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Chapter Two: Family

November 1981 – May 1990: Various times

That night, Luna and Harry – who was now 'officially' named Harlow Arctrurus Lovegood – shared Luna's crib. Luna, smaller than her new twin brother, pressed herself far into the pillow, blonde hair curling across Harry's form like a blanket. They slept peacefully together, backs touching lightly. Their small movements in the night seemed to mirror the other; when Harry turned, so did Luna; when Luna moved her arm, Harry moved to make room for her motion. If Harry fussed, Luna made a soothing noise in her throat, and if Luna squirmed unhappily, Harry grabbed her long hair and tugged just lightly enough to announce his presence: I'm here, don't worry.

The very next day, the changes started to appear. Harry's hair grew rapidly; all Lovegoods had long hair, after all, and soon his was just inches from Luna's length. It was feminine in nature in this day and age, but not girly if you took in his boyish face as well. Estelle changed her own eye colour from silver-blue to Harry's green; they couldn't bring themselves to take away those lovely eyes, and it seemed that the ritual couldn't either. Other than that, some features changed a bit; the family would be wandering around in the home, minding their own business, and suddenly their bones or skin would ripple. Eventually, the Lovegoods shared similar features, like eye shapes, nose size, and skin colour. Nothing, luckily, changed so much that Estelle, Xenophilius, and Luna were more different than growth, age, or a simple spell could explain.

In the days following, Harry would occasionally get teary-eyed and cried over the loss of his parents. On one memorable morning, Estelle and Xenophilius went into the children's room to wake them, and found a crying Harry sitting in Luna's lap whilst she sang tunelessly to him in mostly-gibberish and braided his hair clumsily. Estelle and Xenophilius had shared a look before climbing into the round crib as well, sitting on the edges and singing with Luna, taking Harry's lead and letting him grab on to them as he wished rather than forcing contact upon him. Soon, Harry had grabbed both of their hands and held on tight.

They became a proper family quickly. Estelle took Harry into the woods to see unicorns and owls and other magical creatures. She taught him how to take photographs and turn them into magical ones, told him about the stars and helped him prune the Dirigible Plums. Xenophilius read him The Tales of Beedle the Bard, let Harry help make potions, and even constructed a seat that ran on rails all over the first floor, which Harry or Luna could sit in and once they were pushed or a simple charm was cast, it would soar around, like they were flying. He showed him how to garden and how to take care of the animals. Luna taught Harry how to sing and paint and swim and how to carefully approach unicorns in the forest to pet them. Often, the four Lovegoods could be found in the Muggle portion of Ottery St. Catchpole shopping for foodstuffs. Everyone who saw them cooed at the two long-haired babies riding on their parent's shoulders, swinging off their hands, or skipping along behind them, hand in hand.

Within months, the two children were as close as any twins. Harry loved his new mum and dad, but never forgot about his old ones. Every year on October 31, the Lovegood family held a candlelight memorial for Lily and James Potter. Harry had rather good memories of his parents, considering how young he had been when he last saw them. He remembered their faces and flashes of ordinary moments, like dinnertime and playing games, flying on a small broom and being rocked to sleep. But clearest of all, seen often in dreams, he remembered a flash of green light, which always caused him to jerk awake, screaming.

Harry learned at age five why he had to wear his bangs and Glamour charms over the scar on his forehead when they left the house. He had always known that he had received it when the dark wizard, Voldemort, had killed his parents and tried to kill him. He didn't learn until his fourth birthday that he was famous, however. The family had rarely been out in the Wizarding World until that point, lest Harry learn of his fame before he was ready. They would go to Quidditch games and wizard chess tournaments, but stayed away from places where there was much talking, like Diagon Alley, lest it be related to The Boy Who Disappeared.

Estelle and Xenophilius explained to Harry how they had found him, and glossed carefully over Estelle's vision of his life with the Muggles, just telling the boy that she had seen that they would be rather rude to him and they didn't want him to grow up that way. Both Luna and Harry understood the seriousness of not telling anyone his true identity.

Their story was well thought out and made sense; 'Harlow', called so after Estelle's grandfather and shortened to sound more child-like and not quite so old, had been born a month premature, before his twin sister (which was why they had different birthdates; the Lovegoods kept Harry's July 31st birthdate, as it fit perfectly with the story, since Luna was born on August 31st; the spell had, in fact, de-aged him to the appropriate age as well, which had been very confusing for Harry at first when he suddenly wasn't able to walk or speak as well), and had been sickly for nearly two years. Harry took after his mother, and Luna after her father. There was no debate among the few that even cared to listen to the family whether the story was true or not (it was one of the most ordinary things to come out of the Lovegood household in years), and the family had a normal, happy life until their Hogwarts years – normal, at least, except for the typical wizard events, like accidental magic.

Harry and Luna were nine when Estelle was experimenting in the work room. The twins had been grooming the Dirigible Plums when they felt the shock of strong magic; that was their only warning. Instinctively, they both grabbed each other's hands and wished for protection –

And half of the house exploded.

After some investigation, it was found that Estelle had been experimenting with Erumpent horns and one had exploded. Somehow, however, she had been protected. When Xenophilius, Harry, and Luna burst into the room, Estelle was floating near the ceiling in a clear bubble, staring in shock at the ruined room. She swore that she hadn't thought to use the shield, but where else could it have come from?

Harry and Luna were in shock, and everyone had to take some breaths and drink some strong tea before they could calm down and count their blessings together. Wherever the shield had come from, it meant that Estelle was alive, and that was all that mattered.

They (carefully) threw out all the remaining erumpent horns after that.

The years passed, and Harry and Luna stuck to their own family for the most part. They decided that they would use their time at Hogwarts to make friends, and just enjoy the years with their mother, father, and each other for now.

The Lovegood family was very close. All of them may have been eccentric and even considered strange, but they were bright and witty and loved to discover new things. In Estelle's and Xenophilius's relationship, Estelle was the calm and mature one, always there to remind her husband of the laws of physics or the law or to simply say 'no', such as when he had tried to make a furry orange suit to wear for her cousin's birthday party.

The twin's relationship was different. The times Luna was the voice of reason echoed the times when Harry was the practical one; they were very balanced and usually good under pressure, such as one Christmas Eve when their father had thought it a good idea to animate their Christmas tree to twirl a little, and it ended up chasing the all up and down the stairs, leaving shredding furniture and broken ornaments in its wake. It had been the twins, when their parents were clinging to the children's ceiling swing to avoid the branches, who thought to lead the tree into the lake. (Presumably, it still laid there at the bottom, but none of them had ever checked.)

Harry was eight when he moved into his own room. Until that point, he and Luna had shared, but they found that they did need their own space one in a while, though they still doubled up often; it was like a sleepover.

Harry's room was circular, like all the other rooms in the Lovegood Tower. It had wood floors with a large, worn, thin striped rug covering the middle of the room. The walls, if you cut the room into four crescent shapes, were half blotted smoky blue over white, and half mural; one side was a forest scene with trees and squirrels, unicorns and dragons, the other an ocean scene with islands, cliffs, and waves. Both of them were charmed to change with seasons and the weather – Estelle's work, though Harry and Luna had painted them together beforehand – and naturally the trees moved in the wind, the waves rolled to and fro, and the animals walked and flew about. The six small windows were white and framed with red and yellow curtains. Most of the furniture in the room was red or yellow or both with little decorations painted on the sides, like swirls or stars or runes. Harry's bed was made out of an old brown boat they had cleaned and put a mattress in, and it hung from the ceiling just high enough to sway slightly as he moved. There were a half-dozen different shelves in his room, holding things like toys, precious possessions, and, most of all, books. Other than these, there was a blue desk decorated with bronze stars and a wardrobe and dresser set of the same design. Few items in the room matched, of course, but the rest of the house followed this pattern.

Luna's room was right above Harry's; there were seven floors total – the living room and kitchen, the work room, the den, their parent's room and the bathrooms, Harry's room, Luna's room, and the playroom, each slightly smaller than the last.

Along one side of Luna's room was a large purple willow tree. The branches swayed in imaginary wind, the leaves fell off in the fall and the branches covered with snow in the winter. A little makeshift couch made from many different cushions sat below the tree, and a table next to it held little treasures and writing utensils. Her bed was wire-framed, with blankets of varying shades of blue and always-missing pillows of random design and colours adorning it. Many things hung from Luna's ceiling; wind chimes, paper lanterns, sheer sheets, shells, dream catchers, plants, globes, and dried plants. Her walls were turquoise blue – save around the tree, where they were white – with hanging paintings and photographs decorating a vast majority of them. In addition there were several mirrors and clocks – which never seemed to agree on the time – and little notes taped around haphazardly. She had a few stacked shelves and bookcases, like her brother, and many toys dotted around as well. A desk sat in between the door and the purple tree, dark wood covered with writing and painting things and stained by ink and potions supplies. Her floor was the same wood as her brother's, her windows the same small white design, but framed by plum curtains. A large burn marred the wall two feet to the left of her door, right beside the wardrobe and dresser, from an incident when Harry had broken her favourite doll (Accidental magic was frequent in the Lovegood house, such as when Harry had fallen out of his fourth-story window but floated to the ground like a feather, or when Luna froze a passageway in the lake in order to reach a drowning unicorn), but otherwise the entire house was still in good repair, even though it was over two hundred years old. It did lean slightly towards the forest, however.

Both Harry and Luna loved learning. They loved to read and explore and learn new things. Their motto was that they would believe anything they wished to believe until it was proven not to be true, which made other magical children (on the rare times they saw them after Harry turned five) call them names, like Scary and Loony Lovegood, particularly if they mentioned Nargles or Crumple-Horned Snorkacks or Gulping Plimpies or the like (for some reason, the other wizarding children didn't think these creatures were real). The twins didn't really mind, however. They knew that one day they would make true friends who would appreciate them, but until then they at least had each other.

But Harry and Luna Lovegood didn't know how much they would need that bond between them, and they wouldn't for years to come.