Hey guys. I'm back to the fosters fanfic world..missed you guys. This is my new story. It is an AU about what would have happened if Lena and Stef got Callie and Jude at a younger age. I hope you enjoy:) and don't forget to review:)

The birds chirp loud and happily signaling a new day in the Foster house. Stef rolls over and bumps into her partner Lena and smiles as she wraps an arm around her. With Brandon out and with his father and their recent foster children being removed, the house was empty and the couple was alone. Lena starts to wake up as she feels the weight of Stef's arm on her. She smiles and turns over meeting a huge good morning smile.

"You know, we are alone." Stef says and Lena starts to laugh.

"Yes you showed me last night how alone we are." Lena says her voice dropping as Stef leans down for a kiss. Lena smiles and returns the kiss and looks around.

"It's really quiet." Lena says lifting her head up slightly.

"This is what it's like with no kids." Stef comments in a joking tone.

"Oh no you don't Stef foster. I'm calling Bill today." Lena says sitting up completely. Stef lays on her back and puts her hands under her head.


"I want this Stef." Lena cuts her off before she can start.

"No child so far has been a match."

"That's doesn't mean their isn't one one out there."

"I know that"

"Then why are we having this conversation." Lena asks standing up and pulling her hair up.

"Because we do have a child we have to think of. You and I both know its not healthy for Brandon to have all these kids running in and out of his life." Stef says sitting up. Lena drops her arms to her sides.

"Fine, if this kid isn't a match I won't call Bill for a while. Give us a break from the whole thing." Lena says as picks up her phone.

"Thank you love." Stef says and Lena nods walking out the room.

5 year old Callie brushes the wet hair from her one year old Jude's sweaty forehead. Jude cries softly as e recovers from throwing up The closet was their new favorite place since they were placed in their first foster home. The noises of breaking glass and abuse scared both children. Callie heard the doorbell and picked Jude up carefully and came out the closet. They were to seem normal when there were visitors. They were to hide the evidence of abuse and smile, especially when their social worker, Bill came. Callie sets Jude on the bed and runs a cool wash cloth over his face, in efforts to hide the infants illness. After Callie discards of the towel she sits next to Jude and hands him and toy and gets out a coloring book as Bill walks in the room.

"Callie? Jude? Come on guys." Callie looks at Jude and Bill walks over to their bags putting the little clothes they own in them. Callie takes Jude off the bed and Bill picks him up. They walk out the the front of the house were her now ex-foster parents are standing with fake solemn looks on their face. Bill escorts both children to the car and straps them in safely before driving to their next destination.

Stef sits on the floor with Brandon as he plays with his new Legos and Lena sits on the couch flipping through channels on the TV. She listens to the exchange between mother and son and longs for something as sweet and innocent as that. The swift knock on the door brings Lena out of her thoughts and she shuts off the TV and walks to the door. She opens the door and smiles takes in a soaked Bill.

"Hey Lena" he smiles.

"Bill, hey I left you a message. I didn't realize you were coming over. Come in." Lena opens the door wider but Bill shakes his head.

"I can't I have two kids in the car." Lena's face brightens at the mention of children.

"How old?" Stef says as she comes up behind Lena. Lena turns and smiles at Stef.

"5 and 1. They are brother and sister." Lena looks back at Bill before looking at Stef.

"Do you guys think you might want to take a shot at these two? If not I can have a family in two minutes ready." Lena and Stef continue to look at each other before Stef turns to Bill.

"Do they need jackets? The rain is pretty bad out there." Stef asks and Bill just shakes his head.

"I will be right back." Bill walks back out to the car before slinging Callie and Jude's bag over his shoulder before picking up Jude and taking Callie's hand. He walks the two children to the door and inside the house. Stef moves to take the bags from Bill. Bill squats down and sets Jude down before unzipping Callie's jacket and taking off Jude's hat. He stands up straight at looks at Lena and Stef.

"This is Callie and Jude." Lena smiles wide before squatting down to Callie's height.

"Hi sweetie. My name is Lena." Callie looks up at Bill and he smiles in encouragement. Callie waves slightly before looking at Jude who is trying to figure out his zipper.

"So one bag is Jude's bag. It has a couple changes of clothes, some diapers and formula. It has a pair of shoes but he mainly crawls so he has a few pairs of socks. Callie's bag has a some clothes and pull ups and the only shoes she has she is wearing them. They are really great kids." Bill finishes as Lena stands up straight. Stef watches as Lena escorts Bill out and promises to call if they have questions or problems. Before he leaves he hands Lena both Callie and Jude's file before walking back out. Lena closes the door and watches Callie and Jude stay in the same spot Bill placed them.

"Are you hungry?" Stef whispers to Lena. "Maybe I can run out to Chinese or something while you get them settled." Lena looks at the two children before facing Stef.

"That sounds great." Stef smiles and kisses Lena softly before grabbing her keys and walking towards the door. She notices Callie watching her an she smiles and gets down to eyes level.

"Do you like Chinese food?" Stef asks and Callie looks at her with no response.

"Do you like noodles?" Stef tries again and Callie nods her head slowly. "Then you are going to love Chinese food." Stef smiles and brushes hair out of Callie's face as Lena walks over to Jude taking his jacket off. Stef stands up and puts on her jacket.

"I will be back." She opens the door and walks out as Lena hangs up Jude's jacket.

"Callie do you want to take off your jacket?" Lena asks as she picks up Jude. Callie starts to take off her jacket and Lena helps her and hangs it up when she is done.

"How about we go get you guys cleaned up." Lena holds out her hand and Callie looks at her.

"It's ok sweetie." Callie takes her hand and they walk up the stairs carefully. They walk to the room next door to Brandon's and Lena walks in to find Brandon stacking Legos taller than him.

"Hey B come here for a second." Brandon stops and turns to Lena.

"This is Callie and Jude they are going to be staying with us for a little while. Is that ok?" Brandon looks at Callie and smiles.

"Ya." He walks over to Callie. "You play wif Legos?" He hands her a small Lego guy. Callie looks down at the small toy in her hand before looking back at Lena. Lena smiles when she locks eyes with the young girl. This is the connection she has been wanting. This could be it for her.

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