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It started off with Ellis lagging behind. Nick didn't think much about it at the time and just figured he was tired. Then he stopped talking as much. Which was the first thing to make him start to worry. Next he started to cough. At first Nick thought it was a smoker and almost shot him. As the day progressed Ellis's cough seamed to get worse.
They had to stop constantly Ellis wasn't strong enough to go long distances without a break.

"Nick... Am I going to turn into one of them?" Ellis asked with a fearful expression on his face. Nick paused he was terrified of that idea. He would not only lose the only person who he had ever cared about but he would be alone in a world where everything was out to kill him.

"No you're not going to turn into one of them" Nick replied after a moment. Ellis looked at him doubt in his eyes.

"You're not" Nick added fiercely. He stood up from where they were.

"Let's go we're almost to the safe room you can rest there and well stay till you get better" he grabbed Ellis hand and pulled him up. To keep Ellis spirits up he handed him some extra food. He barely nibbled at it. It worried Nick to know end. He didn't let it show though. As they continued Nick's thoughts wondered he didn't know what he was going to do when they reached the safe room. They were running low on medical supplies. He had a few pills and bandages but after that nothing.

Not to mention that the safe room they were heading to was currently not one he and Nick had been too ever. So he really didn't know how close they were to actually being there. Even though he knew Ellis was going as fast as he could they needed to go faster it was almost night and if they were caught just the two of them at night things wouldn't be looking good.

"Ellis pass me your gun and get on my shoulders ok?" Ellis nodded and didn't argue he was to tired to. Once Ellis was on his back Nick noticed immediately how warm Ellis felt. That was definitely not a good sign. He quickened his pace they needed to stop somewhere safe and soon he could only hope that the safe room was close.

"Sorry Nick" Ellis said after a while. Nick looked at him curiously

"What are you sorry for this isn't your fault"

"But we could have been there by now if I wasn't sick" Nick rolled his eyes

"Either way we would have ended up there besides it's my fault for not noticing you were sick, now just relax ok I don't care if you fall asleep on my back just relax got it?" Nick felt Ellis nod. Snoring was heard soon after. How Ellis could fall asleep while walking through deserted streets with possible infected around ( although oddly enough there weren't that many) he would never know. Nick watched for signs on the wall to make sure he was going the right way. When they did finally come in site of the safe room he couldn't believe there luck. It was at a place called mercy hospital and what's in a hospital? Medicine. Nick let out a sigh of relief. In truth this was probably the best thing to happen to them in a while. He quickly ran up to the front entrance through the foyer and into the safe room. He placed Ellis down almost dropping because of how tired his arms were from carrying him. He slammed the door shut and locked it. Ellis sat on the floor half awake.

"We here?" He asked tiredly

"Yeah, yeah were here" Nick replied he looked around the room curiously. It wasn't too big. It fit a table with chairs a T.V, a vending machine for some odd reason and a few cabinets. He made a bee line for the cabinets hoping that there would be something for him to give Ellis for his fever and cough. Luck was once again on his side. A bottle of half full flu medicine was there. He quickly read the directions being careful to make sure of how much he should give Ellis.

"Ellis take this you'll feel better" Ellis made a face and crossed his arms shaking his head no. Nick looked at him in exasperation.

"Why not?!" Nick asked harshly. It had been a long day and with the stress if worry about Ellis had not made it any better.

"It tastes bad" was Ellis simple reply.

"Ellis I'm begging you please take this I'm to tired to argue just please take it" Nick's eyes watered the stress of Ellis being sick and how serious it was finally hitting him. Ellis grabbed the medicine and quickly took it. He made a sound of disgust but didn't complain. Something told him that he should just do what Nick wanted.

"You can go back to sleep if you want" Nick told him after a while. Ellis shook his head.

"You need sleep to Nick" was Ellis quick reply.

"It should be safe here we should both be able to sleep". With that being said Nick grabbed one of the sleeping bags that they had and lied down in the corner of the room. He shut his eyes not care where Ellis was going to sleep in the room. He heard shuffling the. Ellis was beside him. But unlike usually where Ellis would keep to his own sleeping bag, he instead shimmied into Nick's. He wrapped his arms Nick and cuddled up to him.

"Ellis what are you doing?" Nick questioned usually not caring about the other being so close but he was normally in his own sleeping bag and wasn't usually so cuddly. Ellis looked up at him with tired eyes.

"I'm going to sleep"

"Yeah but why are you in the same sleeping bag with me? Go sleep in your own" Nick began to unzip the sleeping bag while pushing Ellis off of him. Ellis let out a cry and held on tighter to Nick.

"NO I WANT TO SLEEP WITH YOU!" Ellis cried out. Nick paused not really understanding why Ellis was getting upset over this. He sighed and zipped back up the sleeping bag.

"Okay fine you can sleep with me this one time okay just calm down" Nick instinctively ran his hand through Ellis's hair to try and calm him down. It worked. Slowly the two fell into a deep sleep.

Nick woke up to a scream. Instinctively he reached for his gun but it wasn't strapped to his back like usual panic flared inside of him. He opened his eyes and frantically tried to get out of the sleeping bag. Until he realized that Ellis was the one screaming. Ellis still had his eyes closed, he's face showed terror in it. Nick shook him awake. Ellis woke with a start and started to cry. Nick sat up and held him in his arms. He rocked the both of them back and forth. Ellis held onto him tightly. Terrified from his nightmares. Nick looked up to see a few infected by the door. There moans seemed to scare Ellis even more then he already was.

Nick removed the arms that were wrapped around him and got up and grabbed a gun. Ellis just sat there crying Nick quickly took care of the infected and went back to his crying brother. Nick touched his forehead he had a high fever. Panic built inside of him but he pushed it down. He needed to help Ellis. He quickly retrieved the flu medicine and have some to Ellis. Ellis had calmed down by this time but tears still fell from his face and a sniffle was heard occasionally. Nick kissed his forehead. And wrapped him in a hug again

"You're okay now Ellis don't worry big brother Nick's going to take care of you okay?" Ellis bared his head in Nick's shoulder. Nick ran his hand through his hair in a Soothing gesture.

"Do you want to tell me about it? You don't have to kiddo" Nick told him after a while. Nick heard a few muffled words come from Ellis.

"Sorry Eli but you're going to have to say that again"

"I was alone, you left, you didn't want me, i was just holding you back" Ellis replied. He wouldn't look at Nick. Nick sat there in shock. He couldn't believe that Ellis could believe he would leave him. Subconsciously or not Ellis still held the fear that he would one day be abandons again. He held him tighter.

"Listen here Ellis I could never and would never leave you behind EVER your one of... You are the most important person to me ever if I lost you I... I could never forgive myself do you understand? Never ever. I will keep you safe okay?" The words left Nick's mouth without him even realizing it. But the moment he said them he knew they were true. Ellis looked up at him tears still falling. Nick wiped them away as Ellis searched his face trying to see if he was lying. After some time Ellis fell back asleep still in Nick's arms.

The two of them stayed there for almost 2 weeks. The first week they were there, Nick took care of Ellis who had a high fever and woke up screaming from nightmares. The second week was spent letting Ellis get better some before they had to leave. But after spending two weeks there Nick knew it was time to leave they were running out of supplies. So even though Nick knew Ellis wasn't at his best yet, they packed there things and left.