Her stare always lingers on Korra when she decids to watch the Fire Ferrets' practice sessions. She honestly should not have been looking anyway, considering that Mako has invited her to watch him practice. It really wasn't her fault though, Korra just has that type of prescence.

Watching Korra exercise, Asami notes that her movements are quick and decisive without any hint of self-doubt. Moving fluently between strikes, every move Korra makes is accompanied with a purpose. Wasting time and energy is something that Korra does not believe in.

Asami is intrigued.


Korra does not expect it.

But how could she, when Asami wis just so refined and feminine. Still, when Korra finds out that Asami wis a grease monkey and loved Satomobiles more than most people it makes the heiress more touchable, more relatable. Korra thinks that Asami's prowess with machinery grounded her a little bit.

Honestly, she wis a little less intimidated when she sees Asami let loose behind the wheel of her car.


Korra is smart.

Smarter than Asami ever imagined, but when the raven-haired woman really thinks about it, Korra's incredible intelligence makes sense. The knowledge that she harbors from her past lives must surpass volumes.

She watches Korra cringe when one of police officers asks her if she understands the law. Asami knows what she must be thinking, Of course I understand them, I helped write them.

But that was Avatar Aang, and she's Avatar Korra so she nods, pretending to be stupid while Asami watches.



That's what Asami refers to Korra and herself as. The blue-eyed girl knows she doesn't mean it like that, but she can't help the upward twitch of her lips (please, it's a full out grin) as she hopes for something more than friendship. Her desire for something more is just a little bit less out of reach.

But then she recalls Mako and then that something more she wants with the girl who is dating her best shrinks away.


Asami breaks up with him.

It's a relief for the both of them, honestly. Asami just hasn't been giving Mako the attention he deserves and she's glad that there were no hard feelings.

Korra is the first person she talks to afterwards.


Asami is standing close.

So close that Korra's cold breath lingers on her lips, burning them like a cold winter wind. The Avatar is so short that she has to tilt her head up to look at Asami who is pleased to see that her cobalt orbs are half-lidded.


That's not fair. Her name, just a sigh on Korra's lips -low and throaty, draws her attention from her blue eyes to her mouth.

Asami's older, she should take responsibility and say that this could be wrong. But she's wanted to do this for a while and their at the cusp of kissing each other.

Responsibility is going to have to take a backseat.