arm to really pay attention to the answer.

'I have to see a healer for a few minutes. If you're very well behaved we'll get an ice cream once I'm done.'

'Really?' Scorpius let out a squeal of excitement and clapped his hands together. 'Daddy never gets me something when I've been good.'

'Well that's because your Daddy doesn't realise the benefits of bribery. It's a Malfoy trait, Scorpius. You got that from me.'

Scorpius thought about that for a while, a thoughtful frown on his face. Finally he reached his hands up to ask to be picked up and wrapped a hand into his Papa's pale locks once he was settled on Draco's hip.

'So what you're saying is that if I want to get rewarded I only have to act good around you?'

'Well, no. Not exactly.'

'And if I want Daddy to act good, I can use hugs and kisses when he does something I like? Because he likes my hugs and kisses almost as much as I like ice cream. And I'd do a lot for ice cream.'

Draco bit his lip to stop his laughter at his brilliant boy's deduction. He was immensely proud that Scorpius had figured that out all on his own, but he knew he'd have to warn Scorpius away from revealing his new found knowledge to his daddy.

'Scorpius, I'm going to teach you something right now. It's something Daddy wouldn't want you to know, but it is necessary knowledge for everyone with Malfoy blood. Bribery is a wonderful thing, but it's more powerful when someone doesn't know you're doing it.'

'So Daddy will get me more things if I give him hugs and kisses, but he can't know that's why I'm giving hugs and kisses?'


'This is hard, Papa.'

'I know, love. But you'll learn it all someday. But if you don't get it, that's okay too,' Draco made sure to emphasis. He remembered the pressure of growing up in a household where he was forced to be something he wasn't. He would never do that to Scorpius or any of his children.

He quickly moved the conversation to Scorpius' new stuffed dragon, which had affectionately been named 'Pap' because it was a shortened version of Papa. Scorpius had been elated to learn that his father's name meant 'dragon' and ever since that moment a fascination with dragons had begun. He now had all of Draco's old dragon figurines and toys on shelves in his room, and each of them had been given a name. Pap was his new favourite, though, ever since Harry had brought the toy home a week ago.

In the healer's office, Scorpius spread himself across the set of chairs while Draco sat on the examination table and spoke quietly with the healer. After the description of his symptoms, the healer performed a pregnancy spell and, just as Draco suspected, the spell produced a white light over his stomach.

'Papa, what's that?'

'It's the results from the test the healer gave me,' Draco said, still slightly in shock from the result despite it being the expected outcome.

'Are you okay?' Scorpius asked in a worried tone. He scrambled off the chairs and rushed towards his father.

'I'm perfectly fine,' Draco said, as he lifted Scorpius onto his lap. He debated momentarily whether to tell Scorpius now or wait, but he finally decided that Scorpius deserved to know, otherwise he'd worry and never let it drop. 'That light you saw, that just told me that I'm going to have another baby.'

'Really?' Scorpius asked. He began shaking with excitement and rose up to wrap his arms around Draco's neck. 'A baby?'

'Yes, that's why I've been sick.'

'Babies make you sick?'

'You made me sick, too,' Draco said with a raise of his eyebrows. 'It's part of how the baby grows.'

'How old is the baby?' Scorpius asked.

'Well, I don't know. Let's ask the healer.' Draco and Scorpius looked up at the healer with twin looks of curiosity.

'You look to be about fourteen weeks along,' the Healer said. 'Everything looks perfectly healthy.'

'Will I have a baby brother or sister?' Scorpius asked.

'It's too soon to tell, so you'll just have to wait,' the Healer said, as she jotted down more information.

'Which do you want,' Draco asked.

'A brother, girls are yucky.' Scorpius stuck out his tongue to emphasise his point, and Draco had a hard time stopping himself from laughing.

'You don't think that. You play with Rose Weasley and I've never heard you complain.'

'She's horrible. She always wants to play dress up or dolls and then she makes me and Hugo play, too. And when we don't want to, she tells on us and gets us in trouble. Aunt Hermione always takes her side too. Girls are mean. Boys are good. Teddy is good; Hugo is good. We play balls and with the doggie that hides in Hugo's fort – '

'You do what?' Draco interjected, appalled that his son played with stray animals.

'We play with the doggie,' Scorpius repeated, looking up at his father with big, innocent eyes. 'And that's why boys are better.'

'I'll never let you play at the Weasley's again,' Draco vowed. 'Between Granger's obvious favouritism and stray dogs,' Draco spat out in disgust, 'that is not the place I want you to be.'

'But Hugo can come over, right?'

'Hugo, surprisingly enough, is the most tolerable Weasley I've ever met. He can visit,' Draco pronounced.

'Excuse me,' the Healer interrupted. 'But I have one last test I need to perform and then we can set a date for our next appointment.'

'Of course,' Draco said. He put Scorpius down and turned back to the Healer to complete the examination.

Once they were out of the hospital, Draco let his good mood get the best of him. He stooped down until he was eye level with his son.

'So, because you were well-behaved, we'll stop for ice cream,' Scorpius let out a little cheer, 'and then I thought we could plan how to tell Daddy about the new baby.'

'You mean I can help?'

'Of course you can. We'll say it's another part of your reward.'

Scorpius smiled and launched himself into his father's arms. Draco eagerly wrapped Scorpius up and pulled him into his chest. He loved Scorpius more than anything else in the world, and he already loved his unborn child just as much.

He couldn't wait to tell Harry that their family would be expanding.


Several hours later, Harry came home to a commotion in the kitchen. Draco was standing in the middle of the room, covered in flour and what looked suspiciously like egg yolk, and Scorpius was sitting on the counter, drawing ill-formed figures in the flour that had managed to escape the bowl. Once Harry was in the kitchen, he could smell something wonderful baking in the oven.

'What are you both doing in here?' Harry asked. Draco didn't cook. Ever. He could when he had too, but he'd fight tooth and nail to force someone else to do the cooking for him. And knowing Scorpius' inclination towards messes, the kitchen was somewhere he was usually forbidden from entering.

'Daddy!' Scorpius shrieked, and he scrambled across the counter – getting the flour all over him and the floor in the process – and launched himself at Harry. Harry scooped his son into his arms, not caring at all that he'd get dirty, and pressed a kiss into his messy, blond hair.

'How's my boy? Did you have a good day with Papa?'

'Yes! We had ice cream. Chocolate. I want lots of ice cream, daddy. Papa said someone makes the ice cream. Can we make ice cream?' Scorpius asked, speaking a mile a minute.

'I'll ask Mrs Weasley if she knows how to, how about that?' Harry asked.

Scorpius cheered and wrapped his arms around Harry's neck, nuzzling his face into Harry's shoulder. Harry kissed Scorpius' head again before looking up to his husband.

'And what, may I ask, are you doing in the kitchen?'

'Scorpius wanted a cake and I was in a generous mood,' Draco answered, not looking into Harry's eyes. The smile on Draco's face told Harry that his husband was happy, which never happened on the rare occurrences he was dragged into the kitchen. But Harry knew better than to push it.

'Well it smells good,' Harry said. 'Is it for dessert?'

'Yes, now if you'll just go away, Scorpius wants the decoration to be a surprise for you.'

Harry raised an eyebrow and looked down at Scorpius' grinning face. 'A surprise, eh? Well, then I guess I should get cleaned up for dinner.'

He set Scorpius on the ground, gave one last suspicious look at his boys, and left the kitchen. He tried to ignore the whispers that immediately burst forth from the kitchen as soon as the door was closed.

Harry puttered around the house for an hour, ignoring when he heard Draco answer the door, ignoring when Scorpius ran upstairs and then ten minutes later ran back down, and ignoring that fact that dinner was now half-an-hour later than normal. Instead, he sat in the living room, watching TV and relaxing until he was called.

Finally, Scorpius barrelled into the room, dressed in black trousers and a green jumper with a shirt underneath.

'I see you've cleaned up from baking,' he said.

'Yep, and now Papa says it's time for dinner.'

'Well, we can't keep Papa waiting, can we?'

The moment Harry walked into the dining room, all his suspicions were confirmed. Something was definitely up. Draco was scooping Chicken Tikka Marsala from their favourite Indian take-away down the street. That, in and of itself wasn't odd. What was odd was that he'd gone through the trouble to bake a cake for dinner, only to get take-away.

'Take-away, again?' Harry asked.

'Just sod off and eat your curry,' Draco instructed, dropping the plate in front of him.

'Sod off!' Scorpius gleefully repeated.

'Draco, what did I say about swearing in front of him? You know how easily he picks them up. Hermione is still upset that he taught Hugo 'bugger'.'

'Bugger!' Scorpius yelled.

Draco just smiled and kissed Scorpius' cheek. 'My smart little boy,' he cooed, purposefully annoying Harry.

'You're the one who is going to explain it to all the parents of the children he teaches it to.'

Draco sighed and rolled his eyes. 'Scorpius, it is fine to know those words. However, you know that it is not polite to use those words in company, correct?'

'Yes, Papa. I only told Hugo 'cause he wanted me to. And then he told me one.'

'Oh, really?' Draco shot a grin at Harry, before turning back to his son. 'And what, pray tell, does Perfect-Granger's son do when she is not hovering over him?'

'Draco,' Harry warned.

Draco waved his hand to brush Harry off. 'What did he teach you?'

Scorpius looked between his fathers, before he leaned close to Draco and loudly whispered, 'He said 'bloody hell'. His daddy says it all the time. That's another bad word, isn't it Papa?'

Draco was too busy trying to stifle his laughter to answer, so Scorpius turned to Harry with wide, questioning eyes.

'They are all words little boys your age shouldn't be using. Now eat your dinner so I can have some of your wonderful cake. And Draco, please stop laughing.'

'I can't! We finally have one up on her. The next time she accuses Scorpius of corrupting her kids, we can politely point out that her husband is just as bad. Oh, justice is sweet.'

'This is justice? How?'

'Slytherin-justice Harry, you wouldn't understand that difference. But trust me; this is definitely justice of some kind.'

Harry rolled his eyes, but let it drop. There was no use arguing with Draco when he was like this. He finished his curry, letting his son's chatter wash over him. Once they were done, Harry stood to take his plate to the kitchen but was stopped in his tracks by twin shouts.

'What?' he asked, looking astonished at the frantic looks on Scorpius and Draco's faces.

'I'll take the dishes, Harry,' Draco said. 'You just sit here and I'll bring out the cake.' When he passed Scorpius he leaned down and whispered something in his ear before he picked up the plate and went into the kitchen. Scorpius smiled at Harry before he too slipped from his seat and went into the kitchen.

And so Harry sat alone in his dining room. Waiting with trepidation for what would come.

Finally after several minutes of waiting, the door swung open, and Scorpius walked out, carrying the cake on a tray with a lid. Draco followed closely behind him, wand at the ready to perform a levitation spell in the event Scorpius tripped or lost his grip.

'Well, let's see this cake,' Harry said. Scorpius managed to lift the tray high enough to set on the table, and Draco pushed it until it was sitting in front of Harry. Harry picked Scorpius up and set him on his lap. 'Will you take off the lid, Scorpius?'

'Nope, you have to do it.'

Harry raised an eyebrow and looked up at Draco. Draco smiled and set his hand on Harry's shoulder.

'Trust me, you'll want to open this,' he said.

Harry shrugged and shifted Scorpius so he was sitting sideways on his lap. 'Alright, let's see what we have here,' he said, and with a dramatic flourish he lifted the lid off the cake.

And then he froze.

Simultaneously, Scorpius unzipped his jumper and puffed his chest out so his t-shirt was clearly exposed.

Harry looked at the cake, which had bright yellow frosting and blue writing in Scorpius' developing handwriting that read, Congrajulashuns Dady, Papa Ba- and cut off when Scorpius ran out of space.

Then he looked at Scorpius – or, more specifically, Scorpius' shirt. The shirt that read, 'Future Older Brother'.

'Wha-' Harry started, but could barely get out.

'Papa's gonna have a baby!' Scorpius exclaimed.

Harry looked up at Draco for confirmation. 'Really?'

'Found out this morning,' Draco said, smiling. 'I went to a healer. Everything is looking okay. I'm two months along, almost three.'

Harry stood without thinking, just barely maintaining the presence of mind to wrap an arm around Scorpius at the last second to prevent him from falling, and pressed a hand to Draco's cheek. 'Another baby?' he asked in an awed tone.

'I want a brother,' Scorpius announced. 'And Daddy, you can build us a fort like Hugo's, or a treehouse and then we can play in the treehouse. And get a puppy!'

'Who said anything about a puppy?' Draco asked, casting a stern eye at his son.

Scorpius just smiled angelically. 'All families have puppies, Papa.'

'They do not. I've never had a dog and certainly don't need one.'

Scorpius' bottom lip quivered and turned to Harry to wrap his arms around his neck. 'Daddy, could we at least think about a puppy,' he asked in a quiet voice. Putting his recently-earned knowledge to use, Scorpius tightened his arms around Harry's neck and kissed his cheek. 'Please, Daddy? Just talk.'

Draco shook his head earnestly, but he knew it was a lost cause when Harry's apologetic eyes met his.

'It couldn't hurt to talk about it, Draco,' Harry said. 'That's not saying "yes", but every little boy deserves a dog.'

'I never had a dog, he doesn't need one,' Draco protested.

'But it doesn't hurt to consider it,' Harry said, one arm tightening around Scorpius. Scorpius grinned and pressed another kiss to Harry's cheek.

Draco sighed and resigned himself to at least considering a dog. It wasn't the end of the world. He'd just make Harry take care of the damned thing.

Besides, if their family was already going to grow, Draco figured he could at least think about jumping in with both feet.


It was important to both Harry and Draco to spend as much time with Scorpius in the months leading up to the delivery. Once the baby was born, they knew Scorpius would have to adjust to life with a sibling. After the experience with Teddy, they knew better than to inadvertently pay less attention to one child than the other. They'd already decided that once the baby was born they'd spend as much time as a family as possible. And each week one of them would take Scorpius out for some much-needed 'special' time so he'd never feel left out or less important.

Two months before the baby was due, the family gathered together to find out the sex of their baby. It was the first opportunity they'd been able to all be together to do it. Harry's job had kept him occupied every time Draco had an appointment scheduled, and because they both wanted to be there when they found out, they waited. Finally Harry got some time off. They scheduled a Healer's appointment in the morning and planned to travel to Edinburgh for one last holiday in the afternoon.

Scorpius had been the most excited about the new addition. He told everyone he met that he was going to have a little sibling. Even Teddy was excited about having a new sibling, though unfortunately he was stuck at Hogwarts and couldn't get the time off. He would be spending a day in Edinburgh with them, however, and everyone was looking forward to that. Harry and Draco had promised Scorpius that he would be able to tell Teddy the sex of the baby.

When they got to the healer's office, Harry and Scorpius sat on the chairs and Draco sat up on the examination table. They'd been talking to Scorpius, and explaining to him that it was impossible to predict or affect the sex of the baby and that he should be prepared for a sister. Biologically, females were more likely. Scorpius was not happy with his talk, but he had accepted that a sister wouldn't be that bad, especially after Draco promised he'd never let a sister make Scorpius play house or dolls.

The healer arrived in the room just as Harry was once again going over why Scorpius couldn't just ask for and get a brother.

'And how are all of you today?'

'Good,' Scorpius answered.

'We were just preparing Scorpius for the possibility of a sister,' Harry explained. 'He has his heart set on a brother.'

'And a puppy,' Scorpius clarified.

'Not this puppy business again,' Draco groaned.

The healer smiled and knelt down to talk to Scorpius. 'You want a little brother? What's wrong with a sister?'

'My friend has a sister and she's mean and makes us play house and dolls,' Scorpius stated, clearly convinced that every little girl in the world was just like Rose Weasley.

'A yes, my brother thought the same thing when I was born,' the Healer said. She leaned in closer to loudly whisper in his ear. 'But you know what? I never wanted to play dolls. I liked to swim and play Quidditch, and I loved getting dirty. Not all sisters want to play dolls. So if you do have a sister, you'll just have to show her how much fun the things you enjoy doing are, won't you?' Scorpius nodded, considering her words. 'Good, now why don't you and your daddy come stand over here and I can show you the baby and tell you if you're going to have a brother or sister.'

Scorpius quickly acquiesced and let Harry pick him up. 'I still want a brother,' he whispered into his daddy's ears. Harry snorted and shifted Scorpius closer, not bothering to comment.

'Now, let's see what we've got,' the Healer said. She cast several spells, noting the results of each, before she turned to Harry and Scorpius. 'All the tests are normal, everything looks good. Now, are you ready to see the baby?'

'Yes,' Scorpius said in a breathy tone. The Healer smiled kindly at the little boy and cast the spell that would show the image of the baby. Scorpius stared transfixed at the image, leaning over so far that Harry had to tighten his hold on the boy so he wouldn't fall. 'That's the baby?'

'Yes, right there is its head,' Harry said, pointing to each body part as he spoke. 'And there are its legs and arms.'

'Did I look like that?' Scorpius asked.

'You did,' Draco said. 'This is exactly how we saw you for the first time.'

'Brilliant,' Scorpius whispered. He stared for a few more minutes before he turned to the Healer. 'Now is it a brother or sister?'

'Let me take a look.' The Healer studied the image and cast a spell to make sure. 'You will be very pleased to know that you will be having a healthy little brother.'

Scorpius cheered and threw his hands up into the air, completely trusting that his father would hold on to him. Thankfully, Harry was prepared and tightened his hold once again to keep his son upright.

The rest of the appointment went quickly and was mostly filled with Scorpius' chatter about what he would teach his little brother and what games they would play and when he could tell Teddy the good news.

Scorpius didn't stop talking until they reached the Portkey Office to receive their portkey. Draco finally managed to get him to quiet so they could leave and seconds letter they landed in the Portkey and Floo Reception of the Balmoral Hotel. After they were shown to their rooms the little family trudged up the North Bridge until they reached the Royal Mile where they were supposed to be meeting Teddy at the castle.

Scorpius could barely contain his excitement – it was only Draco's hold on his hand that kept the little boy from running off to find Teddy – but the moment he spotted Teddy waiting at the entrance of the castle, he ripped himself from his father's grasp and took off racing towards his older brother.

'Teddy, Teddy, Teddy!' Scorpius chanted until he reached Teddy and threw his arms around him.

'Hiya, little man,' Teddy said, laughing at the little boy's antics. He hugged Harry when he got there but stopped short when he got to Draco. His eyes widened. 'Whoa, Draco, you got big.'

'Shut it, you twerp,' Draco growled, ruffling his hair. Despite wearing a glamour so Muggles couldn't see his belly, other magical folk would be able to see him just as normal. 'I'll send you back to school for talking to me like that.'

'Harry'd never let you,' Teddy shot back. 'Right Harry?'

Harry looked back and forth between the twin looks of expectation and finally gave a pleading look to a giggling Scorpius.

'Right Harry?' Teddy repeated.

'I'm not going to answer that,' Harry said. 'Let's go in. There's a gift shop I'm sure.' Without looking back at Teddy or Draco, he scooped Scorpius and walked to the ticketing booth.

Scorpius had a grand time walking all over the castle. His favourite part was looking out over the city of Edinburgh.

'Daddy, why's it built on a hill?'

Harry picked Scorpius up and held him on his hip. 'Well Scorp, these castles were often built on hills so that they could see all the way around them. It was for protection.'

'Who were they being protected from?'

'Zombies,' Teddy interjected before Harry could give a proper answer. Harry blinked and stared at Teddy, staggered by his answer.

'What?' Scorpius asked in an awed whispered tone.

'They needed to build high up so zombies couldn't get in. They can't climb, only walk. So, zombies.'

'Nonsense, zombies are merely the result of an Automata potion,' Draco drawled.

'You mean zombies exist?' Harry asked, as appalled by the new fact as Scorpius was.

'Well not zombies in the horrific sense: undead walking around; but in the traditional sense of a personal lumbering about as if without a brain or conscious thought, then yes,' Draco said.

'See? Zombies,' Teddy said, as if he knew the whole time that he was right instead of just making something up to prank his little brother.

'Whoa,' Scorpius whispered.

'Great,' Harry said. 'Now he's going to have a warped view of history for the rest of his life.'

'What, do Muggles not believe in zombification?' Draco asked.

'Well, not as such…'

'Stupid Muggles,' Draco said, earning himself a few odd looks from the nearby tourists.

After the castle they went to the Childhood Museum and spent the rest of the day shopping in the silly tourist shops along the High Street. They had dinner in a pub and that's where they told Teddy the good news. He was just as excited as Scorpius to have another brother. He was even more excited when Scorpius told him they were going to get a dog. Despite Draco's protestations, by the end of the evening it had been pretty well established that they were going to at least look at dogs. Draco sighed and accepted his fate. No matter how loudly he protested, someone spoke over him. It was useless to say no. Especially when he saw the hopeful looks on his boys' faces.

And despite Draco's decorum and reputation, he couldn't say no to his boys.


'Bloody buggering hell. Harry,' Draco yelled, holding a shoe in his hand. 'Harry, get your arse down here now.'

Meekly, Harry lumbered down the steps holding Wally, their three-month-old Cairn Terrier puppy. 'Yes, love?' he asked as soon as he reached the bottom step.

'What is this?' Draco demanded, waving the shoe in front of Harry's face.

'I don't know?' Harry said, the inflection not really making it clear if it was a question or an answer. Draco hated when he did that. It was adorable and annoying and it took everything in him to not crack a smile.

'That is my shoe. It has been peed on. It wasn't by me, or you I'm assuming. And I'm praying to every deity known to man that our son hasn't take up a disturbing habit – on top of his weird fascination for the disgusting, which, by the way, we need to talk about. What possessed you to tell him about sanitation workers? My son now wants to be a dump truck driver or work in the sewers. The Malfoy heir working with trash, don't think I've let that one go. But back to matters at hand, this one in my stomach still has a month of gestation left. That leaves one thing. That annoying mutt you're holding.'

'He's not annoying,' Harry said, holding him closer to his chest in a protective way. 'He's adorable.'

Draco frowned, silently agreeing with him but trying to remain firm. Sure Wally had grown on him and Draco couldn't imagine their family being complete without him, but someone had to lay down the law. And since Harry was a sucker for the puppy breath, little face, and big eyes, Draco knew he'd have to be the one to train.

'Give him to me,' Draco said. He held out his hand when Harry wavered and seemed reluctant to let the little puppy go. 'Harry, he needs to be punished. Give.'

Harry pouted and handed over the puppy. Wally, of course, had no idea what was going on and happily licked Harry's hand before licking Draco's face in greeting.

'Now go upstairs. You won't be any help to me here. Go,' he commanded when Harry wavered. Finally Harry went upstairs and Draco listened for Harry to shut the door. Then he turned to the puppy. 'What am I going to do with you, you nuisance?'

Wally wagged his tail, licked Draco's cheek and tried to burrow his way into the collar of his shirt. And Draco let himself get caught up in the warm body, and the soft hair, and the lovable wiggling, and the puppy breath. And his resolve wavered.

He nuzzled into the little body and cupped the dog's bottom in his hand to support him. 'Don't tell Harry,' he commanded to the puppy. 'He can never know. As far as you're concerned, I'm a mean, mean master. Understand?'

If Wally understood, Draco never knew. And he ended up being a well-behaved dog even with owners that couldn't stand to punish him.


Titus Hadrian Malfoy-Potter arrived in the afternoon on a Tuesday. He was a week early which made his Papa extremely happy, though his Daddy wasn't ready for him to arrive. Scorpius laughed at him when he was running around the house trying to get things ready for his Daddy and the baby.

He had black hair, just as unruly as Harry's and Scorpius' and Draco began to wonder if he would be cursed to have a family of bad hair. Even Wally had horrible hair. It was a curse.

But still, he was perfect. Draco couldn't take his eyes from him. When Harry led Scorpius and Teddy into the hospital room to meet him, it took all of Draco's will to lift his eyes from his son's perfect face.

'Is that my brother?' Scorpius asked. He climbed onto the bed, not bothering to ask if it was okay. They all knew it was.

'Scorpius, meet Titus Hadrian Potter,' Draco said. 'He's sleeping right now, but he'll wake up in a bit.'

'He's so small. Was I that small, Daddy?' Scorpius asked Harry.

'You sure were, Scorp. Just as small as Titus, here.'

'Teddy, too?'

'Especially Teddy,' Harry said, shooting a smile at Teddy who had yet to say anything. He just stared at the baby.

'Do you want to hold him?' Draco asked.

Teddy blinked and looked up. 'I could? You'd let me?'

'Of course, Ted,' Harry said, 'we'd trust you more than anyone else.'

Draco gently handed Titus off to Teddy and the teenager reverently held the small child.

'Can I hold him too?' Scorpius asked.

'Well maybe when Teddy is done you can sit in his lap and he'll help you hold him, okay?' Draco said.

Scorpius frowned while he considered it before nodding and snuggling into Draco's side. 'Why'd you name him Titus? That's weird.'

Harry snorted which earned him a glare from Draco. 'Well, Scorpius, it's a roundabout way of honouring our loved ones. Many people we loved and some lost had Latin names: Albus, Severus, Lucius, Remus… even my name is a Latin name and Daddy's is a form of a Latin name. So Titus has two Latin names in honour of those we love like Grandpa and those we lost like Teddy's father. His second name is like Daddy's name, just like your first name is a constellation like mine,' Draco explained.

Scorpius seemed to understand, but he was far too absorbed in examining his little brother. After he got a chance to hold him, Scorpius laid down on the hospital bed beside Draco and fell asleep. They let him sleep there, knowing that waking Scorpius from a nap was a recipe for a grumpy little boy.

The rest of them were content to simply watch Titus and exclaim over every little movement. When Teddy began getting restless and Scorpius finally woke, Harry took them over to Lucius and Narcissa's for the night before coming back to be with Draco.

'We do make the prettiest babies, don't we?' He asked, cheekily, as he stared at little Titus stretching his fingers.

'We seem to have a talent for it,' Draco agreed.

'Well, by that right, I think it only fair that we bless the world with as many pretty babies as possible.'

Draco turned his head towards his husband as he tried to consider just how serious Harry was. 'What, exactly, are you saying?'

'I'm saying that making the babies is fun, having the babies is fun, and raising the babies is trying but fun. So we should do it more often.'

'Fuck off; having the babies is only fun for the ones who don't have to have it inside them for nine months.'

'But you look so pretty with a belly,' Harry whined. 'I love how you look when you're pregnant.'

Draco scoffed and looked back down at Titus. 'Sweet words will get you nowhere. Two is enough right now.'

'I'll get my way,' Harry said. 'After Titus is old enough, just watch, you'll want more.'

'In your dreams,' Draco said. But he knew he was lying.

He'd want more and he could never say no to Harry. And besides, he thought as he looked down at the small bundle in his arms, they really did make pretty babies and surely it wouldn't hurt to try for one that had his well-behaved hair. He raised Titus to rest on his chest and pressed his face into the small body.

Yes, he could protest all he wanted, but he knew Harry was right. The Potter family would be large. It would be filled with love. And together, Harry and Draco would fill the world with happy, loved, beautiful babies.

After all, someone needed to do their part to make up for the horrible offspring their classmates were inflicting on the world.

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