Rin loved days like this. Outside was warm and sunny making the inside of the old dorm he called home comfortable. It was days like this Rin loved to sleep and relax, especially if Izumo was visiting. Nestled inside his bed Rin buried his nose into her long locks. Izumo was reading a manga, half ignoring the young demon. She glanced at him, watching his clingy behavior for a bit before returning to her comics.

The boy's tail was limp and laying behind him. His leg was over hers and his arms were wrapped around her shoulders. Rin felt himself start to doze off a little. Content with the girl in his arms and the warmth of the dorm he was slowly drifting off to sleep.

They'd been "dating" for about two months now. Izumo had been the one to suggest that they really didn't have to tell anyone about this. It was their business not others. Rin had been a little worried since it felt like he was keeping things a secret. She just shrugged him off saying if he wanted to broadcast it go ahead. She was just going to stay quiet because honestly she didn't want to be bothered by the many questions she'd get. Rin had thought about it and decided to go along with the girl. If people asked he'd tell them what was going on without lying. Until then he'd just keep this strange little relationship to himself.

Izumo shifted, checking her watch. Yukio would be home in an hour (or that's what Rin had said), which meant she would have to leave soon.

"What time is it?" Rin asked. She felt his breath against her neck making her shiver.

"Around six," she said. Her eyes wandered back to her manga.

"Hrrmm…why couldn't he just stay out a little longer," he grip became tighter and he shifted closer.

Izumo just hummed in response. Silence came back between them as Rin fell back into his doze and Izumo was absorbed into the comic's story.

From time to time Izumo would sit and think about how comfortable they were with one another. It was pleasant that she could just sit and read without having to fill the air with talking. Rin's company was welcomed more and more it seemed. He too had caught on to the fact that he didn't need to talk all the time when they hung out. Actually the fact she felt safe around him, the son of Satan, was something that confused him to no end. He was a demon. She really shouldn't be this okay with him clinging to her like he was. But she was and she couldn't nor cared to explain why. But Izumo had been the first to accept him for who and what he was if he really thought about it. Over the last few months that started to mean a lot more to him than before. And it cleared up that confusion just a little bit.

The quiet of the old dorm lulled Izumo into a sleepy state. It was getting harder to keep her eyes open and reading. Her eyelids were getting heavy. Maybe a quick nap wouldn't be so-oh god what was that!? In an instant Izumo froze. Something had either slithered or crawled up her shirt and was tickling her bare stomach. She gulped at the thought that some weird spider or a fuzzy demon had crawled up there. Izumo slowly put her book down. With as much control she could muster she lowered her head down and lifted her shirt to see what was touching her.

With a low growl Izumo jabbed Rin in the gut with her elbow. He inhaled roughly and coughed uncontrollably.

"What…" he took a deep breath. "The hell Izumo!?"

"Get your tail off!" she yelled.


"Your tail! Get it off!" she lifted her shirt showing that the fuzzy thing had wrapped itself around her middle. Grunting Rin untangled himself from her and scooted away a little. He was blushing and avoiding eye contact.

"S-sorry. I didn't mean to do that," he mumbled. "Won't happen again."

He laid back down and rolled so his back to Izumo. Sighing softly Izumo sat up hugging her knees. She bit her lip knowing that in her outburst she'd hurt his feelings. It was kind of weird on how the boy was sensitive to some stuff. Over the last month she'd figured out that a few things that really set Rin off.

One of them was his ears. Half the time he tried to hide them with his hair and when she asked why he got all nervous and changed the subject. The weirdest thing was his attitude when she'd avoid holding hands with him. It had taken her quite some time to get use to it. In her mind for a while they weren't really dating. She needed time for her brain to switch over to "yeah it was okay for him to hold her hand" rather than "don't touch me you idiot". Even now she sometimes pulled away.

Of course the idiot had taken this the wrong way when it had first happened. He wouldn't talk to her for three days until she cornered him. He finally told her he thought she didn't want him touching her since he was a demon and stupid crap like that. Izumo had yelled at him and bopped him on the head. He listened (cowering in a corner) to her explanation of the whole stupid thing. Since then he'd been pretty damn patient with her. Now there was this.

She suspected it was in the same line of thought. Rin honestly thought she didn't want him touching her. Rubbing her temples Izumo knew she had over reacted. But she really hated saying sorry though…

She glanced at Rin's back sighing once more.

"I didn't mean it like that stupid," she nudged his back with her foot.

"What?" he looked over his shoulder sitting up.

"I mean…well…I…just…" she felt her cheeks heat up in embarrassment. Why was it so hard to say sorry? She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. "Your tail just surprised me. I didn't mean to make it sound like I hated it."

Rin turned around staring at her. Izumo fidgeted under his gaze and avoided looking him in the eyes. Smiling he wrapped his arms around her and fell back to the bed. Grinning he wrapped his tail back around her stomach. Once again he sneaked it up under her shirt. Izumo let out a grunt when her back hit the bed once more and decided to ignore the ticklish feeling she got from his tail.

The boy knew this was the best apology he'd get. Izumo hardly ever said sorry, even if she had been the one at fault. Rin knew it was smart to take what you could get out of the girl and stay quiet. Besides even if she didn't out right say it Izumo did mean she was sorry. She was sweet underneath all that grumpy hard exterior. He leaned his head against her shoulder.

With another exaggerated sigh Izumo picked up her manga and began to read. Moving his head a little Rin started to read along with her. Every so often Rin's tail twitched tickling her stomach even more.

She decided to ignore it, taking it as one of Rin's weird quirks.

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