Christian threw the basketball he had in his hand across the room, smashing it into the wall, making the pictures fall down and crash to the ground. He yelled in frustration before pulling his hair. Michelle walked over to him and grabbed his hands to make him stop but he pushed her away. Kofi hung his head low. It was just as Big Show predicted. Randy's gang got their hands on Kelly. Kofi sighed and walked over to Christian before squeezing his shoulder. "It's okay, we'll-"

"How the fuck are you going to tell me it's going to be okay? That's my little sister he has!" Christian exploded. His face was flushed red and he was heaving with anger. He paced back and forth in the room trying to think of anything that could get his sister back. Finally, he collapsed onto the couch and placed his head in the palm of his hands. "I failed as a brother, as a guardian. I shouldn't have let any harm come her way," he said softly.

Adam, Mike, Dolph, and AJ remained silent. They had no words of comfort for Christian. It shocked them as well when they found out Kelly had been kidnapped. In all the years they've been doing all the gang stuff, they have never mentioned any of it to Kelly. No one thought someone would find out that Christian does have family. Big Show cleared his throat, making a loud noise and capturing everyone's attention. "Let's kill him." He stated.

Adam squinted and looked at Big Show in disbelief. "Seriously, who recruited this guy?" He asked, as his eyes scanned each one of his gang members. When everyone stayed quiet, not acknowledging Adam's joke, he quickly shook his head and sighed. "Show, we can't kill him. He would probably kill Kelly before we get the chance to kill him. My suggestion is we wait it out and see," he said.

"And what if he kills Kelly in the time we're waiting?" AJ asked.

"Look, Kelly is different from all of us. She's moreā€¦ civilized. She won't jump out and start attacking Randy. If there's one thing that's a big plus to Kelly, it's her innocence. She can use that to manipulate them into letting her go. Or the least, not kill her." Adam finished off by taking a deep breath before facing Christian. "Don't let your pride down and go beg Randy. He will most likely not kill her right away, because we all know how sick and twisted Randy is. He would want to torture you slowly."

"Well, that sounds much better," Mike said sarcastically.

"Just get out," Christian whispered. Everyone stared at him and he quickly lifted his head and glared at them all. "I said fucking get out!" he yelled. With that the rest of his gang slowly made their way out of his house to give him some space.

Kelly stirred in Eve's bed and slowly opened her eyes. She looked around the room and when she found it empty she sat upright. A yawn stifled between her lips and she quickly got off the bed and exited the room. Her eyes kept scanning each room, until she collided into someone, sending her to the ground. Kelly looked up to find Zack or Ted or whoever it was in front of her. They crouched down to her level and shook their head. "Sorry about the collision, but you should watch where you're going," he told her. Kelly nodded and took his hand when he extended it towards her. He immediately hoisted her up and placed his hands on his hips. "I'm Zack by the way," he told her. Kelly nodded and looked past his shoulder to see if she could find Randy. "How do you feel? Want water or anything?"

"Can you..." She paused and thought for a second. Was it worth it to put her life on risk by asking to call her brother? She thought against it and sighed. "Yeah, can you please do that?" Zack nodded and turned around to head to the small open kitchen. It wasn't behind any walls but in full view. Kelly swallowed hard and followed behind him. "Where is everyone?" She questioned.

"Regular gang violence stuff," he said shrugging.

"Why aren't you with them?"

"I'm considered the weaker link, so they always make me stay back and have a lookout," he explained. He handed her a glass of water and she quickly grabbed it from his hands before gulping down every drop of it. "Whoa, I could give you more water if you'd like? We have an infinitive amount," he said gesturing toward the tap.

Kelly nervously laughed and rubbed her arm as she handed the glass back to Zack, who refilled it right away. This time she took slow and short sips. "I was hoping you could tell me why I'm here," she whispered looking down to her feet.

Silence filled the air around them and Zack let out a sigh. "Well, let's sit down," he said. They both walked into the 'living room' and sat down on the old rusty, burgundy coloured couch. "Christian's the leader of The Avenue. It consists-"

"Whoa whoa whoa. My brother is the leader of what?" She asked surprised.

"Of a gang..." Zack trailed off as he cocked his head to the side. Did she not know anything about her brother at all? He shook his head in disbelief. "I guess you didn't know that."

"No I didn't."

"Well he is. So usually gangs they get into fights with, well other gangs. Shooting and killing is involved," Zack explained. Kelly started to get irritated. He spoke to her like she didn't know anything about gang violence.

"I know all this stuff. Just tell me about Christian and Randy," she snapped.

Zack raised an eyebrow and Kelly quickly apologized. He leaned back into the couch and turned his head to face her again. "The Avenue, which is Christian's gang, if you didn't know," he added quickly, "they were around our area. So Randy's younger brother Ryan at that time did lookout duty because I wasn't in this then. Ryan approached them and asked what they were up to and Christian told him to mind his own business. They got into a brawl and suddenly Christian shot Ryan. But the plot twist here is that, Christian didn't mean to shoot Ryan. He was actually aiming for the guy behind Ryan who was the leader of another gang, but Ryan stepped in the way."

"Holy shit," Kelly whispered. Her eyes went wide after hearing this story. All this time she thought her brother was a construction worker since that's what he told her and she believed it. All those bruises he had only added to the fact that he was in construction. She never once thought he'd be in a gang, especially the leader of one, and kill an innocent person. She felt her eyes burn but quickly blinked back her tears. "If it was an accident then why wouldn't Randy just let it go?" She asked.

Zack chuckled like Kelly was dumb or something. When he noticed she was serious he immediately subsided. "I hope you're joking. Randy's anger is scary to been seen stirred. He VOWS to get revenge, so no one can stop him. The guy gave up a lot of his life for his brother and then having him killed just tore something away from Randy. He wasn't the same. Will never be the same."

"What if I could get Randy back to himself?" She asked. Zack's mouth dropped open and he stared at her blankly. Before they could carry out their conversation further the door opened and everyone started to walk in. "If I could make him fall for me, you get me out of here," she whispered through gritted teeth before standing up. Zack's eyes grew wider. Holy shit. That was a big dare.

Kelly straightened out her black one armed dress before approaching Randy. Layla followed Kelly with her eyes. "I need something to change into," she told Randy.

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